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Roma Italian Restaurant, Harrison, AR

8 September 2016

Hot dang, I’m at TPA early, and they have desks with power and good WiFi, so I’m going to play catch-up on some restaurant posts!

Roma Italian Ristorante & Pizzeria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Raegan and Erin and I did some very relaxed driving through Northwest Arkansas last weekend, and we had a good dinner the second night in Harrison. The front desk person recommended Roma (not Roma’s), it was a good recommendation.

First of all, Roma is one of the Stealthy Chain Of Italian Restaurants That Is Not A Chain. The giveaway Spaghetti The Works was on the menu.

We got there about 1840 and the place was not even close to crowded.  I had Spaghetti the Works.  Aside from the fact that the marinara was a little more orange than I’ve experienced at the other places, it was perfect, a big pile of noodles and a ton of meat sauce, mushrooms, and a very good meatball.  Raegan had manicotti and Erin had chicken fettuccine al fredo.  All were outstanding.  We had the usual table bread, and some of that outstanding al fredo to dip the bread in, and it was just great.

Service was friendly and just right.  Our check was $50.30.  You probably can’t do better for Italian, or much better for anything else in Harrison.

Papa Reno, Bellevue, NE

25 August 2016

Papa Reno's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This restaurant is in the location once occupied by my beloved Mama Alvino’s. I will try very hard not to compare the two.

I had lunch here today with a work friend. We both had calzones. Mine was pepperoni and sausage. The calzone was not that large, and I thought that it was very light in the stuffing (read: there wasn’t much pepperoni or sausage). There was quite a lot of cheese. I would like to make a recommendation to the staff: you might not want to cut the calzone in half before serving, as it spills its cheese guts out; I think it should be plated and served uncut. The crust was pretty good, just the right amount of chewy and decent flavor. The marinara was OK, and each calzone comes with some on the side.

They don’t have real iced tea, but the Dr. Pepper wasn’t bad. Service was pretty fast. The food was OK. My check was $10.64. I will go back, and probably try the pizza next time.

Paul’s Pasta, Groton, CT

1 August 2016

Pauls Pasta Shop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This place was great! The building is pretty neat, we ate out on the deck, with a great view of the Thames River and New London. We got there around 1900, and had a 20 minute wait.

We started off with some excellent garlic cheese bread and marinara. The bread was very good, and the marinara was excellent, thick and with great flavor.

Erin and I had fettuccine al fredo with chicken. Hers was the small (one chicken breast) and mine was large (two chicken breasts). The fettuccine was excellent, not too rich, and the noodles were perfect. Neither of us could finish our dinners.

Raegan had lobster ravioli, and while she said they were very good, again, it was hard to finish them as there was so much.

Service was good despite how crowded the place was. Our check was $54.34. They had pretty good iced tea as well, brewed there. The only thing I would count down is that the chicken in our meals was breaded, fried, and then put on the bed of noodles, when it should have been sauteed and tossed.

I would contrast this meal with our lunch. Cost was about the same, but the quality of this meal was far better.

Good stuff. I would eat here again any time.

Pepperoni Grill, Edmond, OK

4 July 2016

Pepperoni Grill Kitchen & Winebar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Raegan and Erin and I had dinner here last evening. We have been to the location in Penn Square Mall several times, and had expectations for this location. They were met.

We started with a very good Caesar salad. I had chicken parmesan (with a side of fettuccine al fredo), Raegan chicken fettuccine al fredo, and Erin tortellini florentine. All of this was excellent. The chicken parm was plump and perfectly cooked, and the al fredo was excellent. The only real complaint I would have is that the chicken with Raegans al fredo was sliced and grilled, instead of being diced, sauteed, and tossed with the pasta. It was also a bit overgrilled.

The place wasn’t very crowded. The iced tea was pretty good, and service was quite attentive. Our check was $71.21; a bit on the expensive side for three, but OTOH, we all went home with a lunch for today (very unusual, if you know my appetite! 🙂 ).

Moni’s, Edmond, OK

24 March 2016

Moni's Pasta & Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I know this was our second visit, but I also know it had been more than a year since out first. My friend Mark recommended Moni’s, and it was a good rec.

We got four copies of chicken parm this time. Three of them substituted fettuccine al fredo for the standard spaghetti with marinara. These were uniformly very good, and were all completely eaten except for part of Raegan’s, which went home and then to school for her lunch the next day.

The iced tea was great, and service was spot on (which is to say, not fast service like fast food, but relaxed). Our check was $74.40. A bit on the high side, but the food was good, so I would go back if I were in the north OKC/west Edmond area.

Rocco’s Italian, Colorado Springs, CO

24 March 2016

Rocco's Italian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Tonight, I go back to 01 December 2015. I was in Colorado Springs on a business trip. I hit Rocco’s for dinner.

At the servers recommendation, I had beef stroganoff. It was… OK. I expect stro to have a rich, full flavor that is imparted by the sauce to slow-simmered beef. The beef was on the tough side, and the beef and the sauce were neither rich in flavor, nor was the flavor entirely pleasant. In fact, I didn’t finish the meal (if you know me, that’s really rare).

The iced tea was OK, and service was very friendly. My check was $21.42, which was too high given the quality of the meal.

I think I would be willing to give Rocco’s another try, this time for one of the Italian dishes. But the stroganoff was very disappointing.

Luigi’s, Gainesville, TX

9 March 2016

Al's Luigi's Italian Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Note: this restaurant is one of the stealthy chain of Italian restaurants that is so very good.

Back on 02 January, we were headed back to OKC after a two-day retail run to Dallas. We had stopped in Sanger to eat at Babes, but they were packed. We tried a Mexican and Italian place there, but both were closed. We drove up I-35 to Gainsville to hit Fera’s, but it was closed. We ended up at Al’s or Luigi’s, and we were happy.

We did as we always do at these places, we ordered bread and marinara and al fredo and feasted. Along with Caesar salad. Ian and Erin had chicken parm, Raegan had manicotti, and I had Spaghetti the Works. All excellent.

The iced tea was great, service was great, the food was great. Our check was $40.21, great value. Recommended.

Sicily’s Pizza, McKinney, TX

9 March 2016

Sicily's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

For our second stop in the north Dallas area, we hit Sicily’s on the way back home. It was GREAT! We were headed back home and picked Sicily’s as it was on the way home.

We started off with some bread we ordered, along with both marinara and al fredo to dip it in. And salads. All great.

