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Cool Things From The Air, SLC-SAN

25 October 2010

I flew on a Delta flight from SLC to SAN this morning. The cloud cover was too thick until just south of Las Vegas. As we got of the cover, there was a river, and it ran into a couple lakes, and then off to the south. My friend Google Maps, and a little dead reckoning, led to the following:

This is the Colorado River starting about 25 miles south of Boulder Dam.

The Colorado flows into Lake Mohave.

This next item is Searchlight, NV. The Coyote Mine is just to the north of town, which is below the town in this photo, since we were flying to the south. The Coyote Mine is a silver and quartz mine.

This, although fuzzy, is Laughlin, NV, and Bullhead City, AZ.

This is the Hart Mine in California. It is another silver mine.

OK, this was kind of strange. These markings are around Mile Marker 100 on I-40, the Needles Freeway. I think that they are draining channels, since they seem to interconnect a number of dry washes, and, then connect to other dry washes south of the freeway.

Just a little farther south, something new and different. These are salt evaporation ditches or pans. I do not know what company runs them.

This is the Desert Center, CA area. I do not remember what about the area that caused me to take the picture.

This is the north end of the Salton Sea.

This is the Mount Laguna Air Force Station. It apparently only has an FAA radar now.

On approach to SAN, we had good views of the San Diego Bay Bridge, and Point Loma.

That’s it!