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Sicily’s Pizza, McKinney, TX

9 March 2016

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For our second stop in the north Dallas area, we hit Sicily’s on the way back home. It was GREAT! We were headed back home and picked Sicily’s as it was on the way home.

We started off with some bread we ordered, along with both marinara and al fredo to dip it in. And salads. All great.

Raegan got chicken parm, and I got fettuccine al fredo. Both oh, so, very good. We even liked the smells of the food being served around us. This place was good!

If I am in McKinney around a meal, this place will be very high on my list.  Yum.  Our check was $40.21.  Service was excellent and friendly.  The iced tea was excellent.  Recommended.

Rick’s Chophouse, McKinney, TX

18 August 2011

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Last week, a group of friends and I went up to McKinney after work. We were looking for a winery outlet/restaurant, but the place turned out to not serve food. Rick’s was a couple doors down, and we checked it out. We got there around 1930 and were seated immediately; the restaurant was about 80% full.

Service was spotty, let me say up front, but it was just our server apparently.

I got some onion rings for the group as an appetizer. Wonderful! Large, sweet, perfectly breaded, and very tasty. They were served with some excellent (really excellent) buttermilk ranch dressing.

I took a close look at two meals: a ribeye chicken fried steak (!), and the fried chicken. I asked the server, and she reported that the chicken was a whole chicken. Holy crap, I thought. Lois told me that she wanted the chicken also, but that was a bit much, so we split it. Turns out it was a four-piece, which is really a half chicken, so the server was slightly wrong.

The meal came without any fussing with each plate having two pieces, mashers, veg, and gravy. That was some excellent chicken. The breading was light, and stayed with the chicken. I think it was deep-fried floating. Excellent taste, perfectly cooked. The gravy that came with the chicken was some of the best I have had at a restaurant. It went perfectly with the chicken, and the skin-on mashed red potatoes. The one thing I didn’t like – the veg tasted funny, and had bell peppers in it.

The tea was good, but I had a time keeping it filled.

Ron got the ribeye CFS; I bummed a bite from him. It was good, but not great. The steak was hammered flat, and was a bit overcooked. Still had steak flavor, though.

Chuck got salmon, and said it was really good.

The check for the dinner Lois and I split was $29.23. Kind of high for chicken, but it was for two, and that includes the $5 appetizer. So… it’s a chophouse. That description adds 25% to the cost. But it was pretty darn good. The quality of the meal (except for Rons overcooked RCFS) was very good. I would go here again, but not frequently.