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Golden Chick, Enid, OK (Van Buren)

29 June 2014

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As it was getting close to 2200 last night, I was distinctly a bit hungry, so I decided to grab a two-piece chicken from the Golden Chick in front of the hotel. I asked for a two-piece both breasts, but they had just had a large to-go order and they only had one breast, so I ended up with one breast and two legs, which was OK. The meal was out in less than a minute. While the fries were very good and the mashers OK, that chicken was excellent. Hot, crispy, and just the right amount of juicy. Great stuff, and just the right amount for a snack.

Service was fast and super friendly. My check was $7.03. Golden Chick may not be the very best chicken around, but it’s pretty darn good.

Golden Chick, Midwest City, OK

24 January 2013

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I decided to get some fried chicken for lunch back on 03 January, and headed to the Golden Chick just north of Tinker. I got there around 1150 and left about a half hour later.

I got the three piece, all light. The chicken tasted odd to me. The skin was breaded nice and crisp, and the chicken was moist all the way through, but it tasted off enough that I sent a text to Raegan and told her to tell the hospital if I keeled over. Seriously. The mashed potatoes were completely bland. The gravy was not too bad. The tea (both sweet and straight) was pretty good (and frankly, was the highlight of the meal).

The staff was friendly enough. I was not impressed with the chicken flavor. My check was $9.54.

Golden Chick, Oklahoma City, OK

5 March 2012

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I drove past this restaurant a couple weeks ago and noted it. We really like fried chicken every once in a while, and few places serve it, and fewer still serve it well, so I’m always on the lookout for a new place.

Two weeks ago, we decided to give it a try. We got there around 1220 and left about an hour later. The place was fairly busy during the entire time, including two extended families (one looked post-church and the other was post-soccer).

Ian got chicken tenders, Erin got roasted chicken, and Raegan and I got fried. We got a mix of sides as well. The chicken was uniformly excellent. My fried chicken had plump, moist meat with nice and crunchy breading. It didn’t get dry in the center as a lot of chicken does. The kids all scarfed down their lunches, as did Raegan. The restaurant had brewed iced tea that was very good.

So overall, the chicken at Golden Chick was well received by our family. I would gladly go back. Our check was $31.36.

In a side note, I sorta through while we were there that I had been in a Golden Chick at some point in the past. I looked through my posts, and realized I had been to the Golden Chick in Richardson, TX back over the summer, and had liked it. Consistency is nice!

Golden Chick, Richardson, TX

15 July 2011

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I like fried chicken. Fewer and fewer restaurants offer it, instead offering baked, roasted, or chicken-fried chicken (not that any of those are a bad thing), but I occasionally like breaded and artery-clogging fried.

I have passed a number of Golden Chicks in the Metroplex, and Wednesday decided to try one, especially since it was near work. I got there around 1935 and left about 2000.

I got the #4, which is three pieces fried. The pieces were a wing, a leg, and a thigh. They were not the largest pieces of chicken I have had. They were thinly breaded, which made the skin very crunchy, and didn’t leave large chunks of fried breading. The chickens were not terribly meaty. The flavor was pretty good, though.

The meal came with a small container of average mashers and some gravy; the gravy was fairly peppery.

They serve both sweetened and unsweetened iced tea, that was pretty good.

My order was $7.73. Not a bad price for the meal. Overall, an everage meal. You get what you pay for. I would not mind going back to a Golden Chick again, and maybe next time getting a breast piece, or two.