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Lake Draper Trails

26 June 2016

A month or so ago, I took a group of Troop 15 Scouts out to Lake Draper for a 10-mile hike for the Hiking Merit Badge. It had rained quite a bit the evening before, so it was quite muddy. We were on the west and northwest side of the lake.

Today, I took another group out. We got there this morning at 0830, and were on the the trail close to 0900. It was quite warm.

Draper is an OKC lake. The Point 9 area had a water faucet, but it was marked as being not potable. I saw the same thing at Crystal Lake, also an OKC lake. I do not understand why the city does not provide potable water at those two lakes.

Regardless, we managed to find the trail on the west side of the area. We almost immediately ran into tall plant fronds that completely covered the trail. We found this at many places on the trail, vegetation growing all over the trail. There were also numerous places where trees had fallen across the trail. There was a huge amount of poison ivy and an equally large amount of brambles.

To top all of this off, we experienced the largest number of ticks that I have seen since my friend Darla and I hiked around Greenleaf Lake back in 1977, picking literally dozens of the little SOBs off of ourselves. This was worse.

The ticks were so bad that when we came to a road, I decided to keep the group on the road for the rest of the hike. We had to trade the shade of being under the trees for unrelenting sun, because of the hordes of ticks.

We found a trail at Draper named after someone; it had a sign.

I think the Draper trails could be very cool to hike, but they need a lot of maintenance. I saw a huge number of tracks of deer of all sizes, raccoon, possum, coyote, and bobcat. That explains the tick population.

I am going to do some asking around city offices as to what could be done to get the trails in better shape. If the vegetation could be cut back a couple feet across the trail, the trail we saw was in good shape for hiking. A trim would help keep ticks off hikers as well.

Some More Cool Things From The Air

31 January 2010

I went up to Omaha in early January, and I saw some cool things on the trip up and back.

Flying OKC-DFW, we went a bit west. This is Girl Scout Camp E-Ko-Wah, east of Marlow, OK. Erin and Raegan have been to camp here.

Flying into Eppley, we came in over the train yards in Council Bluffs, IA. There was a train turntable.

I do not know what the tall structure is in the right lower center of the picture. It looks like a train could come in under it. A coal loading building?

Coming back from Omaha, we came right down I-35. This is my neighborhood.

The longish lake in the lower left quadrant of the photo is along Air Depot; the right side of the lake is Hefner Road. My neighborhood Apple Valley is the upper right quadrant of the intersection. There is still a lot of snow from the 24 Dec 2009 blizzard.

This is Tinker Air Force Base and Lake Draper. You can see the Northrop Grumman and Boeing buildings on the right side of the picture.

This is downtown Oklahoma City from just northwest. You can see the Ford Center, the Myriad Convention Center, and the National Memorial.

This is Moore, OK.

I almost missed this, since I was focused on looking out the left side of the airplane. Lake Overholser in western Oklahoma City was on the right side of the airplane, and it had ice on it! I barely got a decent shot.

That’s the western part of the Kilpatrick Turnpike in the picture.

After we overflew OKC, I got a better shot of E-Ko-Wah camp.

That’s it!