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Matt’s Big Breakfast, PHX

11 February 2015

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This place was right down the terminal from my gate Saturday. I’d eat here any time.

I got through security and scored high tables for the seven of us. It took a while for the rest of the guys to get there, but the host and server were super friendly and not impatient.

The rest of the guys got beer of one kind or another and apparently liked them. I started off with a bowl of chili. It was pretty good, about half and half beans and beef, with decent flavor and no heat at all. I’ve had better chili, and I’ve had far worse.

The highlight was a “scattered and smothered”, ground chuck grilled and served with mashers and gravy and grilled onions. WONDERFUL! That was an excellent piece of ground beef, with huge flavor and great texture. I ate every scrap of it. It came with a goodly amount of steamed young asparagus, tender without being mushy, and very tasty.

Service was so very friendly. My check was around $20. This place is recommended.