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Lucy’s Diner, Fort Smith, AR

7 February 2016

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Back on 20 December, Raegan, the kids, and her Mom were in Fort Smith to visit the National Cemetery. We had lunch afterwards at Lucy’s.

I started with a cup of very good beef stew. For the pretty raw day, it was a good warm-up. Erin had a basket of chicken chunks that she said were very good. Ian had an Ultimate Breakfast, that included eggs, hash browns, bacon, and biscuits and gravy. I liked the gravy a lot. Ian had to work pretty hard to finish all that chow, but he did and he said it was very good. The other three of us had the Sunday special, which was a huge couple slices of excellent roast turkey, with mashers, gravy, and dressing. It was too much for Raegan and her Mom to finish; I finished mine with an effort. It was great stuff, tender and juicy turkey and perfect poultry gravy.

We had tea (sweet and straight) and water; the tea was excellent. Service was fast and very friendly. Our check was $78.32, not bad for such good food for five. I would eat at Lucy’s any time.

Cheddar’s, Fort Smith, AR

31 May 2014

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This is a way-behind catch-up post. We had dinner here with a number of Raegans family members in December.

Ian and I had steaks, Erin had chicken tenders, and Raegan thinks she had crispy chicken salad. I remember it was all very good. Raegans brother got the check, so I don’t know the cost, but we all though the service was above and beyond; our two servers were super friendly. We had 10 or 12 people, and they handled things fast.

So Cheddar’s are usually pretty good, and this location was better than pretty good.

Lewis Family Restaurant, Fort Smith, AR

3 June 2013

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As we drove from NW Arkansas to Dallas this afternoon, we were in Fort Smith for lunch. We chose Lewis simply because it was on the way.

Raegan and I had the special, turkey and dressing. The turkey was OK; I thought it was a little tough, and it wasn’t just overflowing with flavor. The dressing was pretty good. The gravy was great! We had sides of green beams (very good), mashers (great, with more of that gravy), corn, and cranberry sauce (yum!). The meals came with a decent salad. Erin had a bacon cheeseburger that she devoured.

Service was prompt and friendly. Our check was $31.06, I think a good value. Not bad at all.