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Joeys Cafe, Oklahoma City, OK

7 February 2013

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We’ve passed Joeys many times, but they close at 1500 and we seem to pass in the evening. We hit them for a late lunch last Saturday. We got there around 1230.

Raegan started with some vegetable soup that was pretty good, and went on to a HUGE chicken cobb salad. It was seemingly endless. Erin and Ian got cheeseburgers; I tried a bite of Erins and it was very good. I got a pot roast dinner with mashed potatoes and a salad; this was EXCELLENT. That pot roast had full beef flavor, and was a perfect medium, with a rich brown gravy. The mashers were prefect as well. The pot roast also came with some steamed side veg. The carrots and broccoli needed to be steamed a bit more.

Service was right on the money. The iced tea was very good. Our check was $48.40, which I think is pretty decent value. I’d like to try this place again.