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Great American Grill, Colorado Springs, CO

20 July 2014

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This Grill is inside the Hilton Garden Inn outside the Air Force Academy in north Colorado Springs. We had breakfast here a week ago today, and again today. In both cases, the food a service were very good. Last week, I had pancakes and enjoyed them greatly. Today I had a ham and cheese omelet, same result. Erin stuck with cold stuff. Raegan had some fried eggs and some of the good fruit selection. We all had some bacon and sausage.

The service model is one of the odd Great American Grill models. If you want anything other than cooked to order, you grab it yourself. If you want stuff cooked to order, you tell the cook, and a server brings it out to you. The GAGs (such a horrible acronym!) have a couple variations on this no matter where you visit. Regardless, the food here was very good, and the service was fast. Last week, it was packed, today not.

You could do far worse for breakfast in the north Springs.


Great American Grill, Amarillo, TX (In Hilton Garden Inn)

12 January 2014

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We generally try to stay at this Hilton Garden Inn when we pass through Amarillo. We had breakfast here last Saturday.

The food at GAGs is cooked to order and usually a small buffet line. That’s the way it is in Amarillo. The scrambled eggs on the buffet were more chunks. I got a ham and bacon and cheese omelet that was very good, and some bacon as well that was well cooked without being cremated. This was rounded out with milk and juice. Everyone liked their breakfast just fine.

The main problem here, as in past visits, was service. It wasn’t bad, but the place was understaffed for the number of people in the restaurant. They were both friendly, but there was just too much going on for two servers. So eat the breakfast, just be prepared to pitch in yourself if needed (I went and got my order after it sat for a couple minutes, so it wouldn’t get cold). Our check was about $48.

The Garden Inn is a fine example of the HGI chain. We got two rooms, and both were good sized rooms that were very clean, nice large beds, and a largish bathroom. The TV was a little 27 in flat panel that was kind of hard to see from the beds. Wifi was decently fast, even with the pretty full hotel. The front desk staff was very good. It’s a nice hotel.

Great American Grill, HGI, Nanuet, NY

3 August 2013

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We stayed in this hotel on the last night of our New England trip, and had breakfast there before checking out.

Raegan, Ian, and I had various eggs. Ian had sunny side up, we had over easy. Good, but cooked a little long on the first go-round. Raegan also asked for pancakes, and it took a while before they were ready (like, halfway through the meal). The bacon was uniformly undercooked, but the sausage links were pretty good. Erin stuck with cereal and fruit.

This HGI had little interaction with the servers; you ordered from the cook, and picked up directly from the cook, who could be less than communicative. They didn’t have much in the way of bread beyond white or wheat for toast.

So it was in, and out, and little interaction. You could do worse.

Great American Grill, Hilton Garden Inn, Council Bluffs, IA

27 March 2013

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I’ve stayed in a lot of Hilton Garden Inns, and they are uniformly excellent hotels. Most of them have Great American Grill restaurants, but the quality and service at the Grills is less excellent.

This one is one of the really good ones. I’ve stayed at this HGI at least ten times, and of course I’ve had breakfast most of the days, and a number of dinners. The breakfasts have all been outstanding. I’ve occasionally just had the non-cooked-to-order stuff, and the selection of those items (cereal, oatmeal, breads and muffins) is really nice. I’ve had omelets, eggs scrambled and over easy, pancakes, and waffles, and all were cooked well. Service is also consistently very good (that’s one of the most variable things at GAGs).

Now that I look at that acronym I just typed, I realized it is most unfortunate.

My only down is that the iced tea has never been very good; don’t know why. My checks are usually around $12.00. Good stuff.

Great American Grill, Hilton Garden Inn, Bozeman, MT

29 July 2012

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Raegan and Ian and I stayed at this HGI for a couple days this week. The quality of food and service varies greatly at HGI Great American Grills. This one is superior.

We’ve only had breakfast here. You can get some scrambled eggs, potatoes, and meat on a buffet line, or get cooked to order. I had a ham and cheese omelet one morning with fried potatoes, and three eggs over easy with potatoes and bacon another morning. The meals were cooked and delivered quickly, hot, and tasty. Service was prompt. The side stuff (juice, breads) was kept stocked even though it was busy.

Great hotel, great restaurant.