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Fried Chicken at Loaf N Jug

28 February 2016

So this might be more of a sad post than a review. Last summer, on our HAT Durango adventure, we passed through Alamosa, CO. My driving was shift was up when we stopped at the Loaf and Jug on US 160. It was right at lunch, and I went in there and found a small deli.

I got some of the best fried chicken there I have ever had. Large pieces, perfectly fried up, with the skin crispy yet flexible. Wonderful taste, and juicy all the way through. Just perfect. Erin had some chicken tenders and said they were really good as well.

On the way back from Durango a week+ later, we stopped there again. I got more of that chicken, and it was wonderful again.

I complemented the cook on the chicken, and she said that City Market, which owned the Loaf N Jug stores, had elected to close the deli and replace it with a Subway.

I found that very sad. I like Subway, but I love the fried chicken at LnJ, and also feel that we are quite homogenized enough already with a Subway on seemingly every corner. I think that the deli with good local food would be a loss if it were replaced.

I just looked on the LnJ site and it reports that the store has a Real Time Crispy Chicken. I hope it is still the case. I would get that chicken any time.

Roy’s Chicken, Coweta, OK

27 February 2016

Roy's Fried Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Last May, we were headed home one Sunday evening, and coming through Tulsa. Roy’s was open, and I’m always up for fried chicken, so we gave it a shot. Great stuff.

We all got fried chicken, except Erin, who got chicken fingers. The fried chicken was a mix of dark and light, and it was all good. Crunchy and juicy yet not greasy. We all demolished our meals. The sides were OK as well, mashers and gravy and stuff, I don’t remember it all, but it was good.

Our check was $34.81, good value. The staff was friendly enough. I was surprised at how uncrowded it was at 1900. Recommended if Dixie’s is closed.

Jim’s Fried Chicken, Nicoma Park, OK

26 January 2016

Jim's Famous Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

First of all, an apology to my readers.  I got off track with my restaurant reviews a year and a half ago.  Since then, Urbanspoon was eaten by Zomato, and I think I have been to over 100 new restaurants in that time, some of them very good and worthy of a review.  I will try to get to those over the next couple months.  Regardless, I will do a better job of keeping up with new places in the meantime.  This is the start of that effort.

I went to Jim’s the first time back in 2010.  I’ve been back numerous times since.  I just looked at that first review, and the thing I didn’t mention was that the building was a cinder block dump with limited seating.  It was really meant for more takeaway than dine in.  There is also a little history, we were in McCloud a couple years ago, and found a new, purpose-built Jim’s there, but when we went back just a couple weeks later, it was closed.  The location on 23rd was also closed.

My friend Harold was driving along 23rd recently, and found that Jim’s was not only open again, but extensively rebuilt.  Some of the old original building is still there, but the interior is nicely upgraded with a much larger kitchen and a lot more seating, and apparently, HVAC that was missing previously (that place was cold in the winter and hot in the summer).

Regardless, we visited Jim’s again last Fall, and we have been back three or four times since.  The most recent time was last Thursday evening.  We got there about 1800 and it was about half full.  Three of us got chicken meals, and the other got chicken fingers.  It was all very, very good.  The chickens are decent sized, plump, and meaty.  They are fried golden and fresh, and HOT.  The sides are also very good.  We have had green beans, mashers, slaw, okra, and corn (which reminds me, I need to get a photo of the new menu).  The iced tea is brewed and self serve, both sweet and straight.  They have a very good poultry gravy that is a good dip for the chicken.  Our check was $52.10.  The servers, particularly in the dining area, were super friendly.

One of the managers told us that the Jim’s had been bought by the local Swadley’s folks.  I think they have done a great job with the food and the location.  Fried chicken, good fried chicken in particular, is increasingly hard to get, and I hope that Jim’s is around a long, long time.

Evelyn’s, Tulsa, OK

18 October 2014

Evelyn's on Urbanspoon

As my friend Clark would say, this place is legit.  My friend Gary in Tulsa recommended Evelyn’s, and yesterday I was able to check it out.  I wish they were in OKC!

Evelyn’s is right next to the Tulsa airport, and that is cool in itself.

They close at 1500 and are not open weekends.  I got there at 1415 and the place was moderately busy.  I ordered a two-piece chicken, all light.  My server said it would take a bit to cook.  I liked that, it meant fresh chicken.  It took about 15 minutes, but out came a breast (HUGE) and wing (also huge).  These were clearly pan-fried, with some darker patches (no problem).  The chicken had a wonderful flavor, and was moist all the way through without being greasy-drippy.  In particular, it’s hard to get that right with a big breast piece, but they did.  The crust was was perfect, crispy and great flavor.

The sides were also great.  Mine were pinto beans that tasted like they had been slow cooked for hours, great stuff.  The mashers and gravy were very good.

The iced tea came in a huge glass (the Way It Should Be) and was great.  Service was friendly and prompt.  My check was $13.39, which is great value.

