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Mackie McNear’s Steakhouse, Edmond, OK

13 January 2014

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Back in early December, we had an ice storm come through OKC. It took me about three hours to go from Tinker, to pick up Raegan at St. John’s, and then get to Edmond to pick up Erin, who had stayed after school for a school club meeting. The roads were icy, the travel slow. By the time we had Erin, we were quite hungry.

I picked Mackie McNear’s since it was close, and it has a variety of foods. I ordered a ribeye, and Raegan and Erin got buffets. At best, their meals were “meh”. My steak was not very good. It was pretty tough, and had little flavor. The baked potato was small. Raegan and Erin had little good to say about their meals.

Service was pretty good. Our check was $48.65, for three meals, poor value. We will not be back.