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Great Wall, Oklahoma City, OK (63rd)

4 April 2014

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Erin has wanted some sweet and soup chicken for a couple days, so today we decided to head up Great Wall at 63rd and May for dinner.

So the menus didn’t have a lot of detail. We ordered two orders of sweet and sour chicken, and two orders of chicken fried rice, along with a large and a small egg drop soup.

When the food got there, it came with two big plates of rice. Now, if I were taking orders, and someone ordered what we did, I might have mentioned that we had just hooked up with FOUR plates of rice. And maybe I would have offered a substitution, maybe with a bit of an upcharge.

The unfried rice was OK. The chicken fried rice was OK. Next time, I might get pork fried rice instead. The sweet and sour chicken was excellent, really good. The egg drop soup was excellent as well (one thing, you could eat the stuff as delivered, instead of waiting for it to cool down from near boiling). The large size, BTW, was LARGE, probably 16 oz.

So we ate until we were stuffed, having bought too much food. They have no drinks except for a cooler with some water and big bottles of soft drinks (we bought two bottles of water, and a 2-liter Coke). There are two 3-person tables there; I gather the place does most of its sales through takeaway and delivery.

I would not mind going back again, this time armed with the knowledge to negotiate the rice issue. Our check was $42.00 or so.

Great Wall, Edmond, OK

2 February 2014

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Last evening, after we had picked Erin up from a school field trip, my very cute and occasionally unpredictable roommate announced She Wanted Some Fried Rice. Well, cool. We did a quick UrbanSpoon and Google check, and headed to Great Wall. We got there about 1730, and it was empty.

We ordered a plate each of pork fried rice and sweet and sour chicken, and a bowl each of egg drop soup. All of this was very good. The soup was perfect, hot and thick and tasty, and right on the money given the cold temps outside. The sweet and sour was in a light breading, tender, and tasted great. The fried rice was very good as well.

They have decent iced tea, service was fast. Our check was only $22.11. I would be happy to eat here again.