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IHOP, Oklahoma City (I-35 and 122nd)

20 May 2013

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We had dinner tonight at the IHOP. It was a mixed bag. Raegan, Erin, and I got the 2 x 2 x 2, which is a couple eggs, couple pancakes, and couple pieces of bacon. These are hard to screw up, but IHOP managed to get Erin three extra pancakes. Ian got something new on the menu: fried chicken. The chicken was pretty good!

Service was uneven; I ran out of iced tea several times. The temperature in the place was really weird. When we got there, we were seated on the west side of the restaurant, and it was almost too hot. Then the A/C kicked on, and it was quickly uncomfortably cold. We asked several staff to turn the darn thing down or off, but it never really turned off, so we were glad to leave.

Our check was $48.46. We have had uneven experience here, and generally use it only as a fallback. That’s still the case after this visit.

IHOP, Oklahoma City, OK (NW Expressway and Classen)

13 December 2012

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We had dinner here this evening. Or rather, breakfast. It was a very good meal. Ian got biscuits and gravy with eggs. Raegan and Erin and I got eggs and bacon and blueberry pancakes. All of this was excellent, hot and tasty. We got there around 1745 and left around 1845. Service was prompt and accurate. Our check was $49.62. Great stuff.