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Inca Trail Peruvian Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK

21 February 2013

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Raegan, Erin, and I had dinner here last Friday evening. It was great! Inca Trail was recommended to me by my friend John.

Erin and I got the roasted chicken. It was simply wonderful tasting. The spice used to flavor the chicken, whatever it is, was perfect. The meal started with some very, very good chicken and rice soup; loved that stuff. Raegan got a seafood salad and really liked it, except that it was a little too spicy for her that night (she wants to go back and get it again).

We got a couple desserts. First was my second try of flan (wow, great stuff), and we also got a fruity helados, very good. Service was prompt and right on the money. Our check was $42.53. I look forward to visiting again.