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El Sombrero Restaurant, Oklahoma City, OK (N. May)

31 August 2016

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I noticed this restaurant a couple months ago but haven’t had a chance to try it until this past evening. There have been a number of these in the OKC area over the past couple years, in particular one in Midwest City that I liked a lot, but that location closed unexpectedly. I’ve also eaten in a location near Britton and May.

It was very good. Five of us from St. John’s had dinner there last evening. I noted two references on the menu to steak and shrimp guisado dishes. I’m not a huge fan of shrimp, so I asked if they had any non-shrimp guiso and she told me that the Guisado Dinner was beef and potatoes in a green sauce. Sounded pretty good, and it was! The beef was diced up, tender, and the potatoes and guiso mix was the perfect spice level for me. Just outstanding flavor. The meal came with beans and rice, and not a bit was left. Erin reported her enchilada dinner as very good, and Reagan had a chimi in lunch size that she said was OK.

The iced tea was very good and kept refilled. Service was fast and friendly. Our check for three was $35.17. I will happily return for another meal.


La Mesa, Omaha, NE (Northwest)

25 August 2016

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Tonight I met a work friend here for dinner, as it was roughly between our hotels. And like the rest of the La Mesa outlets, it was outstanding.

As usual, I had mixed chicken and beef fajitas with no bell peppers. Except it showed at the table with bell peppers, and got taken back and replaced very quickly. I dumped my beans, a lot of the excellent salsa, and lettuce on the meat, and squeezed the lemons from my iced tea over the resulting mess, then ate it! It was, simply, perfect. All cooked nice and tender, and with tremendous flavor.

The iced tea was wonderful, the conversation great. Service was perfect. Our check for two was $35.85.

Just a great meal. La Mesa is one of the best Mexican restaurants I have been to, anywhere.

Fuze, Oklahoma City, OK

7 June 2016

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Don’t bother.

Raegan and I had dinner at Fuze last evening with our Girl Scout Service Unit. The good news, we didn’t get sick.

I had some pot roast, a mongolian bbq (with chicken for my meat and fried rice for the starch), some wings, some curried chicken, a couple other things I can’t remember, some veg, and finally some tapioca. Raegan has some salad, sushi, turkey, and a couple other things.

None of this was bad. It also was not good. I don’t think a single thing that I had, to include the tapioca, had any real flavor. It was bland. Even the curried chicken didn’t have curry flavor. Some of the stuff was quite tough. I’m pretty sure the “brisket” was the same meat as the pot roast, but shredded with some red sauce on it (it wasn’t BBQ sauce). My comment to Raegan is that maybe all the stuff was made from the same protein stuff just extruded through different equipment.

The iced tea was not good, I switched to Dr. Pepper, which was not particularly good (it was watered down).

Service was pretty good. The music playing in the room we were in was way too loud, and after one request to the server, a manager came in within a minute and turned it down. Drinks were kept refilled.

I suppose this place would be an option if you have multiple “tastes” that need to be satisfied in a group of people. But don’t go here expecting decent flavor. I make a final comment, about the mongolian bbq: I added a number of sauces to mine, including one that was quite hot. It made not one difference.

Hacienda Villareal, Colorado Springs, CO

24 March 2016

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As part of my December trip to Colorado Springs, several people who had been stationed at Peterson AFB recommended this place for lunch. It was great! We had about 12 people.

I had Pork Chili Verde, and it was perfect. Not too spicy, with tender, flavorful pork chunks in a very tasty verde sauce. I had double beans, and they were pretty darn good as well.

Service was fast and friendly (it helped that we got in there at 1300, so the lunch rush was past). My check was $12.38. Great chow, I’d be happy to go back.

Pepino’s, Okemah, OK

10 March 2016

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This place was great! I was headed from OKC to Muskogee yesterday, and I stopped in Okemah since it was right at lunch.

I had #58 Puerco con Chili Verde. Pretty much perfect. The pork chunks were very large, and they were also quite tender. Not a tough spot on the plate. The beans and rice were OK. The chili verde was outstanding. Raegan would have thought it too spicy, as we all have different levels of spice tolerance, but to me it was perfect. The flavor of the chili verde was cooked into the pork, and after the bite, the spice level dropped off quickly, leaving flavor. Great stuff.