Raegan got chicken parm, and I got fettuccine al fredo. Both oh, so, very good. We even liked the smells of the food being served around us. This place was good!

If I am in McKinney around a meal, this place will be very high on my list.  Yum.  Our check was $40.21.  Service was excellent and friendly.  The iced tea was excellent.  Recommended.

Canella’s, Salt Lake City, UT

2 March 2016

This is another catch-up post from a trip I took to SLC back in mid-July 2015.

Cannella's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

One evening, a group of us that were attending the same meeting had dinner at Cannella’s, near downtown. One thing I noted was that the menu seems fairly limited. I had Fettuccine al Fredo with chicken. I had asked to have the grilled chicken sauteed, and my server agreed, but the chicken came back not only grilled, but just a piece of grilled chicken on top of the noodles, and a miserly amount of al Fredo. The tea was a mint tea, and pretty weak.

Service was friendly enough. We had a group of 10. My check was $18.87. There wasn’t any extorted minimum tip, which I liked.

Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK

29 January 2016

Italia Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

There was an Italia Express on May Avenue just south of school, and we ate there a lot.  It was excellent, close, and inexpensive.  A second location opened in NW OKC, and the May location just shut down suddenly, which was very disappointing.  We went out to the other location, and it was also very good, but there was one thing different:  the marinara was made with bell peppers (just ruined the flavor).  Since the NW OKC location was far from out usual areas, we never went back.

A couple weeks ago, I was driving along Classen, and there was a brand new Italia Express.  Raegan and I went there a couple days later.

After we were seated, I asked if they made the marinara with bell peppers, and got a yes.

NOTE:  if you run Italia Express, please consider not making your marinara with bell peppers.  The stuff is very, very good without the darn peppers.  Save some money, and my taste buds, and get rid of the darn peppers.

Regardless, I got a most excellent fettuccine al fredo.  It was perfect.  ‘Nuff said.  Raegan got manicotti, and asked for it to be served with one manicotti covered with marinara, and the other with al fredo (note:  she asks for this routinely, and occasionally gets the most scandalized responses that the two sauces will… gasp… touch!  That does not bother her, but we’ve had servers and chefs just get all bent out of shape at the request).  Regardless, she said it was very good, even if the sauces touched, and she also wished the marinara didn’t have bell pepper in it.  We had a starter of garlic bread that was very good, and the iced tea was also.

Our check was around $20.00, and service was very friendly.  We will be back.  I will try the marsala next time, and the al fredo will still be there.

Primo’s d’Italia, Yukon, OK

27 October 2014

Primo's d'Italia on Urbanspoon

We had dinner here last evening after a very successful Girl Scout event at the nearby Kirkpatrick Family Farm.

Erin got the chicken parm and ate every bit of it (so it was darn good). Raegan got the chicken picatta and enjoyed it; I had a bite and it was pretty good. Our friend Christi had seafood al fredo and reported it as very good. I had chicken fettuccine al fredo; it was pretty much perfect. The bread that came with the meal was really good, small loaves that was just a bit on the rough side, great stuff, especially when dipped in the included balsamic and olive oil.

Service was fast and friendly, and the iced tea was great (especially after having been out in the sun and wind for six hours). Our check was $58.64, very reasonable for the four of us. The quality of the food was worth it.

Giuseppe’s, Marlow, OK

28 June 2014

Giuseppe's Italian Dining on Urbanspoon

We’ve been trying to eat at Giuseppe’s for years, and finally go the opportunity to have dinner Thursday evening while on the pick up Erin from nearby Camp Ekowah. It was great!

We ordered some garlic bread. Right after that our server brought out a HUGE load of wonderful bread. Between the bread, and the salad, and the meat sauce and al fredo we had to dip in, we were already filling up before the entrees arrived.

Raegan got chicken fettuccine al fredo. That stuff was wonderful. Perfect noodles, the sauce was outstanding. Rich but not overwhelming.

I got chicken parmesan. My first bites were disappointing; I was on an edge that was way too crispy, and the chicken was vastly overcooked. It got better on the way in. I ate about half if it (we had too much bread), and it was decent at that point. I also had a meatball, since you could buy them al carte. That was one of the best meatballs I’ve had; great flavor and not too much filler. A brace of those would be great with spaghetti.

So our visit was a bit of a mixed bag, but still positive. Service was perfect. The iced tea was great! Our check was $36.74. I would gladly go back and try the parm again.

Spaghetti Works, Omaha, NE

20 May 2014

Spaghetti Works on Urbanspoon

I had dinner here last night with a number of friends. I have been to Spaghetti Works a number of times over the years, but it’s probably been 10 years since my last visit.

We had worked a full day and then some, so we got there around 1930 and were seated immediately. The meal came with some decent garlic toast and a salad bar that was OK.

I got chicken parm; it was pretty good. The chicken was plump and not overcooked. The spaghetti was al dente, and the marinara wasn’t too bad at all, not too sweet like a lot of them are. It was a bit on the runny side, and the cook was a little frugal on the serving. All in all, not a bad meal, and not too huge. I had a piece of Brads pepperoni pizza as well, and liked it.

Service was OK, the iced tea was pretty good (and in LARGE glasses!). My check was $15.66. Not the best Italian I’ve had, but also far from the worst.

Bella Vista, Oklahoma City, OK

4 May 2014

Bella Vista on Urbanspoon

I have been wanting to try Bella Vista for a while due to the good reviews on Urbanspoon.

First: if you go, go hungry. Really hungry. The portion sizes are HUGE.

We got there around 1845 last Wednesday. We sat down, and it took a couple minutes for us to be noticed and get menus.

We started off with an order of garlic cheese bread (pretty good) and a couple meatballs, and bruschetta. Raegan got a salad also. The bread and meatballs were pretty good.

For the meal, I ordered chicken marsala, Erin got chicken parm, and Raegan got chicken picata. Each of these was a huge amount of food, each had two good-sized chicken breasts.

I had some of each meal (especially given that I had some for lunch the next day, and again the next day).

I was just not terribly impressed by any of the entrees. My marsala was heavy with marinara instead of the more subtle, sweetish marsala wine sauce I had expected. The parm chicken was overcooked. The picata was the best of the meals; I’m just not a big fan of lemon.

I really wanted to like this meal. I didn’t dislike it. It just wasn’t that good. It seems like a decent value: you could get two or even three meals out of one entree.

