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Judge’s Char Grill, Midwest City, OK

4 June 2016

Judge's Char-Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I had lunch here back on 02 October 2015.

I had the Chicken Fried Steak platter, with a slice of chocolate pie for dessert.

I should have just had the pie. The CFS was not very good at all, tough and tasteless. I didn’t even finish it, it was so bad.

My check was $19.50. The pie and the iced tea were the best part of the meal. Not recommended.


Casey’s Cajun Fried Catfish, Midwest City, OK

24 October 2014

Casey's Cajun Fried Catfish & Seafood on Urbanspoon

I’m not a big fan of cajun food. The spices are just not to my taste, and I don’t eat a lot of seafood. So when the office crew decided to eat lunch at this place, I asked if they had other food, and went.

I got the fried catfish and chicken fingers dinner. It wasn’t bad at all. There was zero spice of any kind in either the catfish or the chicken. Both were lightly breaded, and fried nice and crispy and juicy. The catfish was in nice flakes and had no “fishy” flavor at all. I liked both the catfish and chicken. I got fries and pintos. The fries were very good, and the pintos excellent. The meal came with a couple hush puppies that had a little pepper stuff in them, but not too much.

Service was very friendly. The iced tea was strong and slightly coffee flavored. My check was $10.80. I wouldn’t object to going back another time.

Golden Palace, Midwest City, OK

19 May 2014

Golden Palace on Urbanspoon

There isn’t a good way to say this, but this was a terrible experience. I tried a number of the buffet items, and liked none of them, and disliked most of them. The only thing that was edible was the egg drop soup.

The iced tea was OK. My check was #11.14. I will not go back.

We used to go the the Golden Palace often for going-away functions, and for lunch. But that “often” was 15 years ago, and the last couple times I went (5+ years ago), once I got an upset stomach (extremely rare for me).

If I were asked to go back for a function, I might consider it. But probably not.

Los Vaqueros Mexican, Midwest City, OK (Reblog)

5 April 2014

Los Vaqueros on Urbanspoon

This is only the second reblog I have done for a restaurant. I stopped at Los Vaqueros Tuesday for lunch. This time, I noticed guisos on the menu. I asked for pork, and verde.

It was a mixed bag. The rice and beans were good. For the main course, the pork was a little on the less-than-tender side. The verde was sort of hard to describe. It had a very sharp taste when you first put some in your mouth, and then it overwhelmed the pork for a bit. It wasn’t overly spicy; sharp is the best word I can come up with to describe it.

The iced tea was good and service was great. I didn’t dislike the guisos at all. I am trying to decide if I liked it. I probably will go back in a couple weeks and repeat the meal. My check, BTW, was $13.54.

Smokey Ray’s BBQ, Midwest City, OK (Food Truck)

11 January 2014

Smokey Ray's on Urbanspoon

I’ve a number of catch-up reviews to post, this is one.

Back on 19 December, I was done with work around noon, and as I drove off Tinker, I saw the Smokey Ray’s truck in the parking lot. I’ve wanted to try them for a while, so I stopped and scored a slab of ribs and sauce.

Those were some darn fine ribs. I prefer my ribs smoked wet, and these have a rub, with one of the ingredients slightly masking the rib flavor. They were pretty tender and had really good flavor, though. I actually ate a couple of them right there in the parking lot, since I had skipped breakfast! We heated them up in the oven for dinner and they hadn’t lost any flavor.

I think I gave around $20 for the slab, and it was a heck of a lot of ribs. We made two meals out of them. Service was extraordinarily friendly. I want to go back and try some of the beef and pork options.

This is my first food truck!

All American Diner, Midwest City, OK

11 January 2014

All American Diner on Urbanspoon

I drove past this location back in December; it’s in the former Murphy’s Family Grill location, which has been about five restaurants over the past years. I hope this one sticks.

There is another one of these in Nicoma Park, the full name is the All American Dixie Diner. It’s pretty darn good also.

I had lunch here Wednesday with my friend Wendy. She got the chicken fried chicken, and every bit of it was consumed. I got a lunch special of chicken pot pie. That was darn fine, with thick golden gravy and lots of chicken and veg. Both came with two sides, I got mashers and pintos, both great.