The iced tea was good, service very quick. I was in and out in 25 minutes (mainly because I had a meeting to get to). I would happily stop by Pepino’s again.

Mamaveca Mexican Restaurant, Norman, OK

29 February 2016

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Over the past year, I have occasionally left the area around Tinker AFB for lunch slightly farther afield. On 11 March 2015, I headed all the way to Norman for Mamaveca’s. It was great!

I got the pork chili verde. Wonderful. Perfect flavor, not too spicy, tender pork.

The iced tea was great, and service was fast and friendly. My check was $15.14.

I need to drive to Norman more often! And I need to try the guiso, and a couple of those Peruvian dishes.

Alfredo’s Mexican Cafe, Edmond, OK

25 February 2016

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As I went through my fistful of receipts, there were three from Alfredo’s, ranging from 11 December 2014 to 29 May 2015 to 07 February 2016. I know we’ve eaten there at least six or seven times. It’s pretty darn good.

I always get the Pork Guiso Verde. Just the right spice heat, tender pork, great flavor. The most recent time, Ian had it also and liked it a lot. The only issue we had is that on the big plate, it was about 3/5 beans, 1/5 rice, and 1/5 guiso. Maybe they were running short. Regardess, we got filled up. Raegan and the kids get enchiladas and chimis and fajitas, all excellent. I really like the salsa and the queso, and we’ve had nachos several times.

Our check this most recent visit was $60. The iced tea is excellent, and service is always fast and friendly.

This place is very good, and I think in many ways it is better than Ted’s. Recommended.

Nicha’s, San Antonio, TX

22 February 2016

Nicha's Comida Mexicana Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This completes my reviews of restaurants from a business trip to San Antonio. I had dinner with a number of work friends at Nicha’s 14 April 2015. The place was recommended by one of the guys on the trip.

I had Carne Guisada, and it was very, very good. I do not like my food to be super spicy, and the guisada had just the right amount of bite. I thought the portion size was a little on the small side, but it wasn’t so small I was hungry later. The iced tea was very good. Service was on the slow side, but we weren’t in any hurry, so that wasn’t an issue. My check was about $14.00.

Los Cabos, Broken Arrow, OK

22 February 2016

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You might think we are eating a lot in the Tulsa area recently, and you would be right. The trips between OKC and Muskogee give new opportunities to eat in the area, and we are taking full advantage.

Friday night, we were in the Broken Arrow area around 2000 and were looking for dinner. Los Cabos only had a 20 minute wait, so we decided to try it.

We started out with chips and salsa, with some white queso with seasoned ground beef. These two items were pretty good. I added two spoons of the salsa to the queso, and it was outstanding, great stuff. The combined flavor of the queso and the salsa was far better than the individual flavors.

Ian got the Enchiladas Especial with shredded beef and chili con carne. He thought they were pretty good but a little on the bland side. I had a Carnitas Burrito with chili con carne. It was huge. The filling was quite tasty, and hotter than heck. As is the case with many burritos, the tortilla got sort of eaten by the juice of the meat. I liked it, but I might get it as a chimi next time if I can.

The tea was very good, and service was quite friendly and fast. We sat outside on the patio overlooking the lake and OK51. It was at touch on the chilly side towards the end of the meal.  Our check was $40.05, which feels to me a touch on the expensive side.

While we were eating our appetizer, we saw a drone fly along OK51, make a turn over the Bass Pro Shop, then zip back east and out of sight.

Los Cabos was pretty good, but I feel the menu was limited. I would like to see some more traditional Mexican fare to go along with the Tex-Mex. What we had was good, though, and I would have no problem eating there again.

La Salsa Grille, Oklahoma City, OK

11 February 2016

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Raegan and I were headed to a Girl Scout event last evening, and needed some chow in a timely manner. We were headed down Meridian and saw La Salsa, and decided to check it out.

She had a chicken chimi and thought it was OK. I had pork guiso verde and thought it was excellent, just the right amount of space, great flavor, and tender pork. The meal came with some very good smoky queso and good, low-temp salsa that were served with nice, thin chips.

Service was very friendly and fast, we made it in and out in 40 min and made our event early (if you know us, that’s very unusual 🙂 ). Our check was $22.47. We don’t get into that area often, but I would have no issue eating at La Salsa again.

Nico’s, Salt Lake City, UT

15 July 2015

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This place was GREAT! It’s close to where I was in meetings, fast, and great food.

