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There Are Times I *HATE* Outlook and Exchange

1 June 2011

I just did a speed test from my house. My bandwidth is over 3Mbps. I can ping the server a hundred times with no packets lost and low latency. Outlook reports “Connected to Microsoft Exchange”. I can open any of the messages in the Inbox (well, most of the time; the screen still “grays out” every once in a while).

But try to forward a message, or open a simple calendar entry, and time and time and time and time again:

“Outlook is requesting data from the server”. OR,

“Outlook must be connected to the server to complete this action”.

This has been going on for half an hour now. Why can’t a big-time outfit like Microsoft get this right. I’ve said before, I have this problem even on the “corporate” network, and I have it at home, and at hotels, and other companies. Wired and wireless.

And yet all the other stuff (browsing, ftp, anything) works fine.

Outlook and Exchange act like they are still in beta test sometimes. Geeez.

Microsoft Outlook, In At Least One Way, Sucks

24 June 2010

I have to use MS Outlook 2007 for work. It is, undoubtedly, a powerful program, and has some neat features.

But there is one way it really, really sucks, and it’s in a way it could be most useful. When I have my laptop on the work network, Outlook works OK. Not spectacularly, mind you. It whines a lot (“The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable wah wah wah”). Now you can ping the Exchange server, so there is a good path there, and Outlook itself reports “Connected to Exchange Server”, so there must be something so sensitive in the protocols that either Outlook or Exchange just looses some part of it’s collective mind.

But it is really bad when you hook it up to some other network. Even my rock-solid connections at home or at St. John’s just cause Outlook to have positive vapours. And try a hotel… I’ve ended up many times just shutting down Outlook and running the webmail instead, which of course means that I have no access to any of the stuff stored in the PST file.

So while the other internet applications run happily along (Internet Exploder, usually), or especially the software update function, Outlook just puts it’s virtual feet up as it rolls onto its virtual back, and twitches. Why can’t a big time outfit like MS get that right – we do want to take our laptops with us and do useful things with them.

Just to show, I brought up my laptop from a cold start this morning, and it connected to my home wifi and out the cable modem and on the internet fairly quickly, for Vista. But after starting Outlook, it took 10 minutes to download eight messages with a total reported size of about 4MB. And then, to re-send one of those messages with a changed attachment (43KB), took another 15 minutes while Outlook whined about no connectivity, while the Outlook web client connected and ran just fine, along with other connections via IE.

Come on, Microsoft…

A Minor Website Fail

3 January 2010

I use the Air Force Material Command Microsoft Exchange webmail quite a lot. In general, it’s a fairly reliable service; it usually works even when my Outlook client has a temper tantrum (which is distressingly often). The webmail client doesn’t support digital signatures or encryption for some reason, but hopefully it’s being worked.

One funny thing it does is on logoff – the webserver consistently returns a page that tells me I am not authorized to view the logoff page:

I think that whoever set up the permissions for this page just didn’t fully think the security permissions part all the way through. I’ve identified this to the webmasters for the page, but no response yet (it’s only been about a year, though).