So this location is right on a par with the Nicoma Park location. Good, basic American food for a decent price. This location being close to work is a good thing. Service was pretty darn good. My check was $9.40. And the iced tea was excellent.

Old Chicago, Midwest City, OK

31 December 2013

Old Chicago on Urbanspoon

I just do not like this place. I had lunch here with a group on 05 October, and the selection on the buffet was very limited (and since the place was so crowded, the pizzas were denuded as soon as they were put out). The pizza is also just so-so.

I don’t understand why this place is so crowded all the time, except it is cheap and near the base. My check was $10.59. The service was way less than satisfactory. Just unimpressed.

Golden Phoenix Bistro, Midwest City, OK

28 August 2013

Golden Phoenix Bistro on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here 07 August for a going-away lunch for one of our coworkers. I got curried chicken and rice. It was a green curry, and pretty tasty, but very thin, so there wasn’t a lot of flavor. I like curry, and when we cook it at home we typically use a lot. There needed to be more in this case. It wasn’t even slightly hot. The rice was very good, just a bit clumpy and tasty.

The iced tea was good, but after initial food deliveries service dropped off significantly. One of our guys had his order forgotten, and it took a bit to get a server to look into the situation. My check was $13.93. I don’t think I would mind going again.

Pho B&B, Midwest City, OK

28 August 2013

Pho B&B on Urbanspoon

This was a new experience for me; I have never had Pho, but a number of work friends like it, so I gave it a try.

I chose the medium sized pho tai, which is rice noodles with eye of round beef. It was not bad at all. The rice noodles were in a large pile on the bottom of the bowl (a medium bowl, by the way, is HUGE). The broth was not too bad, but it was less rich than I would have expected. There was very little beef in the bowl. What was there was not too bad, tender enough, but little flavor.

The iced tea was good, but service was spotty (they were pretty busy). My check was $6.98. I will go again.

Mazzio’s, Midwest City, OK

23 August 2013

Mazzio's Italian Eatery on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here Tuesday with a number of co-workers to mark the departure of one of our team. We got there just after 1100 and left right after 1200.

I was not impressed. The buffet was very, very small. It was also limited in the number of pizzas out, and they were mediums. The thick crust pepperoni wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t last long. I got some thin crust sausage, that was badly dried out.

I didn’t get any salad. I noticed after the meal that the pizza buffet was $3.05 and the salad bar was charged seperately at $3.20. I wish I at noticed that earlier.

The iced tea wasn’t bad. The check was $8.83. The check also said that for some reason, I “saved” $5.00. Beats the heck out of me how I did. I would not be inclined to go back.

Santa Fe Cattle Company, Midwest City, OK

26 July 2013

Santa Fe Cattle Co. on Urbanspoon

I have not been terribly impressed with the Santa Fe restaurants in the area. The food quality has been quite uneven. Tuesday, we had a lunch there to honor our outgoing immediate commander. It was a pretty good experience.

I got the lunch size chopped sirloin dinner with fries and iced tea. First of all, the rolls that come with the meals were great, as always. The iced tea was good also. The fries were thick and real potato like they were supposed to be. The chopped steak was not too bad at all. I had asked for it to be medium well, but it came medium rare to medium. Good flavor. I had asked for the onions to be well cooked, and they were.

The only real down here was that service was really uneven. The problem was that we had at least 25 people, and *one* server. And she was working other tables in the area. Things got pretty slow towards the end of the meal, especially when it came to paying our bills. Really, SF, staff up a little.

Related to that, the 18% extorted gratuity was too much for the service provided.

So I will go back to Santa Fe if there is some function that is held there, but given the choice, take Logan’s up the road two blocks.

Steak ‘n Shake, Midwest City, OK

23 July 2013

Steak 'n Shake on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here today. I got the double cheeseburger with bacon and fries, a vanilla shake, and an iced tea. It was all very good, and every bit was consumed. My check was $11.51. Service was fast and very attentive.

Taco Bell, Midwest City, OK

13 July 2013

Taco Bell on Urbanspoon

I can probably count the number of times I have eaten at a Taco Bell on half of one hand. I don’t have anything against them.