I had lunch at Nico’s yesterday with a work friend. We got there just before noon and left about 45 min later. When we walked in, I saw a freshly served #3, the pork chili verde burrito. EXCELLENT! Flavorful and tender pork, the chili verde was the perfect heat, and the burrito was the right size for lunch.

The only slight downer was a lack of iced tea. Our server suggested “agua de Jamaica”, which was brewed hibiscus flower. It was super sweet. I also got a half liter Mexican Coke, strong and cold.

Service was super friendly and fast. My check was $12.91. This place was very good. Be warned, it’s small, only eight or so tables. Recommended.

La Catrina, Oklahoma City, OK

6 January 2015

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I had dinner at La Catrina this evening, as it was near my Scout meeting location. It was OK.

I had hoped to find a guiso here, and there isn’t one on the menu. I asked my server, and she said the nearest thing was gorditos verde. She also asked if spicy hot was OK, I said yes.

The gorditos verde turned out to be three sopapillas, each about 3″ square, with some pork, cheese, lettuce, chili verde, and more bright red tomato dices than you could shake a stick at. The meal had a hint of flavor, and the pork was tender. The spice level of the meal was not hot in the slightest (yes, YMMV). There was a dollop of sour cream on the side, but it wasn’t needed.

The meal came with some decent queso and a very tomato-based salsa (no heat). The iced tea was pretty good. I was pretty much ignored except for seating, ordering, being served, and getting my check. I was the only customer for most of the time. My check for this was $12.99.

The food was OK. I will not be rushing back.

Mid-Del Taco, Del City, OK

29 October 2014

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I had lunch here back on 11 September. It was very crowded, and I shared a table with another man and had a great conversation.

This place was good! It took a bit to figure out the menu, there is a mix of a few dinners with ala cart stuff. I got a beef and bean burrito, a side of refried beans, and a drink. The burrito was great! Hot and steaming, with a perfect amount of beef seasoning. I made a mess with the burrito and beans, and enjoyed it.

Service was fast and very friendly. Lunch was only $6.31! Great value. I will be back.

El Charro, Muskogee, OK

18 October 2014

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I have been eating at this place for a long time, and I can’t believe I haven’t written about it! Long overdue.

I was in Muskogee last evening late after being out at Greenleaf Lake State Park, and needed dinner. El Charro, happily enough, is open until 2200, so I stopped in.

I have usually had fajitas here, as they are always excellent. That’s what I had last night, and they were still excellent. Mixed beef and chicken. The problem I see with fajitas too often is the meat is dry and tough. Not so here, the meat and onions were tender and juicy and flavorful. I dumped the rice and beans and salsa right on top of the hot plate and mixed it all up, and ate every scrap. Wonderful.

Service was prompt and very friendly, as it always it. The place was not too busy, but it was latish. The iced tea was excellent as well, in a big glass.

So… as I checked out the menu, I saw that El Charro had both beef colorado roja and pork and beef chili verde (as any true Mexican place should have). I got pork chili verde to go and brought it back to OKC with me. It was in an aluminum bowl, so I popped it in the oven at 300F for about 20 minutes. It was wonderful! Some of the best I have had. The flavor was the flavor I have come to expect, but the key thing was that the meal wasn’t so spicy that it destroyed my sense of taste. It had just the right amount of spice, and that didn’t mask the flavor a bit. Gosh, that stuff was good. I rank it right there with the same dish as El Vaquero in Stillwater. Outstanding meal.

My check for both meals was $22.20. Great value. Recommended.

Palomino’s, Stillwater, OK

12 May 2014

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This evening, we needed to head up to Stillwater to help Ian move from one room to another in his Village. We tried Texas Roadhouse for dinner, but it was packed (Mother’s Day, probably). We saw that Palimino’s wasn’t very crowded, so we headed there.

It was pretty good. I loved the salsa! It was on the thick side, and had that smoky flavor I really like. We got a bowl of queso, and it was pretty good also.

I got carne asada, and loved it. The beef was fork tender, and had just enough bite from spice. Erin got nachos, and didn’t eat much as she wasn’t hungry. Ian got a beef enchilada burrito and had every bit of it. Raegan had the 5 cheese chimi, and it was enough that she couldn’t finish it.

The iced tea was excellent and service was great. This was a good choice for Mexican in Stillwater. Our check was $50.70.