Fried chicken is very hard to get these days.  I’m not talking about KFC or Churches.  Most places (think Eishen’s or Jim’s) use little pieces of chicken that are often overcooked and tough and stringy.  I think that Evelyn’s and Lucille’s are two places that do it right.

The lady who checked me out told me they did their chicken fried steaks the same way.  Now, I really have to go back.

Highly recommended.

Jimbo’s Diner, La Vista, NE

18 May 2014

jimbo's Diner on Urbanspoon

I stopped here for late dinner last night. It was really good! It’s attached to a large Keno place, and they pipe the Keno calls into the restaurant, which is a little annoying.

I got the fried chicken, which was two breasts and two wings, and was HUGE. It was excellent, also. The chicken was moist and not greasy, plump and not overcooked. Great stuff.

The meal came with some spaghetti and meat sauce, which was OK. There were also some great hash browns.

Service was friendly and attentive. The iced tea was GREAT! My check was $13.77. I’d be glad to go back.

The Drum Room, Oklahoma City, OK

24 December 2013

The Drum Room on Urbanspoon

This is a fairly new place that has popped up in the Western Avenue corridor. Raegan and I had lunch here yesterday.

Raegan got the four drumsticks and okra. I got a half fried chicken with steak fries. We asked for some ranch dressing for the okra ($0.50 extra, really?).

It was a mixed bag. There was a dramatic difference in the two meals. The drumsticks were larger and meatier, and were cooked golden brown as you might expect fried chicken to be fried. For my half chicken, the drumstick was half the size of the other four (in fact, all of the half chicken pieces were small), and the chicken was all cooked very, very, very dark brown. There was also a slight burned-oil taste. For that matter, the drumsticks Raegan ordered had a different flavor altogether; I’m certain the breading was different. It was certainly not the best fried chicken I have had. Both of us had waffles with our meal; mine came with the meal, hers was ala cart. I should have given Raegan my waffle, since I only had about a third of it.

The sides were pretty good. The okra was nice and crispy. The steak fries I got were great. The gravy that came with the fries was outstanding, I would gladly put that stuff on a biscuit.

The iced tea was weak; I couldn’t even tell if it was brewed or something else like Gold Peak.

Service was decent and friendly. Our check was $41.72.

I think that was kind of expensive for what we got. As I look at the check now, I see that $4 of it is the extra waffle. My half chicken was $12, a little high, but the fries and gravy added another $5 (ala carte pricing sux). Raegans four drumsticks and okra was $13.

So I don’t think I will be back. I don’t mind paying a premium for really good food, but in this case we paid a premium for less than decent. Chicken is cheap, folks, and serving small, overcooked pieces isn’t the right way to do business. The sides were even more of an overcharge.

Millard Roadhouse, Millard, NE

15 March 2013

Millard Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

I was near Millard after work today, and noticed Millard Roadhouse on UrbanSpoon. I got there around 1930 and left about an hour later.

The salad I started out with was very good; the ranch dressing was outstanding. My main dish was simple: three pieces of fried chicken, breasts, with mashers and gravy. Simply a wonderful meal. The chicken pieces were HUGE (see the photo I posted to UrbanSpoon). The skin was perfect, crunchy and tasty. The meat was full of flavor, was moist, not stringy, and not greasy either. It took some work to put all that chicken away, but I was up to it. The meal came with some decent mashers, and the mashers came with excellent cream gravy. The only thing I could count the meal down was an occasional hint of burned oil taste in the chicken, mainly in the skin; not often and not a lot of the burned taste.

I had iced tea (great stuff!), and it was kept refilled. Service was prompt and friendly. My check was $17.44. Next time (and there will be a next time), I will get the two-piece.

Mama E’s Wings and Waffles, Oklahoma City, OK

2 June 2012

Mama E's Wings & Waffles on Urbanspoon

After our trip to McAlester today, Raegan said that she would like to have fried chicken. We thought about it for a minute, and thought of Mama E’s. A quick check of Google showed that Mama E’s was open until 1900, and it was 1815, so off we went, getting there about 1830.

The ops concept is to check out the pre-made meals that are available. We all got some variation of two pieces of fried chicken, and each box had two sides (greens, mashers, mac and cheese). You also get a cup of punch-of-the-day, and a piece of cake.

The chicken had decent taste. I think they were a bit on the small side, and it was pretty clear that the birds had not been cooked shortly before we arrived. The sides were good also.

So my advice, if you are visiting Mama E’s, get there earlier than we did. You will get a better selection.

We finished and left right at 1900. Our check was $34.46. Good value, not a gut-buster meal, and all of the staff was super friendly. A nice place to visit.

Virginia Kitchen, Herndon, VA

18 April 2012

Waffle King's Virginia Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I had every intention of hitting Five Guys for lunch today, but when I walked by Virginia Kitchen and checked the menu I just had to try it. I’m glad I did!