Thursday we were having a Tex-Mex themed potluck lunch at work, and I didn’t think I was going to be there, but then I had a trip postponed, so I did some quick thinking. The Taco Bell was about the closest sorta-Mexican place near work, so I headed over there.

One note: I tried to check the menu out before going over there; the online Taco Bell site pretty much sux. If you work on it, you might include a link to an online menu.

When I got there, I saw the perfect takeaway: a box of 12 tacos, in various varieties. It took a bit, but I got the server to understand that I wanted a box of beef tacos, and a box of chicken tacos.

The iced tea first: it was great!

The tacos: the chicken tacos were very bland, with almost no flavor. The cool ranch variety had the most flavor. The ground beef tacos were pretty darn good, and had decent flavor. Neither box of tacos was just overflowing with filling.

The check was pretty interesting. The box ‘o tacos in the default beef configuration goes for $13. Chicken adds $7.20, for a total cost of $20+. Is chicken really that much more expensive? And for not being flavorful in the least? I think that’s a ripoff, and will not order the chicken tacos again.

Service (aside from the initial communications issue) was pretty quick; I walked in and placed my order, and I was out in six minutes.

Del Rancho, Midwest City, OK

12 July 2013

Del Rancho on Urbanspoon

I have not had a Del Rancho in a long time. Like, 25 years. I was looking for a quick lunch on Monday, and decided to try Del Rancho. It wasn’t bad at all. I got a steak sandwich supreme, without tomatoes, fries, and an iced tea. It was hot, tender, the breading stayed on the CFS, and had good flavor. I was less happy with the fries; they were crispy but didn’t really seem to be made of potatoes.

The iced tea was very good. Service was a bit slow, I thought, but not overly so. My check was $11.37. I don’t know that I would drive all the way to 10th for a CFS sandwich, when I’ve a closer place on Midwest Blvd. But there are other Del Ranchos around…

Mulligan’s Grill, Tinker AFB, Midwest City, OK

4 May 2013

Mulligan's Grill on Urbanspoon

There are not many places to eat on base. Mulligan’s used to be the “snack bar at the golf course”, and last year it was rebuilt. It’s not a bad place to get lunch, which I did last Monday.

I got a “sandbagger”, which is a double bacon cheeseburger. It was pretty good; the beef had decent flavor, and it was cooked on an actual grill. The beef had good texture. The bacon was perfect, just the right amount of crunch. I had chili-cheese fries on the side, pretty darn good as well. The chili was the kicker, no beans and lots of meat, the perfect compliment to the fries.

My only gripe is that they don’t have real iced tea. The soda fountain there has Fuze (I think it was). It’s not bad, but it’s sure not good either. I switched to Coke after my first glass.

It was very busy due to a gold tournament, but my order got there fast. My check was $9.10, not bad. I should eat here more often.

Of course, it’s a little depressing watching people tee off right in front of you, knowing you have to go back to work. Got to hit that lottery one day… 🙂

Wholly Guacamole, Midwest City, OK

25 April 2013

Wholly Guacamole Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here with a group of work friends a couple weeks ago. I got the lunch special ground beef chimi. It was really good! It was a bit smaller than at most places, but it was a lunch portion. It came with the expected pinto beans and rice. It had a good serving of tasty ground beef.

The queso and salsa served before the meal was very good. The chips were kind of thick (I prefer the thin variety). The iced tea was excellent, and service was fast and very friendly. My check was around $8. I look forward to another visit.

Chili’s, Midwest City, OK

6 March 2013

Chili's Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here today. It was fast, and good. I got there at 1140 and left at 1240. I wanted something a little different, so I ordered a chicken bacon quesadilla. It came with some decent ranch dressing for dipping. It was very good! It had just the right amount of chicken embedded in cheese with bacon chunks.

Service was OK. I asked for another small tub of ranch but never got it. The tea was good, and was kept full. My check was $12.98, a bit expensive, I think, but not overly so.

Jimmy’s Egg, Midwest City, OK

4 March 2013

Jimmy's Egg on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here today as it was very near the meeting location I was at. I got there about 1140 and left at 1230.

