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B’s Restaurant, Chandler, OK

8 September 2016

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As we headed out of OKC last Friday, we needed dinner, and Chandler was just up the road. B’s is in a hotel right off I-44, nice and close.

Erin had a cheeseburger that seemed to have decent flavor, but it was overcooked a bit and charred. Raegan had catfish, and while she enjoyed it, it was a huge amount of food that she couldn’t finish. I had a ribeye steak that was outstanding. That steak was about 3/4″ thick, perfectly cooked medium, and was darn near fork tender. It was seasoned a bit (they say right on the menu that they love to season), but the seasoning didn’t overwhelm the beef.

Sides were OK. The iced tea was very good, and service was OK overall. Our check was $58.29, that included the very good pecan pie that Raegan had to go, mostly right there in the place :).

Granny’s Kitchen, Huntsville, AR

8 September 2016

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This wasn’t the only restaurant in town (in fact, there are a couple others that look worth checking), but it’s good.

We cruised through Huntsville on the way to the Ozarks last Saturday on our NW Arkansas drive. There’s a creek right below the place that I really liked.

I had chicken fried steak. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but it was FAR from the worst. I rated the CFS a 9 out of 10, mainly because a 10 is 100% fork tender and just bursting with flavor. There were a couple tougher places on this one. I had a cup of chili also, it was OK. The green beans and mashers with gravy were OK.

But… Raegan and Erin got pulled pork sandwiches. Oh my gosh, that was the best pulled port I’ve ever tasted. Fortunately, I got to eat about a third of Erins sammich. Wow, that stuff was tender and had amazing flavor. I liked the fries as well.

The iced tea was excellent, and the service was very friendly. Our check was $41.56. Good stuff.

Mom’s Cafe, Plattsmouth, NE

25 September 2010

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A friend and I were driving back to Oklahoma City after a weeks work in the Omaha area, and it was lunch time, so we picked Mom’s out from a billboard on US-75. Mom’s is in downtown Plattsmouth.

We got there about 1130; the place was about 25% full, We left about 1230; the place was about 2/3 full. It took a couple minutes to get first service.

It was not a good start, my iced tea tasted terrible. I switched to Coke, which was OK.

I ordered the chicken fried steak, which the menu said was their most popular item. It came with mashers and a veg, green beans in this case. The CFS was pretty darn good – it was clearly hand breaded, the breading was not too thick, and it was not too sweet. The meat had good beef flavor, and was mostly tender (there were a couple places I had to use the knife). The veg (green beans) and mashers were pretty good, and the gravy was REALLY good.

Ron got the fish special for the day, and said that it was really good, but there was a LOT of it.

We both decided that we would have no problems at all eating here again. My check was $10 .14. They do not have wifi.