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Lucianos Italian Restaurant, Herndon, VA

21 April 2011

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I went for a walk this evening, I wasn’t very hungry. After I walked about a mile, I was. And Lucianos was right there. I got there about 1930, and left about 2015. Then I walked back to the hotel.

The iced tea was pretty good. I ordered chicken parmigiana, with a side of spaghetti.

The meal started with a salad that had a vinaigrette dressing. It was pretty good. I started eating it, and got about 10 bites into it, and there came the main course. Too fast, I think. So I didn’t finish the salad.

The chicken parmigiana was excellent, a single plump breast with just the right amount of light breading and marinara. It came with a mixed veg medley that was pretty much perfectly steamed. Not a scrap of any of this was left. I had asked for the spaghetti with meat sauce, but it came with “plain” marinara.

My check was $20.99, which I think was a little high (but, this is the DC area). Service was excellent.