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Another Example of Bad News Coverage

22 July 2016

A while back, I posted about news coverage of a suspected Ebola case in Stillwater.  The media in question trumpeted about a case being Ebola when it was already known not to be.

There were several examples today in the same vein.  I’m going to pick on the NBC Nightly News for this one.

The setup is that a mentally disturbed man had wandered away from a home.  Another man, a therapist, was there to help calm the mentally disturbed man.

Somehow the police had been told the disturbed man had a gun.

The therapist was sitting near the disturbed man, and the therapist had his hands raised, knowing the cops were nearby with guns out.  A cop took aim at the mentally disturbed guy, but was a lousy shot, and hit the therapist in the leg.

It’s been reported the cops then rushed over and handcuffed the therapist.  If true, those cops are stupid.

Regardless, this happened Monday.  Today, the NBC News reported it like this:

  1. A man laying on the ground with his hands raised was shot by police.
  2. The man was unarmed, and trying to help a mentally disturbed man.
  3. The man shouted to the police that the mentally disturbed man did not have a gun, but a toy truck in his hands.

The story went on for a couple minutes in that vein, and most of the way through, the correspondent finally says that the cop in question thought the therapist was in danger, shot, and missed the target, hitting the therapist.

It seems to me that the tone of the story was to continue a narrative of black men shot by cops.  Whether done for political reason (unlikely, I think) or to drive ratings (more likely), the tone should have been different.

Something like this:  “In Miami today, a cop shot at a man and missed, wounding another man nearby who was trying to help.  Neither the target or the helping man had guns.  Maybe Miami cops need to be issued binoculars, and need additional training on the range.”  Because those are really the two problems.

If the therapist says there is no gun, and he is two feet away, why did the cop shoot so fast?  If the cops had binocs, one could have observed the situation a little more clearly.

Regardless, this was an example of lousy reporting.


Pinocchio’s Pizza, Media, PA

6 July 2010

Pinocchio's on Urbanspoon

We were tooling along towards the hotel after visiting Valley Forge, and we ran through media. I saw Pinocchio’s on Blackberry Maps, and a guy in the gas station we were at mentioned it as being good.

So we headed over there and got there around 1730. The place was full, and there were about four groups ahead of us, but a number of people went out in short order and so we were seated in less than five minutes.

Three of us got iced tea (excellent, BTW) and one water. I also got a glass of Copper Ridge White Zinfandel, which was really good, perhaps the best wine I have had.

I started by ordering chicken parmesan. It was excellent, moist and firm and thinly breaded, tasty. The marinara that it was covered in was excellent, some of the best I have had. The side was spaghetti with meat sauce. That sauce was thick and chunky. It was OK. I would rather have had the same marinara that was on the chicken.

Ian ordered a medium sausage pizza – it was the size of a large most anywhere else. It was fairly tasty, with shaved sausage and a thin crust.

Erin ordered a mini white pizza, and ate it before we noticed, so it must have been really good.

Raegan got meat lasagne. She said it was “OK”, and I agreed. I thought it was bland.

We left about 1855, the place was still full. Our check was $55.11. Service was OK given how many people were there.

This is not just an Italian place. They have cheesesteaks and other sandwiches. In fact, most of the menu is hand food, and fairly little of it is plate food. What I saw around me looked good.

Media Coverage of the 2009 OKC Blizzard

24 December 2009

Well, the OKC area is under a blizzard warning, the first I can remember. The local TV stations started wall-to-wall weather coverage at some point before 0830.

Right now they have a lot of people out standing at intersections watching snow come down, and driving around watching snow come down.

I don’t know that it’s necessary to put your employees at risk just to show your station is keeping it’s viewers informed. For severe events like tornadoes, the areas affected are typically small enough that you have to spread people out to catch that elusive video. But for larger, synoptic scale events like a snowstorm, pretty much everywhere in a couple hundred square mile area is affected, and the pictures from the parking lot of the station look the same as the view out my windows, and the view out of windows in Moore, Norman, and Warr Acres.

We had constant, steady sleet here for about four hours, and for the past hour or so it’s been pure snow. Pretty impressive, and it’s supposed to last for another eight or ten hours.

Memo To News Media

27 November 2009

I would like to point out to the news media in general: It’s Not News If It Happens All The Time

Examples of this:

  • “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday”, especially when it is reported day after day before. This includes “stories” about people camping out a couple days before the stores open.
  • T-Short shops gearing up to print T-shirts after some sporting event (like the Cotton Bowl).
  • Boxing day: People queuing up to return presents they don’t want.
  • This is all filler, as far as I am concerned. It is not news.