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Why I Am Voting For Hillary Clinton For President

27 July 2016

I decided this quite a while back, towards the end of the Republican primary process.  The rationale has several facets to it.

Overriding all else, I can’t really see myself voting for a Republican at the national level for a long, long time.  The disgraceful tactic of non-governance, few (but odious) policies, complete disrespect for facts, and worst of all, a deliberate policy of trying to gain power by scaring people, make the Republican party that I belonged to a part of history.  This process started before the 1992 campaign, and has not improved.

That being said, I’ve examined the policies being proposed by Clinton, and overall find them in the same lines as my personal philosophies.  Clinton expresses support for all levels of education. She is a strong proponent of equality for all (to include women, people of color, and LGBTQ people). She has good ideas for the economy.  One idea I like in particular is to encourage companies to profit share with the employees that do the actual work, treating those workers with respect.  Perhaps the most important part of the appeal of her economic plans is that she actually recognizes there is a problem than should be and can be fixed, as opposed to Republicans who myopically actively hinder the economy as part of their non-governance heel-dragging, trying to maintain the status quo of corporations that take all profits to upper management and shareholders.

Hillary Clinton has had the most serious vetting of any candidate, and perhaps any person, in history.  Countless investigations, most of which have been trumped up, have found no evidence of wrongdoing.  One thing I think I can appreciate is that in many cases where she was investigated, it was for taking action, and that action annoyed Republicans, who investigated out of petty spite.

It goes without saying that Republicans have rarely tried to match Clinton with policy and legislation.

Reading though policy papers, you see a lot of reference to science and technology.  In particular, Clinton is no climate change denier.  She, like Obama (and for that matter, Republicans when Bush was President), believes that comprehensive immigration reform is the way to do.  She does not demonize immigrants, and does not use immigrants as weapons to scare the easily scared.  She supports expanded voter rights, instead of the Republican policies of trying to keep grasping at power by trying to disenfranchise people of color.  She does not believe that Islam is an enemy of the United States, and that our Muslim citizens and visitors are overwhelmingly not terrorists.

As I was thinking about this post over the past couple days, I was watching an ever greater level of invective on numerous platforms, including social media and radio programs.  All manner of accusations, made-up charges, old and untrue tripe, but repeated endlessly by the easily duped.  Clinton has shown an impressive level of grace in not responding to the crap sent her way.

Clinton will help get SCOTUS back on track, and away from the conservative corporations-are-people justices.

So Hillary Clinton has my vote for President of the United States.  It is my fervent hope that the other side doesn’t wise up electorally-speaking, and that helps deliver at least the Senate as well, and help send Republican conservatism to the trash heap.

A Little Bit Of History Was Made Yesterday…

8 June 2016

… and it is far past time.

Hillary Clinton became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for the Presidency of the United States.  While the couple instances of having female Vice Presidential candidates was a good thing, having a woman at the top of the ticket for a major party is long overdue.

Regardless of the years-long attempts to cover her with mud, her career of public service has been good training for her to reach this milestone.  I think there is an almost certainty that she will be elected our first female President, and will continue the work that her husband started and Obama built on.

I have been impressed with her path to the nomination.  Starting with her work in the health insurance reform plan in the [Bill] Clinton administration, then on as a Senator and Secretary of State, she has formed alliances to work with people to get stuff done.  That is an essential skill that is required of a true leader, and is critical to being the leader of the entire country.

Congratulations to Ms. Clinton for sticking to the plan and winning the nomination.  I hope she continues her work, for all Americans, as part of the [Hillary] Clinton administration.