I got a bacon cheeseburger and fries. I really liked the fries. The burger was OK at best. The meat was overcooked and didn’t have a lot of flavor. I got the burger with bacon, mayo, and pickles, and those three ingredients overwhelmed what flavor the beef had (especially given that the beef was overcooked).

I will look at the burgers closely on the menu next time, and if I get one, I will ask for it to be medium well instead of well.

I got excellent iced tea. Service was perfect. My check was $9.95. I will try this Jimmy’s Egg again (and I should, it’s close to work).

McAlister’s Deli, Midwest City, OK

3 March 2013

McAlister's Deli on Urbanspoon

This is a new restaurant in Midwest City! I got to have lunch here with my friend Harold Thursday for the pre-grand-opening sneak peak.

We got there at 1245 and shut the place down (i.e. left at 1400, the closing time for the sneak preview). McAlister’s was giving free meals to uniformed military (hooray for McAlister’s!), and to the Midwest City CoC, and somehow I got an invitation.

Harold got a French Dip, while I got a bacon backed potato. Both were excellent! I have never had a McAlister’s potato, and really liked this one. It was large and cooked all the way through. It came with about half a pig of bacon ( 🙂 ), and some butter. “Our” server (there were a number of folks circulating around, but she adopted our table) brought some extra, and also kept our tea refilled, and otherwise was super nice and pleasant (as was the entire crew).

I’m glad this McAlister’s is open, it is a perfect lunch spot and near work. I will be eating a lot of meals there.

Qdoba Mexican Grill, Midwest City, OK

24 February 2013

Qdoba Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here last week. It was the usual nice experience. I got the naked queso chicken again, with hot sauce. Great meal, just the right size, fast service (especially given that it was crowded at lunch), and excellent iced tea. My check was $9.62. I’m glad this place is in MWC.

Long John Silver’s, Midwest City, OK

21 February 2013

A&W-Long John Silver's on Urbanspoon

We have been avoiding LJS for a bit as quality has been dropping. Raegan wanted some fish back on 11 Feb, and I was about two blocks away from this location (which is a shared A&W/LJS), so I headed there and picked up a family pack of eight each fish and chicken, with some hush puppies.

It wasn’t too bad. The fish was good, flaky, and breaded just the right amount. The chicken was very good. Hush puppies, OK.

We didn’t get any veg from there, since it’s just been crap for a long time (we made some at home). Our check was $24.77, and we had that dinner, and Raegan had a couple to take for lunch the next day. Service was a bit slow, I think, but not horrible.

Golden Chick, Midwest City, OK

24 January 2013

Golden Chick on Urbanspoon

I decided to get some fried chicken for lunch back on 03 January, and headed to the Golden Chick just north of Tinker. I got there around 1150 and left about a half hour later.

I got the three piece, all light. The chicken tasted odd to me. The skin was breaded nice and crisp, and the chicken was moist all the way through, but it tasted off enough that I sent a text to Raegan and told her to tell the hospital if I keeled over. Seriously. The mashed potatoes were completely bland. The gravy was not too bad. The tea (both sweet and straight) was pretty good (and frankly, was the highlight of the meal).

The staff was friendly enough. I was not impressed with the chicken flavor. My check was $9.54.

Super Subs, Midwest City, OK

11 December 2012

Super Subs Midwest City on Urbanspoon

I have eaten at Super Subs for more than five years, but I don’t go here very often. This is unfortunate, I should! Super Subs makes probably the best cheesesteak in the OKC area.

I went to lunch here today with my friend Wendy. I got the philly cheese steak, 10″, without the bell peppers (mostly useless regardless, and an abomination on a cheesesteak). The only bad thing I could say about that cheesesteak: no Cheese Whiz. Otherwise, it was perfect. Hotter than hell right off the grill, a perfect mix of beef, onions, and mushrooms. Melted provolone. Yummy. Great taste. The bread was really good, also, warm, and just the right texture. The meal came with fries that were just the right amount of crispy, and great flavor. The iced tea was perfect.