Service was a little on the curt side. Our check was $79.31. It took a bit to get checked out; the place seemed to be a bit of a one-person show.

I may try it again, but next time, I would get fettuccine.

A Stealthy Italian Restaurant Chainlet

27 January 2014

OK, so this is a little obsessive. Back in 2008, I had lunch in Muskogee in an excellent little Italian restaurant called Napoli’s. The meal I got was “Spaghetti: The Works”, and it was particularly fine. Since then, I had all manner of excellent food at Napoli’s, including fettuccine al fredo. There were a couple other of these restaurants that I noticed as I traveled around Oklahoma.

A year or so later, I had a meal at a place called Roma’s in Guthrie. Also excellent. And… it had a “Spaghetti: The Works” menu item. Over the past couple years, I have been to at least 10 restaurants that have the same menu item. In fact, mostly the same whole menus. I started asking owners and managers, and each of them deny being part of a chain or related to any other restaurants, although a few of them said they owned another edition (the Guthrie guy said he owned one in Drumright).

Back in early 2013, I was in Muskogee, and decided to eat lunch at Napoli’s. It was out of business, but I remembered a new restaurant on the east side of town called Gino’s. It had the same menu as Napoli’s, and the manager denied being related to Napoli’s. Hmmm…

So this afternoon, with too much time on my hands, I did a Google search for the phrase “Spaghetti: The Works”. I validated that each seemingly relevant entry in fact pointed to a menu entry for a restaurant. The phrase mapped to the following restaurant names:

Napoli’s, Luigi’s, Roma’s, Gino’s, Moriana’s, Venezia, and Marsala’s.

I made a list of these names and searched for likely locations. I ended up with 48 towns. 48! There were references to some other restaurants, and others that didn’t have a menu that was posted to be verified with the “Spaghetti: The Works”. These places were mainly in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa. So there are likely 55+ of these places around.

I saw an article online a couple years ago saying that the Napoli’s restaurants started in Woodward or Guymon, but saw another one today that said Texas and Oklahoma. Both talked about an extended family, but again, the people who run several of these places deny that.

So this is probably the best chainlet of restaurants in the country, and they serve outstanding Italian food, of consistent high quality, all more-or-less independently. I am surprised that there isn’t a central website listing the local varieties of these places. It’s pretty amazing to me.

Paesano’s, Plano, TX

12 January 2014

Paesano's Ristorante on Urbanspoon

I had visited the Home Depot just south of here, and was in the mood to eat Italian, so I gave this place a try based on UrbanSpoon. It was great! I had dinner here 12 December.

I asked for some marinara to dip the bread in; it was smooth and had great flavor. My meal was chicken fettuccine al fredo. First of all, that was a heck of a lot of food. I can put away some chow, and that was right at my limit. The al fredo was the kind I actually like best: not overwhelmingly butter, but you could taste the cream, and it was just thick enough to cling to the perfect fettuccine. The chicken was just the right amount, tender, and sauteed slices, just the way I like it.

I had a salad, but don’t remember much about it.

Service was spotty. I ran out of iced tea a couple times. But the meal was served very quickly. My check was $14.05, great value.

Marconi’s, Pagosa Springs, CO

3 January 2014

Marconi's on Urbanspoon

After skiing today, Raegan announced she would like pizza or Italian. We checked Urbanspoon and found Marconi’s. Great find!

We started off with a big bowl of mixed greens salad with a vinaigrette dressing. Lightly dressed, and very good. We also got some garlic cheese bread, and outstanding marinara to dip it in. Erin ordered bruschetta.

Ian and Erin got chicken parm, great stuff! I got chicken marsala, and ate every bit of it. Raegan got chicken fettuccine al fredo. All of the meals were huge; I’m the only one that finished. The fettuccine had some interesting flavors, and was excellent. We really liked the chicken parm as well.

Our check was $81.45. The only problem? Each dish was essentially two meals for normal people. Service was great, the iced tea was great, and kept refilled (impressive given that we had just come off a hard day skiing, and Bill in particular was putting the stuff away).

This place was very, very good. I look forward to the next visit to Pagosa, I will eat here again.

Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK (122nd and MacArthur)

24 November 2013

Italia Express on Urbanspoon

We really liked the Italia Express that was near St. John’s, and were disappointed to note it closed over the summer. I was talking to one of our Scout leaders at the last camp, who mentioned another location in NW OKC. We checked it out Tuesday evening.

The garlic bread we started out with was excellent, as was the al fredo we used for dipping. We also got marinara, but didn’t like it due to the bell pepper flavor in the sauce.

I got fettuccine al fredo with chicken. In a word, outstanding. Great stuff. The chicken was sauteed perfectly, and the noodles and sauce perfect.

Raegan had chicken marsala. The marsala was also outstanding. The dish came with spaghetti and marinara, which was the unfortunate overly bell peppered sauce again. Erin got chicken parm, which she really didn’t like since it had not only the spaghetti, but the parm was covered in the marsala again.

The iced tea and service were great. Our check was about $33, good value.

Next time we go, I will get non-marinara dishes, but I will also ask for a side of marinara to see if the bell pepper issue is chronic. It’s a bit of a drive for us from our usual areas of OKC, but if it stays as good as the location on May used to be, then it’s worth the drive.

Bellini’s, Oklahoma City, OK

29 May 2013

Bellini's Ristorante on Urbanspoon

Raegan, Erin, and I went to Bellini’s for lunch last Thursday to celebrate the end of school for the year.

I got fettuccine alfredo with chicken, and Raegan and Erin both got pizza. The pizzas were OK. My meal was far from the worst I’ve had, but it was OK at best. There was little al fredo, and it wasn’t overly flavorable or rich.

The iced tea was OK, and service was pretty good. Our check was $61.61. The pizza was very expensive and drove the cost up. I don’t know that the taste justified the cost. I don’t think I would refuse to go again, but I would be reluctant.

We had a window view, and enjoyed seeing the ducks and geese and goslings right outside.

That’s Amore, Bellevue, NE

29 March 2013

That's Amore on Urbanspoon

My friend Clark and I were looking for a late dinner this evening. We drove by Stella’s, but there was a line out of the door. Instead, we drove to downtown Bellevue and checked out That’s Amore.

