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Meiki’s Italian, Oklahoma City, OK

9 March 2013

Meiki's Italian American on Urbanspoon

We ate dinner here maybe five years ago with friends. This evening, Erin had a birthday party near Rockwell and Britton, and I saw the Urbanspoon listing was generally favorable, so we gave it a try.

Ian got a meatball sandwich and devoured it. Raegan got manicotti and enjoyed it. Erin and our friend Pat got fettuccine al fredo, and thought it was very good, although Erin didn’t finish hers. I got fettuccine al fredo with chicken. It was pretty darn good, but this stuff had a flavor I’ve noted in other restaurants. Raegan thought it tasted like teriyaki sauce (which would be weird for an Italian place), but I was catching the same flavor as an aftertaste of the chicken.

I added Erins meal to mine, mixed it all up, and the odd flavor receeded. I also took a taste of the side of al fredo we had ordered (to dip the garlic bread in). Wow, that stuff was perfect, and yet didn’t have the weird flavor. So the weird taste was in the chicken. I asked our server to ask the cook staff what the chicken was cooked in, but they were busy and couldn’t answer. Hmmm…

The rest of the meal was great. The garlic bread, our caesar salads, the tea, all perfect. Service was just right. Our check was $73.42, decent value for all that food for five.

But that odd flavor has me a bit bugged. I’ve tasted it at a lot of Italian places. It’s not unpleasant, but it also detracts just a bit from the meal. I like al fredo. Good stuff if it isn’t too rich, and has a good buttery and cream flavor. I would expect chicken to be used in al fredo to be sauteed (too many places grill it, I usually ask to have it sauteed, but I didn’t this evening), and I would expect it to be sauteed in chunks in EEVO, maybe with a little garlic. Then it all (noodles, chicken, and al fredo) should be tossed to mix the stuff up. I need to find out what the taste is.