I managed to toss my receipt, but I think it was around $10.40. This is one of those eateries that I need to visit more often. BTW, we got there around 1145, the place was getting full, and by noon it was packed, with a line.

Ted’s Grill, Midwest City, OK

7 November 2012

Ted's Grill on Urbanspoon

I had to visit the Tinker Tag Agency to get my annual car tag, and Ted’s was right next door in the former Monroe’s Grill location. I decided to give it a try. Ted’s has a mix of American (burgers) and Chinese (fried rice). I ordered chicken fried rice and iced tea. The meal came with egg drop soup that was EXCELLENT. I would go into Ted’s on a cold day and get three bowls of that stuff, it was wonderful! The fried rice came with an egg roll. I’m not a huge fan of egg rolls, but this one was very good. The fried rice was a huge plate of food. My biggest problem with fried rice is that it gets cooked to dry. This wasn’t a problem here, it was just moist enough, and had really good flavor, with lots of tender chicken. The only thing I could count down was the four pieces of green bell pepper. I will know to ask that it not be added next time. The iced tea (both sweet and standard) was serve yourself and very good.

My check was something like $10 (I can’t find the receipt). They have free wifi that is fast and open. The place was bright and clean and very friendly. I look forward to going back and trying a steakburger! And some more fried rice. This place has real potential.

Chequer’s Restaurant and Pub, Midwest City, OK

18 October 2012

Chequers Restaurant & Pub on Urbanspoon

This is a bit of a catch-up post. I ate lunch here with my friends Clark and Gayle back on 18 September (seems a little hiking trip got in the way of a timely post :). I got a smothered steak (ground sirloin covered with cheese, onions, and mushrooms (hold the green peppers). It was just what it was supposed to be, cooked medium well, and the stuff on top was cooked just like it was supposed to be. My check was around $12. The iced tea was good and kept refilled, and service was pretty good also.

I’ve eaten at Chequer’s numerous times over the years, since around 1987, it’s always been very good.

Mr Sprigg’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q, Midwest City, OK

2 September 2012

Mr Sprigg's Real Pit Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

I used to eat at Mr. Spriggs quite a lot when it was farther south on Air Depot (now there is a lube place there). When they moved north of 15th, they sort of fell off my radar. My friend Willie was coming back from lunch a couple weeks ago, he had been to Spriggs, and liked it, so I decided to go the next day.

I ordered a two-meat dinner with ribs and chicken. After the meal arrived, I remembered the sign at the old location, that the chicken was “italian”. It wasn’t smoked, it was marinated and roasted. Kind of odd; I didn’t finish it. The chicken was OK, but a bit dry. The ribs were decent, about a 7 on a scale of 1 to JTs. There was a lot of food. The meal came with baked beans (good) and mac and cheese (really good!). The iced tea was excellent. My check was $15.93.

I probably ought to go back and try the brisket. I remember from eating at the old location that I usually got a brisket sandwich, and liked them.

Murphy’s Family Grill, Midwest City, OK

12 July 2012

Murphy's Family Grill on Urbanspoon

I drove past Murphy’s a couple weeks ago; it’s in a former Grandy’s. Tuesday, after a round of golf at the base, I decided to have lunch at Murphy’s.

I got there around 1145 and left about 1230. They have free wifi; I used it to do a quick assignment for work while I was having lunch. The wifi is open, but protected by Cisco Connect; my server told me the password.

I got the Shepherd’s Pie. Excellent! It was just right for lunch size-wise. The pie was a scoop of seasoned beef with carrots and peas and onions, and maybe other stuff. This had a large dome of mashers. My only comment here is that the pie should have been baked to put a nice crust on the potatoes. This is a minor comment. I ate every bit of the meal, it was excellent.

The iced tea was great and kept refilled. Service was very attentive. I don’t have my check here, but it was about $11.00. I like this place, I will go back.

Venezia Italian Ristorante, Midwest City, OK

15 June 2012

Venezia Italian Ristorante (Midwest) on Urbanspoon

After a meeting this morning, Jay told Mark and I about this place, and we headed over for lunch. A great find!

