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Peter’s Family Restaurant, Largo, FL

9 September 2016

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I had breakfast at Peter’s Wednesday morning. I got there about 0730 and it was pretty much empty. It’s another in the plethora of family restaurants in the area.

I had a country skillet. Now, I like skillet meals as they are usually just a mess of flavors, and that’s a Good Thing. 🙂 This one was advertised as having green peppers, but I asked for them to be not there, and they weren’t. The rest of the meal was some home fries, ham, onion, sausage, and cheese, with a couple eggs (over easy). Two things that were kind of odd, the cheese was a couple slices of American laid on top of the mound of other stuff, right under the eggs, and the sausage was basically links that had been cut up. I’m a bit particular, but I like my sausage as ground up and cooked in with the meal, and I prefer shredded cheese. Beyond my whining about that, it was a pretty good skillet. As is my custom, I cut up the eggies so that the yolks ran down into the mess of food. It was very good.

The meal came with some wheat toast, that hosted some grape jelly. I had some decent iced tea to drink. Service was very friendly. The place was uncrowded (more like mostly empty), so I had time to digest the USA Today while I ate. My check was $9.31. I would happily go back.


Firehouse Subs, Largo, FL (Bardmoor)

27 November 2012

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A new Firehouse location opened up just down the road from where I work in Largo, so we went there for lunch today.

They make a fine sandwich at this location. I got a turkey, bacon, and ranch without the tomato or onion, on wheat. The ranch was a very nice chipotle variety. It cames with chips and some very good iced tea. The sandwich came quickly and to order.

My check was $8.86. Great stuff, much better then my first Firehouse experience. I’ll gladly go here again.

Sun Coast Cafe, Largo, FL

6 September 2012

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I chose this restaurant pretty much at random. I got there around 1715 and left around 1810.

I ordered honey fried chicken. It was very good. The pieces were kind of small, but there were four pieces. The stuff was right out of the deep fryer, and was hotter than heck. I got soup for my appetizer; vegetable beef. Pretty standard stuff, and I ate all of it. The chicken was very crispy and had good flavor, and wasn’t dry at all (it wasn’t greasy, either). My side was applesauce, and was a good complement to the meal. Dessert was included; I got tapioca (I need to get tapioca more often).

My check was $10.17. Service was very good. The iced tea was very good, and kept refilled. Nice restaurant.

Savory, Largo, FL

10 May 2012

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Yesterday, I was headed to Five Guys for a burger, when I ran across a BBQ place a couple blocks from the hotel. This evening, I was headed to Five Guys for a burger, when I ran across Savory a couple of block short of Five Guys. Semper Gumby!

Service was disinterested at best. I waited a bit to get a drink order, and had to ask for a menu after I got the drink, and then had to ask for a napkin and cutlery after dinner was delivered.

The iced tea was decent. I ordered chicken parm, with soup to start. Never got the soup. The parm was three chicken breasts, medium sized, but enough to fill me up nicely, and was nicely cheesed and breaded. The spaghetti was almost angel hair and cooked just right. The marinara was just a bit on the thin side (in quantity). The meal as a whole was OK. Not really bursting with flavor, but bland.

For dessert I got a slice of chocolate cake. It was six inches tall and four inches at the end. HUGE. I ate maybe 10% of it at the restaurant, and brought the rest to the hotel. Probably have it for breakfast tomorrow…

The meal was $16.21. I would go back if someone else suggested it.

Smokin Rib Shack BBQ, Largo, FL

9 May 2012

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This evening, I was headed to Five Guys for a quick dinner, and I drove past this place less than five blocks from my hotel. I swung around to check it out.

I ordered a two-meat of chopped brisket and chicken. Turns out the chicken was chopped also :). The food comes in a foam to-go container whether you eat in or head out. The brisket was mushy; there is a fine line between tender and mushy. But it wasn’t tough in the slightest. It had decent flavor as well, and there was a fair amount of it. The chicken was pretty darn good, tender and juicy all the way through. Both meats were covered in a mustard-based sauce that did a good job of enhancing the flavor of the meats without being overwhelming.

