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Golden Chick, Enid, OK (Van Buren)

29 June 2014

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As it was getting close to 2200 last night, I was distinctly a bit hungry, so I decided to grab a two-piece chicken from the Golden Chick in front of the hotel. I asked for a two-piece both breasts, but they had just had a large to-go order and they only had one breast, so I ended up with one breast and two legs, which was OK. The meal was out in less than a minute. While the fries were very good and the mashers OK, that chicken was excellent. Hot, crispy, and just the right amount of juicy. Great stuff, and just the right amount for a snack.

Service was fast and super friendly. My check was $7.03. Golden Chick may not be the very best chicken around, but it’s pretty darn good.

Marco’s Pizza, Enid, OK

29 June 2014

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I liked my first Marco’s Pizza, in OKC. This evening, our Girl Scout High Adventure Team (HAT) was spending the night in Enid after caving at Alabaster Caverns State Park, and we decided to get pizza for dinner for the group.

We ordered seven pizzas of different toppings from Marco’s; they were done in less than 20 min. We had a supreme, pepperoni, cheese, and a couple others. The pieces I had were great!

So the pizza was inexpensive and the group ate every slice. The check for seven pies was about $110; not bad at all. Marco’s is a great option for fast and simple.

Boom-A-Rang, Enid, OK

28 June 2014

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Erin and I stopped here yesterday for a quick snack. We were walking through the very nice downtown Enid. She had a single (1/4 lb) ad I had a double (1/2 lb) cheeseburger, with fries. Simply put, an excellent burger, cooked perfectly, with very good beef. The fries were great also.

Service was fast and friendly, the iced tea was yummy. Our check was $17.73. Great burgers, I would eat another any time.

An Interesting RADAR Artifact

31 March 2013

I was looking at the wx on Channel 9 this evening. I noticed a small echo in north Oklahoma that didn’t seem to be a storm. I looked at the NWS site for OKC, didn’t see it, but switched to the Vance AFB site, and there it was. This is a screen capture:


I checked the Google map and satellite image of the area, there doesn’t seem to be a lot there. I wonder if it is smoke from a grass fire. It changes geometry, but the east and west ranges don’t move. Smoke usually has a fixed point on the upstream end, and then widens and lengthens with time.

I’ll check the news tomorrow and see if anything is mentioned.

31 March update:

I sent an email to the NWS office in Norman, and got a very nice reply back in just a couple hours (that’s a professional!). The echo is from a wind farm that was built in the last half of 2012. The wind farm is marked on aviation maps already, but it doesn’t show up in Google Earth images yet. Very cool.

Cafe on Broadway, Enid, OK

3 July 2012

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This is a catch-up post. I found the receipt for the meal while looking for something else this evening. I had lunch here back on 03 May 12, with Erin and her friend Bree. We drove past the cafe while headed to the Enid childrens museum and I decided that it would do for lunch.

I don’t remember what the kids had, but I had a chicken fried steak with mashers and green beans; with a side salad. The mashers and beans were pretty standard, but the CFS was pretty darn good. It was pan fried, the breading was pretty much perfect, and it was mostly fork tender. I rate it as a 9 out of 10. The iced tea was good, and all three of us got dessert; I got a slice of cake. Our check was $21.45. Service was casual but nothing ever ran out.

I would eat at this place again with no problems.