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So, We Are Fully Gone From Iraq

19 December 2011

I am very, very happy about this. It took long enough.

The war was started using false claims by the United States, via George W Bush and his henchman Dick Cheney.

The war cost 50,000 dead, at least, including 6041 Americans. There were thousands of civilian dead as well; estimates from Wikipedia are from 100,000 to half a million. Tens of thousands more were injured in one way or the other.

Hundreds of thousands of American families were disrupted due to deployments. The cost to the United States is at least $1T.

All of this to remove one man from power. ONE. There is no justification at all for that.

Finally, We Are Getting Out of Iraq

25 October 2011

So the President announced that all of our troops would be out of Iraq by the end of the year. Good! It’s about time. That useless war cost us thousands of American lives and billions of American dollars, it was initiated on shaky grounds at best.

Apparently, the Iraqi government asked us to leave. Well, good for them. It’s their country.

Some part of the Right, including a number of the Presidential candidates, went loony nuts when the announcement was made. Failure of policy by Obama was frothed most repeatedly that I had heard. Those people are WRONG.

The End of the U.S. Combat Mission In Iraq

18 August 2010

I am listening to live coverage of the last United States combat troops leaving Iraq.

It is long overdue. The loss of over 4400 troops lives, along with American civilians, coalition troops and civilians, and a huge number of Iraqi civilians, and the tens of thousands of wonded, was not worth whatever reason we invaded.

Good for President Obama for directing the cession of this wrong and unjust war.

Now, let’s get to work getting the last 50,000 “training” troops out of Iraq, and then getting all of our guys out of Afghanistan.