Jaramillos, Oklahoma City, OK

26 February 2014

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This place was great! I picked it from Google and Urbanspoon reviews. I went there over lunch, and I was the only customer, which is a shame.

I started with a plate of nachos with taco beef. It was large, and had generous helpings of taco beef and cheese. The beef bears comment, it had a very nice touch of seasoning (at a lot of places, the ground beef does not seem to have a lot of flavor; this place is an exception, the ground beef has excellent seasoning).

The queso and salsa were excellent. The salsa had a fresh tomato flavor and just a touch of spiciness. The queso was great, it had a slight smoky flavor. Mix both queso and salsa on the same chip, YUM!

For lunch, I had guisado puerco chili verde. Regular readers will note that I have been eating a lot of this recently. This came as a huge plate with rice and refried beans; these were great! The pork was in biggish chunks, and was very tender and flavorful. The chili verde also had wonderful taste. The spiciness of the guisado puerco chili verde was right at the upper limit of Bills spiciness tolerance. So great flavor, and almost to spicy for me to eat. It reminded me a bit of the same dish I had at Casa de los Milagros a couple months ago, but this variety was another step up spice-wise.

I know this sounds like of odd, but I might get a side of sour cream next time, and stir a spoon into the guisado to tone down the spice a bit.

Service was outstanding and super friendly. The iced tea was great. My check was $21.90. That’s a bit high, I know, but fully $10 of that was my lunch, and the nachos was a full order, and probably $6-7. This place was very good, and I look forward to another visit, soon.

Casa Perico, Oklahoma City, OK

25 January 2014

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This was great! We were looking for a quick dinner near St. John’s, and literally saw Casa Perico from across the street, and decided to try it.

Erin got a taco salad that she liked OK. Raegan got chicken enchiladas. She ate 1.5 of the 2, and I had some of the rest; they were pretty darn good. I got puerco verde; pork in green chili sauce. OUTSTANDING! That stuff had a bit of spiciness, but flavor that was just wonderful. I asked our server, and he said it was essentially guisada. Wonderful stuff.

The queso and salsa was pretty good. Service was excellent. The iced tea was really good. Our check was $37.89. I look forward to going back, I think this place has real potential.

Chuy’s, Plano, TX

11 January 2014

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I had lunch here 11 Dec 2013 with some work friends. It was pretty darn crowded, but we didn’t have to wait for a table.

I got the combination fajitas, and they were pretty darn good. The meat was plump and cooked tender and pretty darn tasty. As usual, I didn’t wrap it up in tortillas, but just mixed it all together on the serving platter. The onions were cooked all the way (instead of being a bit raw). The chips and salsa were very good.

Service was a bit spotty, but they were very busy over lunch. The iced tea was really good. My check was $15.89, not bad. I would go back.

El Tequila, Broken Arrow, OK

4 November 2013

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Raegan and I had dinner here a couple weeks ago when I was on the way to my 35th High School class reunion in Muskogee. It was great!

We split mixed fajitas with no green peppers. They were excellent, with the onions well cooked and the meat tender and flavorful. The chips, salsa, and queso were also great. We ordered some beef queso and it was a great extra.

The iced tea was excellent, and service was pretty good, especially considering that the place was packed. Our check was about $24. Recommended.

Pancho and Lefty’s, Grand Lake, CO

11 September 2013

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We had this place recommended by two people in the Estes Park area.  We walked 1.5 miles from camp in RMNP Summerland Group to town, and it was worth it.

I started with a cup of outstanding green chili pork soup.  Great taste and just the right amount of spice.  Great stuff.  I had the chicken chimi, which was positively stuffed with chicken.  The frioles and rice were pretty good.  I was not impressed with the “sopapillas”, which were bread dough used for crescent rolls (they had the tear-aparts), so had no puff, and were extra cost.

Service was excellent.  The iced tea was perfect.  My check was around $20.  I would gladly eat there again.

Abuelita’s II, Shawnee, OK

27 May 2013

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We stopped here for dinner this evening coming back from our visit to the Chickasaw Cultural Center. It was pretty good.

Raegan got a shrimp cocktail and really liked it. She also shared some of Erins chicken nachos. Ian ordered chicken soft tacos, but got what looked like soft tacos that had been lightly deep-fried. He liked them just fine. I got a ground beef chimi; it came with frijoles and fried potatoes (which I really liked!), the entire meal was really good.