We started off with a plate of BBQ chicken wings. Yes, BBQ wings at an Italian place. They were great! Plump, tasty, the BBQ sauce was very good, and with very nice homemade ranch and bleu cheese dressing to dip them in. I liked those wings.

The meal came with a very nice mixed greens salad with more of that ranch dressing. Good stuff.

I got fettuccine and chicken al fredo. I can’t say this part of the meal was bad, but I will say it was bland. There wasn’t just a huge amount of al fredo on the dish, but what was there wasn’t rich or overly flavorful. The noodles were OK. So I think that the meal could have been somewhat more tasty.

Service was super friendly and outstanding. My check was $21.94 (the wings were $7.50 of that). So not a bad meal, but could stand some improvement. I’d like to go back and try the meat sauce.

Sophabella’s, Oklahoma City, OK

27 March 2013

Sophabella's Chicago Grill on Urbanspoon

Wow, great food! We’ve wanted to try Sophabella’s for a while, and decided to give it a try Monday. Well worth it.

We had an extended pre-dinner wait while Ian drove across town. We started with zucchini chips, which are breaded and deep fried zuc, and garlic cheese bread. Both excellent. We had an outstanding ranch dressing, and an amazing marinara to dip the stuff in, a perfect appetizer. I loved those zucchinis in particular. Raegan also had lobster bisque, and loved it. I had a single meatball. Permit me a short diversion. My standard for meatballs are those my Dad made. I think they were 90% beef and 10% bread crumbs, and they were wonderful, with flavor and great texture. I think most meatballs that are restaurant made are a 50% each mixture, and as a result they have little texture. This meatball made by Sophabella’s was very close to the standard meatball I would like to have all the time. It was flavorful, had beef texture, just all around outstanding.

For dinner, Erin got fettuccine al fredo, Ian chicken parmigiana, Raegan chicken gnocci, Pat mostacciolli, and I got chicken mushroom marsala. I tried parts of the meals Raegan, Ian, and Erin got; in each case, simply outstanding for flavor and heat. My chicken marsala was the best I have ever had. Pat reported hers was excellent.

After that fantastic set of main courses, we ordered desserts. Erin got a brownie and ice cream dessert, Raegan and I (and everyone else!) shared a banana cobbler (really!), and Ian got a sundae. None of any of this survived.

The iced tea was excellent, and all drinks were kept refilled. Service was outstanding. There was nothing in the slightest in the negative that could be reported about this meal. Our check (for five) was $152.34. Expensive, yes, but the meal was entirely worth it.

Would be go to Sophabella’s regularly? Not for long :). But it’s the top place in my book for special events in the future. I’m already thinking of our 25th…

Othello’s, Edmond, OK

15 December 2012

Othello's on Urbanspoon

We had an early dinner here tonight to celebrate Erins 14th birthday. The kids got chicken parmesean with a side of fettuccine al fredo, I had fettuccine al fredo with chicken, and Raegan had manicotti. The kids chicken parm was OK, and Raegan liked her manicotti. My CFAF was good, but not spectacular.

Service was very good. There weren’t many people when we got there, but it was starting to fill as we left so Raegan could make another engagement. Our check was $89.35. The iced tea was good.

We have wanted to try Othellos for a long time, as it has very good reviews. While the food was good, I don’t think it was worth the price. We get better al fredo from several other places, for less money. The parms were small, but were almost $16 each. Might try it later.

Rubino’s, Herndon, VA

10 October 2012

Rubino's on Urbanspoon

A coworker and I were looking for lunch during the meeting break today, and we chose Rubino’s pretty much because we drove past it. We got there around 1144 and left at 1230. The menu is diverse, with pizza, pasta, cheesesteaks, salads, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, and other stuff. I could smell the cheesesteaks, so that’s what I got.

I ordered a supreme, which is a cheesesteak with mushrooms, onions, and green peppers (which I had removed). I got it jumbo, which is double meat. It was pretty darn good, just the right amount of juicy, and almost falling apart towards the end. They used mozzarella instead of Cheese Whiz, but it was still an excellent sandwich. They have brewed iced tea, excellent.

My check was $11.52. I liked the place, recommended for an inexpensive and quick lunch.

Audrey’s Pizza Oven, Bozeman, MT

26 July 2012

Audrey's Pizza Oven on Urbanspoon

We have been eating in a lot of cafes on this trip, and decided some Italian was in order. Audrey’s was excellent!

We ordered a couple things. I got the chicken fettuccine al fredo. It wasn’t as creamy as some I have had, but the al fredo was wonderful. The noodles were al dente, and there was a whole pile of grilled chicken on top. My only suggestions for improvement: saute the chicken, then toss it in the pasta and sauce.

Ian got a 12″ sausage pizza, and Raegan and I split a pizza. Her half was cheese, mine pepperoni and sausage. Those two pizzas rocked. Perfectly cooked, outstanding flavor; all the ingredients melded together flavor-wise. Those were two of the best pizzas I have ever had.

The tea was strong and had an odd aftertaste; I think it was the water. A bit of sugar ameliorated the aftertaste.

We ended up taking half of Ians pizza back to the hotel, along with part of Raegans half, and part of my pasta. That’s likely to be dinner tomorrow evening.

Service was right on the money. The food was perfect. Our check was $41.70, outstanding value. Recommended.

Taste of Italy, San Diego (Carmel Mt Rd)

28 March 2012

Taste of Italy on Urbanspoon

I basically drove out of my hotel this evening to find someplace at random. I pulled into the small shopping center, and recognized that I had had dinner at Taste of Italy on another trip to this area probably five years ago. I think I liked it.

So I got here this evening at about 1745, and left about an hour later. My meal was chicken parmigiana with a side of fettuccine alfredo. It started with some very good focaccia bread; I asked for some oil and basalmic, which was very good. I got an excellent chicken soup instead of a salad.

The main course was not the best I have tasted, but it was also far from the worst. The breading on the chicken was tasty, and the chicken was tender, but the breading kept falling off the bird. The fettuccine noodles were good, but the alfredo was kind of lacking in flavor.

The iced tea was pretty good.

The place was mostly empty the entire time I was there. Service was OK, but right on the border of “lacking”. My check was $25.99. Decent meal, but a bit expensive. I would go back if someone suggested it.