It was almost empty at 1125 and not much more filled when we left at 1215. The iced tea was excellent, and the meal started with some very good crusty bread. I got chicken fettuccine al fredo. EXCELLENT! The al fredo was light and not overly creamy. Wonderful flavor, al dente noodles. The meal was an excellent size for lunch.

The check for Mark and I was $19.45. I will be back! Great stuff. Service was excellent, also.

Gary Dale’s, Midwest City, OK

18 May 2012

Gary Dale's on Urbanspoon

I used to eat at Gary Dale’s BBQ more than 10 years ago, when it was in a former gas station at MLK and Reno. I liked the BBQ OK, but not the sauce, which was very odd to me (like a mustard/vinegar base). The place disappeared at some point. A couple weeks ago, I ran into a guy at Braum’s who was wearing a Gary Dale’s T-Shirt, and he told me that the place had opened again.

Today at lunch a couple work friends and I headed there for lunch. It’s close to work, just a half block east of Douglas and 29th. I got a two meat combo, with chopped beef and BBQ chicken. The chopped beef was excellent, tender and not fatty, and there was quite a lot of it. The chicken. There was a lot of it also, a quarter chicken. The thigh was excellent, juicy and flavorful. The breast was also pretty good, but got dry towards the outside to the middle; there wasn’t nearly as much flavor in it. The two sides were green beans (with bacon and onion, excellent), and pinto beans (good). The BBQ sauce was a decent deep red sauce that had a low bite to it.

The iced tea was excellent, in both sweetened and straight versions. The restaurant was only about1/3 full when we were there (about 1110 – 1155). My check was $16.12.

I noticed that the daily special was fried chicken.

This evening, after work, school, and piano lessons, Raegan mentioned that she would like some fried chicken. I mentioned Gary Dale’s, and so off we went.

For my second meal of the day there, I got a CFS. It was breaded up right there. It was pretty good. The breading was a bit sweet, and didn’t adhere 100% to the meat. I’d rank the CFS as an 8. I got green beans and mashed potatoes. Those and the gravy were pretty good. Erin got a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches, and ate both of them. Raegan got the fried chicken, and said it was good. Ian got a half rack of ribs, and pronounced them excellent. I had one, it was a big rib with quite a lot of meat on it; I would rate the rib as a 9 on a scale of 1 to JTs.

Gary Dale’s was about 50% full when we got there at 1807; it was the same at 1850 when we left. Our check was $52.87.

Good stuff, I would gladly go back any time.

Los Vaqueros Mexican, Midwest City, OK

16 November 2011

Los Vaqueros on Urbanspoon

I ate here a week or so back as part of a going-away for a coworker. Let me saw up front, the service for our part of about 20, even given that there were two other smaller groups, and the usual customers, was excellent. The staff kept drinks refilled, took orders quickly, and the food arrived quickly. They were motivated.

I ordered a pair of enchiladas, a lunch special, I think the #5. They were covered with sour cream sauce, and were really good. They came with rice and beans.

This was a pretty fast and fairly tasty lunch. My check was only $8.10. This restaurant is new in the Mid-Del area, and is well worth going back to.

Nino’s Mexican Restaurant, Midwest City, OK

31 March 2011

Nino's Mexican on Urbanspoon

I ate here for lunch today with a couple friends. I suggested it because I had an ulterior motive (sorry, Clark and Gayle!). I had a clogged left ear, and I wanted to eat something semi-spicy. It worked!

We got there around 1140, and left at 1230. The restaurant was mostly empty the entire time.

I got a lunch special of a pair of enchiladas, one chicken and one ground beef, with chili con carne over all. The meal came with rice and pinto beans. It was all very good. I ate every scrap.

The meal came with some mild queso and some decent salsa. I ate two bowls of the queso and most of a bowl of salsa (which accounted for my ear, so it had medicinal value also!). The tea was excellent.

My check was a touch over $7.00, which I think is an outstanding value. The company was good also. We had to go to a meeting afterward, so that was not quite as fantastic follow-on, but hey, you’ve got to pay the bills!

I’ll gladly go back to Nino’s.

