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Harry Bears, Moore, OK

23 August 2012

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We used to eat at Harry Bears quite a lot. There was a location just off NW Expressway near May, the food was very good, and it was near school. The location closed, then opened, closed, was something else, was Harry Bears, moved/another opened out near Macarthur, etc. The same with the location in Moore. I noticed this location in Moore when we drove to Norman a couple weeks ago, and last Friday, it was about halfway between me at work, and my friend Gayle, who had brought her daughter to visit OU, so I thought I’d give it a try again. So: the company, excellent. The food, meh.

I got a CFS and Gayle got a salad. The CFS was OK, about a six out of ten; just boring. The gravy was probably manufactured in 60 gallon drums somewhere. The mashers had no texture or flavor. The tea was really good.

Our check was about $20. If I were going to meet Gayle halfway between Norman and Tinker again, I’d pick someplace else. It’s not that the food was bad, it just wasn’t very tasty.