New York Pizza and Pasta, Edmond, OK

17 March 2012

New York Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon

We saw this restaurant last Sunday when we stopped at Steak and Shake for a quick dinner. New York Pizza and Pasta is in the strip shopping center directly behind the freestanding Steak and Shake. We decided to stop here for dinner on Wednesday evening when we were running errands. We got there about 1845 and left about 45 minutes later. The place was never more than 25% full, but there was a steady stream of traffic the entire time we were there.

The kids both both got a couple slices of pizza (Ian, pepperoni; Erin, cheese). Raegan got manicotti. I got fettuccine and chicken alfredo. All of this was uniformly very good. I tried a bite of the pizza and the manicotti, and enjoyed both. The alfredo was not the very best I’ve ever had, but it was far from the worst. The only thing I would count my dinner down on, for some reason it had chopped up bits of raw purple onion; these were a little strong and distracted from the alfredo. Raegan, who loves manicotti, pronounced hers excellent and that she would come get more any time.

So overall, this was a very good experience. We love Italian, and this is pretty close to the house, so it’s added to the rotation. Our check for four was $38.32. Service was pretty fast. Good stuff.

Antonio’s Pasta Grille, Temple Terrace (Tampa), FL

13 December 2011

Antonio's Pasta Grille on Urbanspoon

I picked this restaurant based on one criteria: it was near I-75. My buddy Harold was in the east Tampa area, and I was in the west Tampa area, and it was a convenient meeting place for dinner.

We got there about 1745; the place was mostly empty; it still was when we left around 1845.

The meal started with some really, really good bread, hot and crusty, and a dip of EEVO, garlic, a bit of red pepper, and balsamic vinegar. That stuff was so good I could have eaten about three times what I ate.

I got the chicken marsala. I had wanted the potatoes that the meal came with replaced with a side of fettuccine alfredo, but our server brought both. It turned out to be way too much food.

That being said, the meal was really good. The marsala was light and not overwhelming in the least. The alfredo noodles were perfect, al dente and just the right amount of rich, and the potatoes were good as well. The iced tea was strong. Our server was enthusiastic and motivated and took good care of us.

So the food was good, the company outstanding, and so it was a great evening. I’d eat at Antonio’s again. My check was $21.98.

Boss Hogg’s, Pagosa Springs, CO

24 November 2011

Boss Hoggs on Urbanspoon

We ate at Boss Hogg’s last year during our Thanksgiving ski trip to Wolf Creek Ski Area. We liked the place enough that it displaced our previous favorite, Junction.

We ate there last evening. Raegan got a burrito and loved it. I got a pork tenderloin, it was excellent. Erin got chicken fettuccine alfredo, and both she and Raegan liked it (Erin could not eat it all, so it was lunch for Raegan today). Ian got a chicken fried steak on my recommendation.

The meal came with a loaf of wheat bread and honey butter; both were really good.

The salad bar was really good; it had excellent clam chowder on it.

Service was a little slow; our server seemed to be focused on several other tables. Our check was $52.27. Recommended.

Balla’s Steakhouse, Largo, FL

26 October 2011

Balla's Steak House on Urbanspoon

I have run by this place many times over the past couple years, as it is right up the road from my hotel. It’s a fairly casual place, and I hit it for dinner this evening. Great experience!

First, I was there on Karaoke Tuesday! The singers were enthusiastic, and were actually not dreadful.

The meal started with a soup course; I chose chili, and it was really good; I was surprised. The chili had some beans, but not too much, and some very few cut-up jalapenos in it, and it had just the right amount of heat to it. There was also a loaf of semi-rough white bread, with some EEVO and garlic. Good start.

I got a ribeye, it was great! About 95% fork tender, good presentation, and lots of flavor. Great steak. It came with rice pilaf, and with some steamed mixed veg (mainly carrots and squash), all good. There was not a scrap left on the plate. I got some iced tea with it, good stuff also.

Service was decent. My check was $21.35, which I think was very good value. I will gladly eat here again. They also have some Italian entrees on the menu.

Campisi’s, Dallas, TX

22 September 2011

Campisi's Pizza To Go on Urbanspoon

I had dinner at the Campbell and Coit location yesterday evening. I picked it basically by driving by and seeing the sign, and deciding on the spot that some Italian would be nice.

I ordered fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I asked if the chicken was grilled or sauteed, they said grilled, I asked for sauteed, I got grilled. Oh well. The meal was not bad. That’s not to say it was very good. The noodles were well cooked, the meal hot, the chicken OK. There was just not a lot of flavor to the meal. The alfredo did not exhibit the rich flavor I normally associate with the sauce. The noodles didn’t have much flavor beyond flour.

The tea was brewed, but weak.

So overall, I would go back to Campisi’s, but only if I were going with others and they suggested it. I would go a mile south to Cafe Amore first. My check was $13.80.

Cesare on the Beach, Clearwater, FL

15 September 2011

Cesare's on the Beach on Urbanspoon

I was heading towards the beach for the semi-obligatory view of the ocean (or in this case, the Gulf of Mexico), and drove past this place. I wanted some Italian food, and so decided to give it a try. I got there around 1840, and left an hour later. It was not crowded.

Iced tea came to the table, good. There was also some rough crusty bread, and a dip made from olive oil, with garlic, pesto, and a bit of red pepper, which was GREAT.

I got a ceasar salad, the dressing was creamy and excellent. I ordered fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I asked, and the chicken is usually grilled, but they sauteed it for me. It was a good amount of food, not too much. There was just the right amount of alfredo. They make there own pasta there, and I overheard a server say they had made a batch that morning. It was really good, and cooked perfectly.

So overall, it was a good meal, especially for having a near-beach location. Service was good, my check was $29.96.

Comparis, Plano, TX

7 September 2011

Compari's Italian Ristorante on Urbanspoon

I’ve driven by this place a number of times over the years. Today, I thought some Italian food would make for a good dinner, especially since I was headed to a nearby sporting goods store to look for sneakers.

I got there around 1745 and was immediately seated as the place was pretty much empty.

My server brought me some of the best, garlic encrusted loaves of bread that I’ve had. It was excellent. I asked for some marinara, it was also excellent, and hot! A salad, with creamy Caesar dressing, was served, and it was also very, very good.

I ordered fettuccine alfredo, with chicken. The chicken is normally grilled, but I asked for it sauteed, and that’s how it was delivered. The dish had the perfect amount of alfredo, and the stuff tasted real – a lot of cream and butter taste, delicious! The chicken was perfectly cooked. It was also a fairly large amount of food. The noodles were al dente. In short, and excellent meal. I ate every bit of it.

