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Emily’s Restaurant, Pinellas Park, FL

9 September 2016

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I had breakfast at Emily’s this morning. Again, I got there about 0720 and it was empty.

I thought I would have another skillet. This one was PERFECT. Again, ham and sausage and cheese (grated, this time). The potatoes were thin sliced (like I would get in a potato casserole in Omaha), and they were cooked up just right. This one had a layer of sausage gravy between the meats and the eggs, and the combination of flavors was fantastic! This thing was right on the edge of eat-it-until-I-explode territory, it was that good.

The meal came with an excellent biscuit that hosted strawberry jam. The iced tea was great, service was extraordinarily friendly, and my check was $10.60. That may have been the best skillet meal I’ve had, anywhere. Great stuff, highly recommended.

Kristina’s Cafe, St. Petersburg, FL

8 September 2016

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I’ve mentioned before that the Tampa area is filled with small family restaurants that resemble east coast diners in that they have a huge menu. I visited three of them on this trip, the first one being Kristina’s.

I had the pot roast. It wasn’t what I expected. It was presented as a slab of roast beast, lying on a bed of egg noodles, and with a red sauce with carrots and onions spooned over it. Although it’s not what I expected, it was pretty good.

I had a small bowl of rice pudding for dessert.

Service was very fast and friendly, and the iced tea was good. My check was $10.49. I’d have no problem going back.

Savory, Largo, FL

10 May 2012

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Yesterday, I was headed to Five Guys for a burger, when I ran across a BBQ place a couple blocks from the hotel. This evening, I was headed to Five Guys for a burger, when I ran across Savory a couple of block short of Five Guys. Semper Gumby!

Service was disinterested at best. I waited a bit to get a drink order, and had to ask for a menu after I got the drink, and then had to ask for a napkin and cutlery after dinner was delivered.

The iced tea was decent. I ordered chicken parm, with soup to start. Never got the soup. The parm was three chicken breasts, medium sized, but enough to fill me up nicely, and was nicely cheesed and breaded. The spaghetti was almost angel hair and cooked just right. The marinara was just a bit on the thin side (in quantity). The meal as a whole was OK. Not really bursting with flavor, but bland.

For dessert I got a slice of chocolate cake. It was six inches tall and four inches at the end. HUGE. I ate maybe 10% of it at the restaurant, and brought the rest to the hotel. Probably have it for breakfast tomorrow…

The meal was $16.21. I would go back if someone else suggested it.