The iced tea was great, and service was right on the money. Our check was $42.46. Good meal, I’d be happy to go back.

Lil’ Burro, Bellevue, NE

15 May 2013

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I haven’t eaten at the Lil’ Burro for a while, so we went there for lunch yesterday. It was excellent. The last time I was there, the place was cash only, and now they take credit cards, which is nice.

I got the ground beef chimichanga. It comes with green chili sauce poured over it, and I asked for chili con carne instead. We had a language issue, at the end of which it was suggested that I try a spicy pork gravy over the chimi. I was warned that it was pretty spicy, but when it came, I thought it was only moderately spicy, and was hugely flavorful. The chimi was excellent, with the right amount of seasoned beef and cheese, and cooked up perfectly. The sides of beans and rice were very good also.

Service was right on the money, and the iced tea was excellent. My check was $11.05. Great food!

Anita’s Restaurant, Oceanside, CA

2 September 2012

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I was headed from the San Diego area back to LAX to spend the night when I drove through Oceanside. I saw Anita’s and decided to check it out.

It was an OK meal. They had carne asada burritos, and then they had ground beef and chicken chimis, so I asked for a carne asada chimi. No problem. The chimi was not fried all the way for some reason, it had a number of un-fried parts. Regardless, it was pretty good. The carne asada had just the right amount of spiceiness to it, and it had very good flavor. The rice and beans were standard. The salsa before the meal had zero heat to it, and tasted heavily of tomato. The chips were really good. The tea was good and kept refilled. Service was fast.

My check was $13.36. I don’t know that I will be eating dinner in Oceanside again (at least for a long while), but you could do worse than Anita’s, I would imagine.

Joseph’s Restaurant, Santa Rosa, NM

30 November 2011

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We have eaten at Joseph’s a number of times over the past five years. We’ve had burritos, enchiladas, cheeseburgers, chicken fried steak, and other things. This past visit, we had pretty much the same stuff. We stopped there last Saturday evening headed back home from Colorado.

So I am going to say that the food at Joseph’s was good this time, again. The salsa was excellent. The tea was a bit weak, but OK. The food is cooked quickly.

But one thing that is also consistent is the service. It’s not good. It’s slow, the servers disappear for long stretches, and your drinks are slow to get to the table and run dry often.

So the food is good and the service is not. If you go, just allow for that extra time. Our check for four this time was $35.58. Good value, just slow.

Miguel’s, Old Town, San Diego, CA

1 September 2011

Miguel's on Urbanspoon

I had heard good things from a friend about this restaurant, and a group of us decided to try it last Monday. We liked it enough that we came back again this evening. It was good both times.

Monday I started off with Miguel’s Nachos for the table, mixed chicken and beef. My main dish was mixed fajitas with no bell peppers. The nachos were OK. The fajitas were excellent. The meat was tender, the onions fully cooked. The meal did not stick to the bottom of the cooking pan, and so was not charred. I piled the refried beans and rice on it, added some salsa, and ate the whole thing. I ended up with chocolate empanadas for desset (small shells filled with chocolate). My check was $36.37.

Tonight I got shredded chicken enchiladas. They were also very good. Smaller than most meals, though. My check was $22.90.

Tea both times, good but not spectacular. Server was good, but I did run out of tea once Monday for a while. This was much better than Coyotes, for sure. Good stuff.

Cafe Coyote, Old Town, San Diego, CA

28 April 2011

Cafe Coyote on Urbanspoon

Five of us went here for dinner this evening. It wasn’t bad at all.

We got there around 1845 and left around 2000. It was crowded, but we were seated within a couple minutes.

The iced tea was a concentrate, unfortunately. The Coke was not very good. The chips were good, and the salsa had a lot of tomato in it, along with onions. The taste was pretty good, and the heat was minimal. I ordered beef nachos for the table; they were OK.

I ordered the enchiladas, one with chicken and one with shredded beef (no ground beef). The beef enchilada was pretty good. The chicken was bland. I think they needed to cook the chicken in something with a bit more spice to it. The beans and rice included were OK; I think there should have been more of the beans.

A couple of the guys suggested I get the fried ice cream. It was OK.

Service was decent, especially given how crowded it was. My check was about $19.00. I’d go here again.