Logan’s Roadhouse, Midwest City, OK

6 November 2010

Logan's Roadhouse on Urbanspoon

One of the first Logan’s opened in Edmond back in 1995 or so. It was pretty darn good, I thought. It was always crowded. But after a couple years, the name changed to Santa Fe Steakhouse, and they took away the very good caesar salad and the ribeye (at a steakhouse?). The quality also dropped. After a couple years, a couple other Santa Fe Steakhouses opened. The story we got was that the Logan’s franchise holder sold those rights, bought the buildings, and opened the Santa Fes.

Anyway, the Logan’s in Midwest City opened a couple months ago. I’ve wanted to try it.

Last Tuesday, for various reasons, I wanted soup. I remembered that Logan’s had had good soup, so I decided to try. I got in and got seated immediately, and ordered a bowl of baked potato soup and tea. Some white rolls were also served, they were pretty good. The soup was excellent! Hot, and had just a bit of pepper in it, and perfectly cooked potatoes, some bacon, and all in a heavy cream. The tea was also good. Service was outstanding. My check… $4.30. I was also in and out in less than 25 minutes, so I could get back to work.

Last night, I offered up Logan’s as an option for the family to have dinner out, and off we headed.

Ian got the cheeseburger. It was an excellent cheeseburger, with a good crust and great flavor. Raegan got a half rack of baby back ribs. They tasted like they had actually had some smoking done, a good thing. She couldn’t eat but half, so gave the rest to Ian, who wolfed them down. Erin got the mac and cheese, and ate every bite. I ordered a 16 oz ribeye with sides of mac and cheese and sauteed mushrooms. The sides were good, but the steak was the star. I got it medium as usual, and that’s the way it came. Very little charring. That steak was mostly fork tender and had a lot of flavor. There was not a hint of peppering or other flavor enhancers. An excellent meal overall. The tea was good, and all the drinks were kept refilled.

We got there around 1900 and had about a 15 minute wait for a table. Service was pretty good given that the place was packed. We left around 2015. Our check was $58.11, which I think is tremendous value. I will gladly go back.

Jack In The Box, Midwest City, OK

28 October 2010

Jack in the Box on Urbanspoon

This is a real time post!

I have eaten a lot of Jack in the Box over the years, mainly in Texas.

A month or so ago one opened in Midwest City, and I decided to try it for lunch.

I got an Ultimate Cheeseburger with bacon. I am not really impressed. The burger come with meat and cheese and bacon, and mayo and mustard and catsup (Ian would be appalled!). The meat is mushy and does not have a lot of flavor. The dressings compete for flavor and mask the meat somewhat.

The fries are OK, they don’t really taste like potato.

The iced tea is Gold Coast, and claims to be brewed. It might be, but it has an odd taste.

My check was $7.31. I would come back if someone suggested it, but I’m not going to be doing that.

I think that the standards for this chain have dropped, a lot. They used to make a great cheeseburger.

Canton Palace, Midwest City, OK

20 October 2010

Canton Palace Chinese on Urbanspoon

Today I had lunch here with a group of friends that all used to work together at the Very Large Defense Contractor I work for. I used to eat at Canton Palace once a week or so back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and obviously thought it was good, but it has been more than 15 years.

As usual, I started off with iced tea. It was, in a word, terrible. It tasted bad. Not a coffee taste, just something bitter and bad. I ordered water instead.

You get good egg drop soup and an egg roll with the lunches. The soup was pretty good, you could taste the egg in there, and it wasn’t too salty. The egg rolls were OK, they were stringy and tough. There was a sweet sauce to drizzle over the rolls.

I got sweet and sour pork for my entree (curiously, there was no sweet and sour chicken). The sweet and sour pork was very bland. The meat was tender enough, and the coating was of neutral taste and was just crunchy enough, but there was just not much taste there. The fried rice was also OK, but bland.

Service was OK to a bit slow. My check was about $7 (don’t know exactly, since one of the other guys bought for the four of us, which was really nice!).

I guess I would eat there again, but I don’t think I would make it a priority. And I sure as heck would not get iced tea.

Falcone’s, Midwest City, OK

8 August 2010

Falcone's Pizzeria & Deli on Urbanspoon

We ate at the Falcone’s on May a couple years ago. We like pizza and Italian a lot, but we were underwhelmed by Falcone’s. It was expensive and not very good.