I got tea, it was strong and tasted very good.

My check was $17.80, not a bad value. I’d gladly eat here again.

Cafe Amore, Richardson, TX

12 July 2011

Café Amore on Urbanspoon

This place had good reviews online, and was on a list of inexpensive places. I was hungry, and those fit the bill for dinner.

I got there about 1845 (the restaurant was half full), and left an hour later (pretty much full).

I started out with iced tea – really, the only slight downer of the visit. The tea was kind of ever-so-slightly odd tasting. Not so bad that I didn’t have two full glasses.

You get a biggish chunk of very yeasty bread, and a dish with Balsalmic vinegar and oil. Very, very good.

I ordered chicken fettucini alfredo. In a word – excellent! One of the best I have had, on a par with the CFA at Papa Dios in OKC. I ate every bit of it; it was rich and had huge flavor.

Service was good, even though the place filled up with a couple large parties, and I overheard one of the servers say they were a couple people short. I had no problems. My check was $11.84. My entree was one of the more expensive on the menu, so I think this place was good value.


Napoli’s Italian Restaurant, Duncan, OK

13 June 2011

Napolis on Urbanspoon

I have eaten at the Napoli’s in Muskogee a couple times over the years, and it’s always been very good. This evening, Raegan and I were in Duncan for the first time, and we chose Napoli’s since it was one of the very few non-chain restaurants that was open.

We got there about 1815 and left about 1930. The place was mostly deserted. We both got iced tea (excellent), were served some starter bread, and asked for some marinara to dip it in. The bread was good, the marinara excellent.

Raegan ordered manicotti the way she likes it – one with marinara and the other with alfredo. Our server was kind of “what?” at first, but it came just the way Raegan likes it. It was so hot out of the oven the cheese was still bubbling at the table. She said it was as good or better than what she can make, and that’s saying something.

I got spaghetti with “the works”, which is meat sauce, meatballs, mushroom, and sausage. I asked for the sausage to be replaced with a couple meatballs, and that’s how it came. That was some of the best spaghetti; I could eat it until I threaten to explode. Great stuff.

Our check was $23.32, very reasonable.

I asked, and the Napoli’s are pretty much run by one Italian family. I see them at various locations; there was one in Chickasaw, but it was sold to another person and isn’t being run by the family anymore, according to our server. Given the consistency of quality between the Muskogee location and this one, I think there is a good chance that all of the locations are serving very good food.

Update, 2254: I did a little searching online, and found this article about how Napoli’s got started in Oklahoma. There is another site that said there are 14 in Oklahoma (and one in Arkansas City, KS).

Mama Stella’s Ristorante Italiano, Clinton, MD

11 May 2011

Mama Stella's Pasta House on Urbanspoon

This place was suggested by a work friend who ate at the restaurant last evening and enjoyed it. I went there for lunch today with a couple people who were at the same meeting I was attending at Andrews AFB. One was a very good friend from college who I have rarely seen since then, and her co-worker.

We got there at 1155 and left at noon.

The meal started with a small salad and some excellent ranch dressing. This was accompanied by some decent sliced white bread.

I got fettuccine and chicken al fredo. The chicken was an entire breast, which was beaten fairly flat. The al fredo was very good. It had a hint of nutmeg in it, which made an interesting taste.

The iced tea was good. My check was around $15.00. Service was good. I would recommend that this restaurant not be chosen if you are in a hurry.

Lo Sole Mio, Omaha, NE

6 May 2011

Lo Sole Mio Ristorante on Urbanspoon

I was reminded by someone that this was an excellent Italian restaurant. I headed to find it after work this evening. When I got there, I realized I had eaten here before some time ago, and liked it.

I ordered iced tea, it was excellent. The meal came with some bread; it was white rolls, and not bad, but not really good. There was garlic EEVO on the table, and I asked for some balsamic vinegar, and that helped.

I had, for the first time I think, minestrone soup. It was pretty good, I would have it again.

I ordered chicken marsala. The marsala sauce was thick, like gravy, and it was very good. The meal came with some very good sweet carrots. It also had a choice of either angel hair pasta tossed in EEVO, or oven roasted potatoes. I got both. While they were good, I think that next time I would get some fettuccine alfredo (if I didn’t get that as a main course). There was a lot of food; I ate all of the chicken and about 90% of the potatoes and noodles.

I got there around 1820, and left around 1940. My check was $26.04; a little expensive, but very good every once in a while. Service was outstanding.

The name, by the way, translates to “The Sun Mine”, or I guess “My Sunny Place”.

Zeffirelli Ristorante Italiano, Herndon, VA

20 April 2011

Zeffirelli Ristorante Italiano on Urbanspoon

A couple friends and I went here for dinner this evening at the recommendation of a work friend who lives in the area. It was a great recommendation.

The meal started with some very crusty and rough bread. There was EEVO on the table, we asked for garlic in oil and balsamic vinegar, and that made the bread that much better.

I got iced tea. It was strong! In fact, after a bit, it was *too* strong, and had a distinct aftertaste, I think coffee. I put some sugar in it (a rare occurrence for me), and it was masked mostly.

I got pollo marsala; it was excellent. The sauce was a bit thicker than some I’ve had before, but had good flavor. It was a single, albeit large, chicken breast. The dish had some excellent sauteed mushrooms on it as well. There were some cauliflower crowns with the meal, but they had a spicy dusting on them that I found unpleasant. Next time I would ask for something else.

My check was $21.04. Service was very good. We got there around 1930 and left around 2130. Recommended.

Spezia, Omaha, NE

7 April 2011

Spezia on Urbanspoon

I had Raegan and the kids to this restaurant a couple years ago; we were staying at the Homewood Suites that used to be the hotel next door (it’s something else now). Tonight, I went there with four other work friends. Overall, not a bad experience.

We got there around 1740, and left around 1920. Service was pretty good. Stan ordered an Italian Sausage & Roasted Pepper, which was sort of like a rectangular pizza, but without sauce. It was really good.

I ordered Chicken Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo. It was not the best I have had, but it was good. The broccoli needed a little more cooking. The chicken was a breast grilled and dropped on top of the fettuccine; it should have been cubed or diced and sauteed and mixed in. The alfredo was good, but not terribly rich, and it was thin.

So the meal was not bad, but it was not nearly ideal. My check was $19.63. It was a lot of food, and from that aspect it was value, but it was not overly flavorsome. The iced tea was good.