The meal came with a couple sides, I got potato salad and baked beans. The salad was good (mustard-based), and the beans were pretty plain (I like it when they are cooked with brisket in it).

There is no iced tea (ahhhhhh!!!!!). If you eat in, you can get a can of Coke or a bottle of water. Service was order at the counter and carry it to the table. The food was done before I finished paying, and my check was $10.70. Good meal, I would go back anytime.

Clubhouse Restaurant, Largo, FL

9 May 2012

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I ate at Clubhouse the first time last September. I just went back to read that blog post, and it turns out I got the same thing this time as then, a Skillet. Hash browns and onions, covered with gravy, cheese, and sausage, with eggs on top. Wheat toast. All excellent. Tea was excellent. I was there with four other guys, and we were in and out in 45 minutes. Service was great.

This place is on the list for future visits. My check was $9.40.

Amici Italian Restaurant, Largo, FL

1 March 2012

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This was a wonderful find! I chose Amicis for two reasons; I was looking for Italian for dinner, and it near my hotel. I headed over there about 1900 and left an hour later. The place was sparsely occupied.

The meal started with some very good crusty bread, along with a dish of EEVO with small crushed red pepper flakes and garlic. I asked for balsamic vinegar, which added a great flavor to the EEVO dip.

I got a ceasar salad. It was a creamy ceasar and was very good.

The star of the show was the fettuccine alfredo with chicken. To put it out fast, this fettuccine alfredo was the best I have ever had. It was delicious. Spectacularly delicious. This stuff was so good, I could have eaten it until I exploded. It was that good. The alfredo was not so rich that it overwhelmed the egg noodles; it had a light but extremely enjoyable flavor. The noodles were a perfect al dente, and we full of flavor. That stuff was GOOD.

The iced tea was excellent as well. It was kept refilled. Service was excellent as well. My check was $21.67; well worth it. I look forward to trying some of the other entrees at Amici. Great stuff. Highly recommended.

Mo’ Ziki, Largo, FL

20 January 2012

Mo' Ziki on Urbanspoon

Today, we were running a bit behind in our meeting, and so we were looking at shortening lunch a bit. I fired up Google Maps and looked for a Chipotle, but the nearest one was about eight miles away. I commented on that to one of our hosts, who suggested Mo’ Ziki, as being a “greek Chipotle”. OK… I thought.

So we went to Mo’s. The serving style is like Chipotle, you get a burrito or bowl, rice, meat, and veg stuff. I got a bowl, with grilled steak, rice, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, and traditional sauce, which is a variation of yogurt sauce. The meal was OK. I thought it was a little small for a meal. There was little meat in the bowl, and the beef didn’t have a lot of flavor.

So would I go back? I think I would. The meal wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t that good. I would try the chicken or the gyros meat next time.

The iced tea was Gold Coast. It wasn’t horrible, but again, it wasn’t good. As a general note, I have to say again that I really wish that all restaurants would put fresh brewed iced tea out. None of the concentratres are very good, and most are downright nasty.

We were there around 1210, and left around 1250. The place was fairly crowded. My check was $9.21. One note: Urban Spoon as Mo’ Ziki in Seminole, but it’s in Largo.

Widow Brown’s, Largo, FL

20 January 2012

Widow Brown's on Urbanspoon

Widow Brown’s is one of the dozens of family restaurants in the St. Petersburg area. I pass by it several times on each trip to this area, it seems. I decided to try it for dinner this evening, and liked it.

I got there about 1800, the place was about 1/3 full, and left 1845, and it was getting full.

I ordered the Yankee Pot Roast. On the menu, the Yankee Pot Roast was right above the Pot Roast. I asked my server what the difference was, and she said that the plain Pot Roast was more traditional. Well, I’ll get that next time.

The Yankee Pot Roast was pretty darn good! It was a good-sized chunk of roast, a smallish amount of gravy, and it was smothered with veg stuff. The roast had decent flavor and was pretty tender. The stuff on the top was carrot strings, potatoes, onions, a couple small broccoli crowns, and some other veg strips. The only thing I didn’t like was some largish slices of green pepper. Like stew, roast does not need or want green or red peppers. I fished them out, and still tasted pepper a couple of times. The meal was a decent size, not too huge to overload my stomach.

