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Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK

29 January 2016

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There was an Italia Express on May Avenue just south of school, and we ate there a lot.  It was excellent, close, and inexpensive.  A second location opened in NW OKC, and the May location just shut down suddenly, which was very disappointing.  We went out to the other location, and it was also very good, but there was one thing different:  the marinara was made with bell peppers (just ruined the flavor).  Since the NW OKC location was far from out usual areas, we never went back.

A couple weeks ago, I was driving along Classen, and there was a brand new Italia Express.  Raegan and I went there a couple days later.

After we were seated, I asked if they made the marinara with bell peppers, and got a yes.

NOTE:  if you run Italia Express, please consider not making your marinara with bell peppers.  The stuff is very, very good without the darn peppers.  Save some money, and my taste buds, and get rid of the darn peppers.

Regardless, I got a most excellent fettuccine al fredo.  It was perfect.  ‘Nuff said.  Raegan got manicotti, and asked for it to be served with one manicotti covered with marinara, and the other with al fredo (note:  she asks for this routinely, and occasionally gets the most scandalized responses that the two sauces will… gasp… touch!  That does not bother her, but we’ve had servers and chefs just get all bent out of shape at the request).  Regardless, she said it was very good, even if the sauces touched, and she also wished the marinara didn’t have bell pepper in it.  We had a starter of garlic bread that was very good, and the iced tea was also.

Our check was around $20.00, and service was very friendly.  We will be back.  I will try the marsala next time, and the al fredo will still be there.

Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK (122nd and MacArthur)

24 November 2013

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We really liked the Italia Express that was near St. John’s, and were disappointed to note it closed over the summer. I was talking to one of our Scout leaders at the last camp, who mentioned another location in NW OKC. We checked it out Tuesday evening.

The garlic bread we started out with was excellent, as was the al fredo we used for dipping. We also got marinara, but didn’t like it due to the bell pepper flavor in the sauce.

I got fettuccine al fredo with chicken. In a word, outstanding. Great stuff. The chicken was sauteed perfectly, and the noodles and sauce perfect.

Raegan had chicken marsala. The marsala was also outstanding. The dish came with spaghetti and marinara, which was the unfortunate overly bell peppered sauce again. Erin got chicken parm, which she really didn’t like since it had not only the spaghetti, but the parm was covered in the marsala again.

The iced tea and service were great. Our check was about $33, good value.

Next time we go, I will get non-marinara dishes, but I will also ask for a side of marinara to see if the bell pepper issue is chronic. It’s a bit of a drive for us from our usual areas of OKC, but if it stays as good as the location on May used to be, then it’s worth the drive.

Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK

6 March 2011

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We ate lunch here today at the recommendation of friends Noel and John. In short, an outstanding eating experience, and great value.

Three families were working at St. John’s cleaning up after the annual auction, and we were hungry! Italia Express is just south of the school, on May Avenue. We got there around 1300, and left around 1430. We had four adults, a teenager, and four kids.

The meal started off with salads. Most of us got Caesar salads. The salad was very basic, the dressing was excellent. Just the right amount of bite, and a tremendous flavor. Great stuff. The meal also starts off with bread, a nice crusty roll. We also ordered some cheese bread, and then another round, and the staff added some garlic to that round. All excellent. We also got deep-fried cheese sticks for the kids; this came with a large bowl of marinara. The kids said the cheese sticks were great, and I tried the marinara; it was excellent.

My meal was fettuccine and chicken alfredo. It was, if not the best, some of the best alfredo I have ever had. The flavor was amazing, the texture and consistency perfect. Ian also got some on the side, and asked for a bit of extra alfredo; they gave him a cereal-bowl sized amount, and I was able to add some to my meal, and for Raegan to dip some bread in it.

I asked for a small side of spaghetti and meat sauce. It was also outstanding. The dish was the same-sized bowl the side of alfredo came in.

Jackie got a meatball sandwich that looked and smelled pretty good. Noel got tortellini; she gave a bite to me, and it was excellent. Raegan got ravioli and approved, and Ian said his chicken parmigiana was perfect. All of the kids also ate all of their meals.

Service was excellent and attentive. The only thing I could mark the place down for was that the tea, while good, was a little weak.

Value was outstanding. The check for nine of us, with more than full meals and all the appetizers, was $92.80.

I like Olive Garden. I like Italia Express better, much better. Our meals for four at OG run around $60. I think that Italia Express has better food, and better prices. I will always choose Italia Express first in the future. Recommended.