I would go back again if someone suggested it.

Spumoni’s, Pawtucket, RI

19 March 2011

Spumoni's on Urbanspoon

This was a nice find. While I was on a trip to Boston this week, I decided I wanted to go to Rhode Island, specifically the Providence area. One of my friends came along, and being a crustacean lover, he wanted lobster. Me not being a lover of seafood, I needed a compromise. I did some Google research, and found Spumoni’s, the full name of which is Spumoni’s Italian Seafood Restaurant, which seemed like a best-of-both-worlds kind of thing.

We got there around 1730 and were immediately seated. We were started off with drinks and bread. My drink was iced tea, and it was good (I had low expectations!). The bread was white, and it was great! Ron said it was perfect PBJ bread, and I agreed 100%. I asked for some marinara to dip the bread in, and we were giving a cereal bowl of the stuff; it was a meat sauce, and tasted excellent, and was perfect for dipping the bread in.

We both got salads; mine was ceasar, and was excellent. The salad was served dry, with the dressing in a couple small cups.

Ron got stuffed lobster and said it was excellent.

I got chicken parmesan. It was two breasts, very lightly breaded, and perfectly baked. The chicken was tasty and juicy. It was covered in that wonderful marinara, and came with a significant side of pasta (I had linguine), with more of the marinara. That was an outstanding meal.

We left around 1900. My check was $18.05. The service was very good; my tea never ran out.

We went on to visit a bit of Providence, making it a fun evening.

Italia Express, Oklahoma City, OK

6 March 2011

Italia Express on Urbanspoon

We ate lunch here today at the recommendation of friends Noel and John. In short, an outstanding eating experience, and great value.

Three families were working at St. John’s cleaning up after the annual auction, and we were hungry! Italia Express is just south of the school, on May Avenue. We got there around 1300, and left around 1430. We had four adults, a teenager, and four kids.

The meal started off with salads. Most of us got Caesar salads. The salad was very basic, the dressing was excellent. Just the right amount of bite, and a tremendous flavor. Great stuff. The meal also starts off with bread, a nice crusty roll. We also ordered some cheese bread, and then another round, and the staff added some garlic to that round. All excellent. We also got deep-fried cheese sticks for the kids; this came with a large bowl of marinara. The kids said the cheese sticks were great, and I tried the marinara; it was excellent.

My meal was fettuccine and chicken alfredo. It was, if not the best, some of the best alfredo I have ever had. The flavor was amazing, the texture and consistency perfect. Ian also got some on the side, and asked for a bit of extra alfredo; they gave him a cereal-bowl sized amount, and I was able to add some to my meal, and for Raegan to dip some bread in it.

I asked for a small side of spaghetti and meat sauce. It was also outstanding. The dish was the same-sized bowl the side of alfredo came in.

Jackie got a meatball sandwich that looked and smelled pretty good. Noel got tortellini; she gave a bite to me, and it was excellent. Raegan got ravioli and approved, and Ian said his chicken parmigiana was perfect. All of the kids also ate all of their meals.

Service was excellent and attentive. The only thing I could mark the place down for was that the tea, while good, was a little weak.

Value was outstanding. The check for nine of us, with more than full meals and all the appetizers, was $92.80.

I like Olive Garden. I like Italia Express better, much better. Our meals for four at OG run around $60. I think that Italia Express has better food, and better prices. I will always choose Italia Express first in the future. Recommended.

Cafe Italia, Arlington, VA

8 February 2011

Cafe Italia on Urbanspoon

Tonight I got into DCA pretty late, after a longish day of traveling here from OKC. I checked into the hotel, dumped my stuff in the room, and literally ran a couple blocks to meet work friend Jay who was staying into another hotel. We met at the intersection of 23rd and E in Arlington (the Crystal City area), and picked the Cafe Italia basically at random, since it was across the street.

We got there about 2140; the restaurant closes at 2200 but we were welcomed. There was a party of about 10 leaving, another party of two, and another party of six there.

Service was quick. The iced tea was good. The salad course was a very plain lettuce salad (a mix of several kinds) and dressing; the ranch dressing was thick but tasty.

I ordered a variation of chicken alfredo primavera, sans premavera. The noodles were al dente, the chicken was sauteed. The alfredo was very good. There was a largish amount of food; I was filled up and then some.

We left around 2230. My check was $18.75. I would go back there again with no problem.

Spaghetti Warehouse, Oklahoma City, OK

2 February 2011

Spaghetti Warehouse on Urbanspoon

I’m playing a bit of catch-up on the blogging front. It’s been pretty busy around here.

I ate at the Spaghetti Warehouse in Bricktown a couple weeks ago with a group of people that had been at a meeting that day. I have to say, I was not impressed.

We had about 20 people; that wasn’t the problem. We were served slowly,l but we also arrived slowly, decided what to eat slowly, and ate ate slowly. Service was not bad given all that.

The problem was, the food was crappy. I got a couple orders of garlic bread (they were OK) with marinara (lousy). I had some bites of other appetizers, not good either (pre-fab breaded mushrooms, for example). The salads were flat and lacking in dressing.

I ordered fettuccine and chicken alfredo. I asked that the chicken be sauteed instead of grilled; this was done. The noodles were tasteless. The chicken was OK, but it was in two bug chunks, and was tasty enough. But the alfredo was not good. It had an odd aftertaste that was not pleasant. I did not like it, but I did eat all the food. I had a bit of a queasy stomach for a bit afterward (and that’s a rare thing for me).

My check was $26.26. There was an extorted gratuity due to the number of our party, so the Warehouse screwed the server out of what he deserved.

I will likely not ever darken the door of Spaghetti Warehouse again.

Mama Lucia, Elkridge, MD

13 January 2011

Mamma Lucia on Urbanspoon

I ate here for dinner tonight with two friends. We got there about 1830, and left about 2015. The restaurant was only 10% full the entire time.

The meal started with some excellent, crusty garlic bread with some oil with garlic to dip the bread in. I asked for some marinara as well. The marinara had a lot of (I think) basil. It was OK.

I got a ceasar salad, very good, the dressing was very creamy.

My main course was chicken marsala. The marsala was good, but there was fairly little of the sauce. It came with spaghetti (al dente!) and was covered with mushrooms. It was excellent! The whole meal was very tasty. And HUGE. It could have fed a family of three (if they had a normal appetite).