The meal came with a trip to the salad bar. It was a smallish bar, but the lettuce was good, the applesauce was a nice addition, and the ranch dressing was excellent.

The meal also came with dessert. I got rice pudding with whipped cream on top, good stuff.

The tea was excellent and kept refilled. Service was super nice and prompt. In fact, everyone at the restaurant was very nice, and there were obvious regulars in there.

My check was $11.32, a really good value. I will be back.

Acropol Family Restaurant, Largo, FL

27 October 2011

Acropol Family on Urbanspoon

I’ve passed this place a number of times driving between my hotel and work here in Largo. It was recommended to me by a coworker today, and I stopped for dinner. I got there around 1730 and left around 1830. The place was about 50% full when I got there, and getting crowded when I left.

The menu had amazing variation. There was Italian, Greek, American, Tex-Mex, and probably other stuff.

One of the daily specials was fried chicken. I asked my server, and she said it was one of her favorites, and then she cautioned me that I didn’t want to be in a hurry, as it took longer to cook. That’s a positive sign! It means they cook it right.

The meal started with some navy bean soup, it was a biggish bowl, and was really good (and HOT). The chicken arrived just as I was finishing up the bowl, and it was still sizzling from the frying. It was four pieces, a leg, wing, thigh, and breast. And it was good stuff. The breading was not super greasy, and the chicken was juicy and had good flavor. It came with whipped potatoes and chicken gravy. The tea was good, strong, and kept refilled.

Overall the meal was simple, filled me up, and was tasty. I looked at several other meals walking in and out of the restaurant that also looked good.

My check was $10.75. Service was good also. I would eat here again anytime.

Balla’s Steakhouse, Largo, FL

26 October 2011

Balla's Steak House on Urbanspoon

I have run by this place many times over the past couple years, as it is right up the road from my hotel. It’s a fairly casual place, and I hit it for dinner this evening. Great experience!

First, I was there on Karaoke Tuesday! The singers were enthusiastic, and were actually not dreadful.

The meal started with a soup course; I chose chili, and it was really good; I was surprised. The chili had some beans, but not too much, and some very few cut-up jalapenos in it, and it had just the right amount of heat to it. There was also a loaf of semi-rough white bread, with some EEVO and garlic. Good start.

I got a ribeye, it was great! About 95% fork tender, good presentation, and lots of flavor. Great steak. It came with rice pilaf, and with some steamed mixed veg (mainly carrots and squash), all good. There was not a scrap left on the plate. I got some iced tea with it, good stuff also.

Service was decent. My check was $21.35, which I think was very good value. I will gladly eat here again. They also have some Italian entrees on the menu.

Farmer’s Kitchen, Largo, FL

16 September 2011

Farmer's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I saw this place as I drove along Bay Drive on Monday. I decided to try it for dinner this evening, as I was going from Largo to Tampa, to spend the night 1 mile from the airport instead of driving there in the morning.

They have a pretty neat special called “Beat the Clock”. There are a bunch (more than 10) of choices, and the cost goes up as the clock goes on: $5 from 1500-1600, $6 from 1600-1700, and $7 from 1700-1800 (note: the amounts here are approximate, close, but representative).

You get a cup of soup or a salad; I got a salad with really good ranch dressing. The was a big roll of white bread that was just a little rough, and OK if a little bland.

I chose the pot roast over noodles. Turns out, it is really roast beef (sliced) over egg noodles, with a tomato-based gravy. The gravy had carrots, onion, and celery in it. The whole dish was simple, filling, and tasty. The beef was fairly tender, the noodles were tasty, and the gravy was very good.

The meal came with a drink (great iced tea) and dessert. You had a choice of jello, something else, or three puddings. I almost got bread pudding, but got rice pudding instead, and it was very good.

My check was $8.28, for an entire dinner. Great value, very good food. Service was great.

The restaurant was playing WDUV the Dove, one of my favorite stations, so that was a bonus.

