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Hilton Hotels Premium Internet, Again

24 August 2016

I recently looked at the relative increase in bandwidth you get by paying for premium internet access in Hampton Inns in the Boston area.

This evening, I’m at an Embassy Suites in west Omaha, and here is the updated data:

Standard and Premium Hilton Internet

The Embassy Suites data is on the right, and you can see that the effective bandwidth is doubled, from under 3Mbps to 6Mbps+.  However, in every case from the Hampton Inns, the cost of premium service was $4.95, and here at the Embassy Suites, it is $12.95.

While the Embassy Suites premium is a lot more expensive, it’s not a proportionate increase from the Internet offered by the Hampton Inns.  Yes, it is a larger hotel, but then again, they have a lot more rooms to fold costs into.  I’m not sure a more-than-double cost that doesn’t net a significant increase in bandwidth is worthwhile.

Hampton Inn Premium Internet Comparison

7 August 2016

Since I stay in a lot of hotels on business and personal travel, I tend to get Internet from the hotel a lot as well.

This past trip, we were in a series of Hampton Inns on the back end of the trip.  Since I had three laptops and two tablets (and occasionally a couple phones) we had a lot of connectivity going on.

I decided to do a bit of comparison of the devices and internet speed.  For the speed checks, I used the reliable

A couple ground rules.  First, I established that my tablet measured the same speeds as my laptop.  Testing was done one device at a time, when the others were not doing any high-bandwidth stuff like streaming.  The three laptops were always within a couple Kbps of each other when testing.

Given all that, here are the cumulative results of five tests I did, at different points during the evening, late evening, and morning.

Standard and Premium Hampton Internet

The first question I had was “do you actually get more bandwidth with the premium service”.  The answer is pretty clearly, yes.  The premium charge was $4.95 per day.  In two of the cases, there is a small increase, but in the other three cases, it was significant.

I was surprised at the amount of bandwidth being used for uploading.  Most network transactions on the web are a short request, followed by a lot of data coming back.  It seems that some of the bandwidth that is available for uploads would be better used for servicing the downloads.

I think my reaction is that if you need to maintain a stable VPN, or you are running big downloads like Exchange, the premium is usually worth it.

Kennedy’s Public House, Norwood, MA (Hampton Inn)

18 February 2014

Kennedy's Public House on Urbanspoon

This restaurant is in the Hampton Inn at Norwood. A week ago Monday, my co-worker Dave and I had dinner here.

I got a porterhouse, which was the special of the day. It came with a baked potato and a salad. The potato and salad were great. The steak was not the best I have had, but it was pretty darn good, cooked just like I asked (medium), and nice and juicy.

The iced tea was pretty good, and kept refilled. Service was pretty much right on the money. My check was $37.18. Pretty good.