I tried Clarks chicken fettucine alfredo, and it was also very good, and similarly huge. I tried the lobster ravioli, and tasted fishy.

The tea was good and the service was OK. I would eat here again. My check was $21.15.

Bella Italia Pizzeria & Deli, Largo, FL

13 December 2010

Bella Italia Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I have been here for lunch several times over the years. A group of us went here for lunch today, it was excellent! We got there around 1145, and left around 1240.

We got toasted garlic bread with the lunch, and some marinara to dip it in. The bread was perfect, and the marinara was excellent.

I got the lunch special of chicken parmesean. It was a single chicken breast, breaded and covered with cheese, and was very tasty. It was also the perfect size for lunch. It came with some spaghetti and more of that excellent marinara.

I got iced tea to drink. Service was perfect. My check was only $8.40. This place is highly recommended.

Nomad II, Oklahoma City, OK

12 October 2010

Nomad II on Urbanspoon

Raegan and I ate at the Nomad a long time ago after we had just met. I don’t remember anything about the food one way or the other. We’ve driven past this restaurant on May avenue approximately 1 billion times since.

So Friday, after we dropped Erin off for a craft party, she and I and Ian decided to try it. Rather, Raegan and I decided, with a cranky Ian in tow.

We got there around 1800 and the place was already about 75% full.

Ian ordered fried chicken. It came with veg a salad. He got a Caesar salad, and thought it had an odd taste, which it did, but it was not a bad taste. He didn’t like the chicken. It came with a bowl of gravy that was excellent. Raegan and I both tried the chicken and gravy, and it was good stuff, as good at the chicken I had at Jim’s a couple weeks ago.

Raegan got chicken parmesan and liked it, so did I. The marinara was very good.

I got chicken marsala, and would get it again, it was very good. I had a side of spaghetti and marinara, and it complemented the meal well.

The iced tea was good, and the service decent.

We left around 1900, and the place was about 90% full. Our check was $63.83. A little on the expensive side for three, but probably on the list to visit again.

Bellagio Ristorante, San Diego, CA

4 February 2010

Bellagio Restaurante on Urbanspoon

A guy at a meeting I was at today recommended this restaurant; it is east of I-15 on Claremont Mesa Boulevard. A group of work friends and I got there this evening for dinner. We got there around 1730. There were people at two other tables.

I had one of my rare glasses of wine (white zinfandel). It was pretty good. I also had a glass of iced tea. It was pretty bad, I think it was a concentrate.

Service was uneven. The guy who was supposedly our server disappeared for long perods of time. One of the other servers took up the slack; she didn’t let the glasses get too empty.

The meal comes with heavily garlic-ed breadsticks. I ate a lot of them. Each table was also provided with a dish and bottles of Balsalmic Vinegar and EVOO to dip the bread in. Very nice.

I ordered Chicken Fettucine Alfredo. It was OK. The alfredo had a taste that I’ve had at some other restaurants, it’s an not wholly unpleasant herb, but it overrides the creamy goodness that Is Alfredo. The chicken was OK.

My check was $27.95. Kind of expensive for a mediocre meal. We left at 1848.

Papa Dios, The Village, OK

8 November 2009

Papa Dio's Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

We used to frequent Papa Dios a few years ago, when it was just the two of us. The place is a little expensive, but it has always been very, very good.

We went there this evening, as my very cute but occasionally indecisive roommate had a desire for Chicken Parmesan. She and Ian got that, and it was really, really good. Ian scarfed his completely, and Raegan ate about half of hers (the rest is going to be my lunch tomorrow).

Erin got Fettuccine Alfredo. It was great.

I got Chicken Marsala. The Marsala is a thin sauce that has a really nice, subtle taste to it. It adds a tremendous flavor to the chicken. They cook it with a smattering of mushrooms and capers. I think that the capers could be eliminated in favor of more mushrooms. It’s an excellent meal regardless.

We shared some Balsamic Vinegar and Oil to dip the excellent, crusty bread in.

The salads were OK. The Italian dressing seemed to have less bite than in the past. I do not like a lot of extra stuff on my salad, and I took the olives, tomato, and peppers off mine (in the past, I have requested the salad plain, and it would come that way.

The iced tea had a faint aftertaste of coffee to it; a bit of sugar rectified that. Refills were good.

In the past, I usually got the #9-1/2, which is Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken; this is not for calorie counters, the Alfredo is extremely rich, and they do not skimp on the butter.

Papa Dios is in The Village, a suburb of OKC that has a reputation as a speed trap. I actually try to avoid doing business there as a result, but Dios is so good I don’t mind laying down cash there. Dios is still a bit expensive; our meal for four was $64. We got there at 1755, and were seated immediately. The place was only about 40% full. It was still that full when we left at 1900.

Mama Alvinos, Bellevue, NE

23 July 2009

Mama Alvino's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I have a policy that I will not write about restaurants in this blog that I have not been to recently. Otherwise, I would spend all my time writing and playing catch-up, since I have been to literally hundreds of good restaurants over just the past five years.

That being said, I’ve been waiting to write about Mama Alvinos in Bellevue. I have been eating at this place since about 10 years ago. My usual meal is a large Meat Eater calzone, that that’s what I got for lunch yesterday. One thing that Mama’s does is put a bit of marinara into the calzone; it really adds some flavor to the thing as you start eating it. Lance got a Big Momma, and he agrees that if he lived in Bellevue then Mama’s addiction would cost him in put-on pounds.

I have the family up here also. At the end of the work day, I went back to the hotel and got them for dinner, and my very cute and pasta-loving roommate announced she would like to go to Mama’s for dinner. Sure, said I.

Raegan and I split a pizza. She got half with Canadian bacon, black olives, and some other stuff. I got mine as a Meat Eater – pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, and Canadian bacon. The pizza was excellent. It has a doughy, yeasty crust that is firm but flavorful. The meats went right along with the rest of the pizza. I could even say that they could have put a bit more pizza sauce on the pizza, but they brought some extra and I used all of it.

Ian got a Chicken Parmesan. We both tried it, and agreed that it was one of the best we had ever tried. Unfortunately, Ian ate every bit.

Erin got a personal cheese pizza and liked it a lot.

We got an order of cheese covered garlic bread for an opening, and three dinner salads. All were really good.

The tea is always really good, and I checked out Erin’s lemonade and it was good also. Highly recommended.