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Longhorn Steakhouse, Tampa, FL (Westshore)

8 September 2016

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So I am in Florida this week on business, and I had a couple really good meals.

I’m starting with Longhorn. I can count on Longhorn for a decent steak when I don’t want to take a chance. It was even so here.

I had my standby ribeye. It came a perfect medium, and was very tender and flavorful. I had most of a baker with bacon, cheese, and butter. The soup was a bit of a disappointment. I always get the baked potato, but I received some chowder. The correct soup came right before the steak, and the flavor was off. Didn’t really matter, the steak made up for it.

Service was OK. The iced tea was GREAT as always. My check was $23.32. Reliable.


Longhorn Steakhouse, Council Bluffs, IA

1 May 2014

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I had dinner here Monday evening. I got there around 1715 and the place was empty, and left about an hour later, and then went and ran/walked along the Missouri River.

I got my usual meal: a ribeye (medium), a baked potato, and a bowl of potato soup. Except for the nasty-looking 1 cm square eye in the potato (which a little careful surgery removed), the meal was perfect. The steak was tender and flavorful, just what I expect in a steak.

The iced tea was excellent and so was the service. By the time I left the place was pretty much full. My check was $25.22. Recommended.

Longhorn Steakhouse, Council Bluffs, IA

20 July 2013

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After a longish day at work that included skipping lunch, I was hot and tired, and wanted a quick and known meal. I headed for the Longhorn near my hotel. The meal was completely as expected.

I got a porterhouse; it was HUGE. It was delivered a little undercooked (I had asked for it medium, it came medium rare), but I let it rest and it got closer to medium. The baked potato soup was great, as was the bread. The baked potato was pretty much perfect. The steak – tender, tasty, and no burned parts.

The iced tea was great and kept refilled. Service was outstanding. My check was $31.75 (that porterhouse was big!). Great stuff.

Longhorn Steakhouse, Oklahoma City, OK

28 June 2012

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Raegan and Ian and I ate at this Longhorn tonight for dinner. This was not our first visit here, probably our 10th.

The meal was uniformly very good. The baked potato soup and bread courses, along with the ceasar salads. My t-bone was excellent; not as tender as some I have had, but well within specs. Raegan had salmon and enjoyed it. The only issue we had was with Ians New York Strip; it had rather more seasoning than we normally like (the steak was tender and had a lot of flavor, it didn’t need all the pepper).

Tea was excellent, and so was service. We got to Longhorn around 1730 and left around 1900. Our check was $73.45. I like Longhorns.

Longhorn Steakhouse, Columbia, MD

18 April 2012

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I thought that the first Longhorn I ate at was in Topeka, KS. A couple years later, after a nice hike in a state forest near Waldorf, MD, I stopped at a Longhorn there and realized that I had eaten at that location (with my friend Harold) at least five years before the stop in Topeka. I have generally had very good experience at Longhorns.

So after a decent hike in Patapsco River State Park Monday, I ran across the Longhorn in Columbia and decided that I needed a decent steak. I got there around 1930 and left about 2045. The restaurant was about 50% full the entire time.

I started the meal with a bowl of potato soup; great stuff. I ordered one of my standard steaks, a medium ribeye. That was a fine steak. Tender, full of beef flavor, not super peppered like some places do. It was literally fork tender for about 3/4s of the steak. I didn’t leave a scrap. I also had a baked potato (it was on the small side).

The tea was excellent and kept refilled. Service was right on the money. My check was $26.15.

This Longhorn experience was very much consistent with other Longhorn locations I have been in. In a lot of ways, I prefer to eat at local places, instead of chains, which get boring. But even eating at local places all the time has its own kind of boredom. Sometimes I just want a known, good meal, and usually that means steak. There are a couple places, like Longhorn (another is the Saltgrass chainlet) that make a consistently great steak for a decent price.

Longhorn Steakhouse, Topeka, KS

24 August 2009

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I was headed up to Omaha from OKC yesterday, and I passed a Montana Mike’s sign on the interstate. I had always intended to try one of those restaurants, a friend had recommended it, and I thought there was one in Topeka. Unfortunately, I was not correct. I decided to go to Longhorn Steakhouse instead.

This Longhorn was the first one I ever ate at, maybe a couple years ago. I liked it, and then realized when I was at another one (in O’Fallon, IL) that they were a chainlet. I griped in another blog entry that Longhorn was another in the list of restaurants that smaller cities had, but OKC did not (that’s not true now, there is a Longhorn in OKC along Memorial Road).

I have had a chicken fried steak and a ribeye steak in previous visits, and have been impressed.

In this case, I had another ribeye. It was perfect. When the steak arrived it was medium rare (I almost always order medium), and since it got there very quickly I just let it rest, and by the time I finished my salad it had finished cooking to what I might call the low end of medium.

The start was a salad, with a lot of stuff I don’t usually eat and end up dumping. I dumped out diced tomatoes and cucumbers. I left the cheese and egg and carrots. The ranch dressing was outstanding! I got extra and scarfed every bit of it.

Once the steak had cooked a bit, it was simply perfect. It had a bit of black pepper rub on the outside, but not so much that it destroyed the flavor. That was one tasty steak.

It also came with a good baked potato.

My server was extremely friendly (he shook my hand coming and going), and hung around just enough to keep the tea filled (and it was excellent iced tea) and to make sure I had what I needed.

All in all, it was a really good meal. I got there around 1730, and the place wasn’t 15% full. By the time I left around 1845, it was about 90% full. It wasn’t too loud, either. A great eating experience. My check was $21.58 before an $8 tip.