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Houlihan’s, Herndon, VA

22 April 2011

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I’ve seen these restaurants at various places, but never tried one. Wednesday the location right across the Dulles Tollway was recommended by a couple of the meeting participants. A work friend and I headed over to try it.

We got there around 1215 and left around 1315, the place was only about 25% full the entire time. I ordered iced tea, which was very good.

I got a chicken ceasar salad and a bowl of potato soup. It was all very good, but it was a huge amount of food. I ate all the soup; it was excellent. The salad was pretty good also. I asked for some extra dressing and that made it even better. I finished only about 90% of the salad.

Service was pretty good. My check was $18.27. Kind of expensive for soup and salad, but I guess not excessively so for the DC area.