When I am in the LA area, one of the common sites are restaurants that share a common characteristic: a huge variety of food. Here in the St. Petersburg area, there is a bunch of restaurants that are similar in that they share a common characteristic of basic comfort food in a family setting. Farmer’s Kitchen is one example, the restaurant I ate in Monday is another. I think that supporting these kinds of local eateries – as long as the food is good! – is a worthwhile endeavor.

You have to eat; you might was well make sure the food tastes good.

Clubhouse Restaurant, Largo, FL

14 September 2011

This was a great little place. I was in a bit of a hurry, I had let work eat into my lunch time, and found Clubhouse via a Google Maps search.

I got there at 1145 and left at 1225. The iced tea was good and kept refilled. The place was 50% full when I got there, and 75% full when I left.

I ordered a Skillet. This is eggs scrambled with sausage chunks, hash browns, and onions. Then it’s covered with sausage gravy and some shredded cheese. EXCELLENT! The gravy really made the meal. It was some of the best restaurant gravy I have had. The meal comes with peppers by default, but I asked and they were not added; a good thing.

Service was fast. My check was only $9.39. This place is on the list when I am in the area.

Rockwell’s Corner Pub, Largo, FL

14 December 2010

A couple coworkers and I ate lunch here today. A good meal. We got there around 1205, and left at 1250. The restaurant was mainly empty while we were there.

I got a bowl of their homemade chili. It was pretty good. It had a couple varieties of beans (kidney and at least one other). There was good flavor, but no heat at all. I found one piece of green bell pepper in it. One too many, but easily fished out. I also got an order of honey BBQ wings; they were good, the BBQ tangy and not too sweet. All wings scarfed down (I did offer them to my coworkers, but they didn’t take me up on the offer).

The iced tea was good and kept refilled. Service was personal and good. My check was $12.19. A good, fast lunch.

Bella Italia Pizzeria & Deli, Largo, FL

13 December 2010

Bella Italia Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I have been here for lunch several times over the years. A group of us went here for lunch today, it was excellent! We got there around 1145, and left around 1240.

We got toasted garlic bread with the lunch, and some marinara to dip it in. The bread was perfect, and the marinara was excellent.

I got the lunch special of chicken parmesean. It was a single chicken breast, breaded and covered with cheese, and was very tasty. It was also the perfect size for lunch. It came with some spaghetti and more of that excellent marinara.

I got iced tea to drink. Service was perfect. My check was only $8.40. This place is highly recommended.

Largo Family Restaurant, Largo, FL

13 December 2010

Largo Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I am pretty sure that I ate at this restaurant a number of years ago. The place has quite the varied menu. It’s only a couple blocks north of my hotel here in Largo. I went there with a couple work associates this evening. We got there around 1715, and were immediately seated, the restaurant was only about 15% full.

Ron got the fish platter (mainly fried stuff, it looked like), and Tom got turkey. Both said their meal was good.

I got roast chicken. The meal came with a salad that was loaded with stuff. I got ranch dressing that was really good. The chicken was of variable quality. There were parts that were very good, but more that was not, either stringy, or way dried out. I think that I only ate about half of that half chicken. The meal came with some dressing (not to my taste), mashers (good) and green beans (good), and poultry gravy (excellent). I think I would get something else next time, like the turkey.

I got tapioca for dessert, and it was small but very good. The tea was good (although our server kept bringing me sweet tea after the first unsweetened).

We left around 1755, the restaurant was probably more than half full. Service was pretty good. My check was $9.96.

One thing – Sunday evenings around 1745 is karaoke night!

Winghouse, Largo, FL

15 July 2009

Winghouse on Urbanspoon

OK, so let’s be up front about it, this place is a knockoff of Hooters. Or Hooters is a knockoff of Winghouse.

Regardless, the wings at Wnghouse are better than the wings at Hooters.

A couple work friends and I had lunch here today, at the location on Ulmerton. I got a pulled pork sandwich. It was not just super outstanding BBQ, but it was not bad at all. I also got “Dallas style” wings, which had a nice BBQ coating on them. They were really good wings too, lots of meat on them, and nice and juicy. The iced tea was good. Service was pretty good. I don’t remember what Harold and Ray got, but I think they liked it.

My check was $19.00. Kind of high, but I added the 10 wings to my order for us to share.