I ordered the honey-injected chicken. This turned out to be a four-piece traditional fried chicken meal. The pieces were a bit small, but for a lunch they were the right size. They had a nice crispy crust, and the meat was perfectly moist and had great flavor. The meal came with really good mashers (not enough gravy!), and a mixed veg that was a bit mushy. The chicken is fried up when you order it, and it takes 20+ minutes to cook, so plan accordingly (there are a number of other good items on the menu, including breakfast).

A couple of women at the table next to mine were impressed by the size of the meal. Little did they know, I handily put that whole plate away, no problem! 🙂

Service was good, the iced tea was excellent. My check was $11.88. This was a diner-like experience that I’m glad I ran across. I didn’t notice until I was checking out, but they had a cooler full of home-made pie in a lot of flavors.

Red’s Southern Diner, Edmond, OK

17 March 2012

Red's Southern Diner on Urbanspoon

I saw that Red’s was ranked #1 in the OKC area on Urbanspoon, and anything that’s a Diner I like, so we headed over there last Tuesday evening. We got there around 1745 and left about an hour later. Red’s was about 20% full when we got there, and getting full when we left.

The meal is served sorta family style. Everyone orders, it’s all piled on a platter, and the platter and sides are plunked down for everyone to dig into. Our sides were mashers (pretty good) and gravy (wow, excellent!) and creamed corn (excellent also).

Our main courses:

Fried chicken: Excellent. Four pieces that didn’t last long. Not greasy, great flavor, a wonderful crunchy skin.

BBQ chicken: Excellent! A quarter chicken, perfectly seasoned and baked with BBQ sauce, tender and delicious.

Fried catfish: Excellent. Corn meal breaded, perfectly fried, and flaky catfish. I am not a big fish eater, but I liked that catfish.

Chicken fried steak: OK. A huge cut of cutlet, clearly hand breaded and fried up on site. It had good flavor, but was tough and hard to cut into and chew.

The meal was $11 per person, drinks were extra. The tea was excellent. Service was pretty good; we ran out of drinks a couple times. Our check was around $50 (can’t find the receipt for now). It was a pretty huge amount of food. The only stuff we left was a bit of mashers and about 1/3 of the CFS. The rest was devoured. Red’s is pretty darn good, I’d go back any time.

Golden Chick, Oklahoma City, OK

5 March 2012

Golden Chick on Urbanspoon

I drove past this restaurant a couple weeks ago and noted it. We really like fried chicken every once in a while, and few places serve it, and fewer still serve it well, so I’m always on the lookout for a new place.

Two weeks ago, we decided to give it a try. We got there around 1220 and left about an hour later. The place was fairly busy during the entire time, including two extended families (one looked post-church and the other was post-soccer).

Ian got chicken tenders, Erin got roasted chicken, and Raegan and I got fried. We got a mix of sides as well. The chicken was uniformly excellent. My fried chicken had plump, moist meat with nice and crunchy breading. It didn’t get dry in the center as a lot of chicken does. The kids all scarfed down their lunches, as did Raegan. The restaurant had brewed iced tea that was very good.

So overall, the chicken at Golden Chick was well received by our family. I would gladly go back. Our check was $31.36.

In a side note, I sorta through while we were there that I had been in a Golden Chick at some point in the past. I looked through my posts, and realized I had been to the Golden Chick in Richardson, TX back over the summer, and had liked it. Consistency is nice!

Babe’s Chicken House, Garland, TX

1 December 2009

Babe's Chicken Dinner House on Urbanspoon

After a day at work, I decided that I wanted some fried chicken for dinner. I’ve been wanting to try a Babe’s (there are several in the area) for a while. Conveniently, there was a location a couple miles south of the plant I was working at, on Belt Line Road, so I headed that way.

Ordering is simple, no menus. You choose fried chicken, chicken fried steak, or one of four or five other things that I can’t remember. The entree is brought with bowls of stuff served family style. The green beans were excellent, the pinto beans were good (a bit mushy), the semi-creamed corn was very good, the mashed potatoes good, and the gravy pretty good. These are all served as all you can eat, so it turns out to be huge amounts of food. You also get biscuits; they are a bit flat, but tasted just fine with the butter and honey on the table.

The fried chicken – it was a full half chicken. I could not finish it! It was crispy and good. The breading was not greasy or fat soaked, and the meat had an excellent taste. It was hotter than heck, so it was clearly fresh cooked.

All in all, I really like Babe’s. I would be happy to bring my family. I felt a bit sad to leave so much food on the table. I ate about 90% of the chicken, leaving some of the wing behind. But I only was able to eat about 1/3 of the all the other stuff, and I walked out of there absolutely full. I would make a suggestion to the management: single diners should be given the option of having a bowl for the extras that is smaller than a soup bowl.

The iced tea was good, and provided in quantity.

The place was only about 20% full when I got there at 1745, and maybe half full when I left an hour later, stuffed to the gills.

My check was $13.36. I think this was TREMENDOUS value. Just for the huge amount of chicken provided, not to mention the unlimited veggies. Service was outstanding, always prompt but not smothering.