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OKCity Grill, Food Truck, Oklahoma City, OK

18 February 2016

Today I headed out for lunch, and there was the OKCity Grill truck on the parking lot of my office. I walked over and checked out the menu, and saw cheeseburgers, and the truck smelled pretty good, so…

I had the Cheeseburger Basket, which was a cheeseburger topped to my specs, and fries. It was not the best burger I’ve had (especially recently), but it was well cooked and had decent flavor. The fries were OK, but needed just a touch more time in the frier.

Service was fast, and the crew friendly. They had cans of stuff to drink, so I scored DP. My check was $10.00, not bad value, especially given that I didn’t have to drive anywhere. I would eat at this truck again.

Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles, Oklahoma City, OK, Food Truck

21 January 2015

Taste of Soul Chicken and Waffles on Urbanspoon

This food truck showed up outside my company today, so I checked it out. Nothing fancy, just a couple chicken tenders wrapped in a waffle, but very good.

The tenders were deep fried and had a slight flavor I could could not identify (but liked). The waffle was perfectly cooked and golden brown. The whole thing was wrapped up in foil and had a drizzle of honey.

I had some iced tea left over from Hideaway pizza with lunch. Service was fast (less than two minutes) and very friendly. My check was $6.16 (I think, might be off a couple pennies). Just the right amount of food for lunch. Good stuff.

Phill Me Up Cheesesteaks, Food Truck, Oklahoma City, OK

5 December 2014

Phill Me Up Cheesesteaks on Urbanspoon

This truck came by our workplace yesterday afternoon; they make a pretty good cheesesteak.

So I learned about one downside to food trucks. When they cook everything up right in front of you, it’s great. Except when it’s below 30F, and the wind is blowing out of the north, then it’s not quite a great. From the time I got there, to ordering, to getting my cheesesteak, it was 25 minutes. There were at least 15 people in front of me either waiting for their food, or to order. None of that is the fault of the food truck folks, of course; it’s just what it is.

Regardless, I got a cheesesteak. It was kind of short, about six inches. The steak part was tender and juicy and quite tasty. The sammich included onions sauteed with the steak, and no-kidding Cheese Whiz over it all (I first tried ordering “wit wiz” and the guy looked at me like I was speaking Cherokee 🙂 ). My only comment is that the onions should be chopped up much smaller (on the order of smaller than 1/4″) to get them fully cooked and integrated flavor-wise with the steak.

The have chips and drinks as well. I got chips, but had iced tea at my desk already. My check was $8.50. Service was friendly and as fast as they could crank sandwiches out. I would not mind eating another.

Lalo’s Tacos, Oklahoma City, OK, Food Truck

28 October 2014

Lalo's I Love My Taco Chop and Grill on Urbanspoon

Lalo’s parked outside my office 19 August. I scored a beef taco and a chicken taco, along with a drink. Both tacos were really good! Hot to start with, and just the right amount of spice, with excellent flavor. I had to be care not to let the juice run on my desk!

It took two minutes to make my order. Service was very friendly. My check was $10. I would gladly get another pair of tacos from Lalo’s.

Smokin’ Okies BBQ, Food Truck, Oklahoma City

8 July 2014

Smokin' Okies Mobile BBQ Smokehouse Food Truck on Urbanspoon

This truck came to my company location today for lunch. They were a little late.

They have brisket sandwiches and rib dinners. I really wanted a brisket dinner, and asked for that, and instead what I got was a brisket sandwich without the bread. Oh well.

The brisket, however, was very good. It could have been just a touch more moist, and there wasn’t much sauce, but I ate every scrap of it. For the side, I got some mac and cheese that we pretty darn good as well.

Service was pretty fast once I got through the line, and the meal was only $8 (no drink; those are extra). I would go here again with no issues.

Smokey Ray’s BBQ, Midwest City, OK (Food Truck)

11 January 2014

Smokey Ray's on Urbanspoon

I’ve a number of catch-up reviews to post, this is one.

Back on 19 December, I was done with work around noon, and as I drove off Tinker, I saw the Smokey Ray’s truck in the parking lot. I’ve wanted to try them for a while, so I stopped and scored a slab of ribs and sauce.

Those were some darn fine ribs. I prefer my ribs smoked wet, and these have a rub, with one of the ingredients slightly masking the rib flavor. They were pretty tender and had really good flavor, though. I actually ate a couple of them right there in the parking lot, since I had skipped breakfast! We heated them up in the oven for dinner and they hadn’t lost any flavor.

I think I gave around $20 for the slab, and it was a heck of a lot of ribs. We made two meals out of them. Service was extraordinarily friendly. I want to go back and try some of the beef and pork options.

This is my first food truck!