I noticed another branch in Midwest City a year or so ago, and Thursday decided to try it since I was in a bit of a hurry.

I got two slices of pepperoni pizza and a large drink. This set me back $7.81.

The tea was good. The pizza was OK. The crust was a thin style, but towards the wide end started getting fairly tough. There was not all that much pepperoni, and I thought there was not enough sauce.

The place was about 1/4 full at 1135 and about 1/2 full when I left at 1205.

The pizza was OK. I think the next time, I will stay on base and hit Anthony’s. It is better pizza, and less expensive.

Falcone’s has wifi, though.

Monroe’s Grill, Midwest City, OK

3 August 2010

Monroe's Grill on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here this afternoon after visiting the tag agent next door.

I got there shortly after 1205 and left at 1230. The place had three tables occupied out of about 15.

I ordered a double meat cheeseburger with fries and iced tea. The burger was odd tasting, not much flavor. The fries were the same way, not much flavor. The iced tea was ok.

I don’t think I would get another burger here. There is a lotof other stuff, including Asian food and Tex-Mex.

My check was $9.15. Service was good.

Spencer’s Smokehouse and BBQ, Oklahoma City, OK

24 June 2010

Spencer's Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

First, off, I don’t really know if Spencer’s is in Oklahoma City or Midwest City or Nicoma Park. Go to 23rd and Post Road, and you are there.

I had a meal at Spencer’s a couple years ago for a coworkers going-away lunch. I think that I had a buffet that time. It clearly didn’t make much impression one way or the other.

So yesterday, Spencer’s was mentioned in the office, and I thought – BBQ! So a coworker and I went off to have lunch.

We got there about 1130. A crowd surged in immediately thereafter, but the restaurant was not nearly full.

I got a two-meat lunch. Now, at most places, you get about the same volume of meat, but with two items. Not here, it was a quarter chicken and a HUGE pile of brisket! The chicken was perfect, smoked and juicy and tasty. The brisket… it was odd. It came with mild sauce like the chicken, but something about it made me pucker like licking a lemon would do. It was really sweet (not the sauce). I liked it once I got past the pucker part, but it wasn’t a huge like. I am not sure I would get the brisket again. The chicken, sure!

They have self serve iced tea (both sweet and unsweetened), I got the un and it was good! Three big glasses worth.

We left around 1210. My check was $20.42.

15th Street Grill, Midwest City, OK

25 February 2010

15th Street Grill on Urbanspoon

Oh, a sort of a blast from the past. We used to hit the Grill at least once a week. The place was sort of seedy in an endearing way. For no good reason, we drifted away from the grill, and until today, it had probably been five years since I’ve been there.

A group of us tried to hit the Grill on the 17th, but they were closed for the day. We tried again today, and they were open!

It used to be really hard to get a table, but the store area next door has been added, and a hole knocked in the wall between the rooms. The place also is covered in pictures and models of motorcycles.

The big draw for the 15th Street Grill is the cheeseburgers. They have always been good, grilled right there in front of you on a huge, greasy grill. Most of the burgers at the Grill have a pile of grilled onions on them.

One of the specialties at the Grill is The Thang. I think it used to be The Thing, but now it’s Thang. The Thang is a double-meat cheeseburger with the requisite grilled onions, left open faced, along with a couple ladles of chili over the whole… Thang.

It was really good, too. The beef was firm and well cooked and not burned. It had a really good beef flavor and texture. The chili was really good also, with a great flavor, no standing puddles of grease, and the right consistency. There was no heat from peppers, unusually enough.

The iced tea was a bit weak but was good. The service was also really good. We got there with six people, and were seated immediately upon arrival at 1130. We left at 1230. The place was about 50% full when we got there, and 70% full when we left. My check was $9.16.

I don’t want to wait another couple years before going back to the 15th Street Grill.

Santa Fe Cattle Company, Midwest City, OK

24 February 2010

We have a couple of these around the Oklahoma City area. The first one was in Edmond (it’s out of business now). It used to be a Logan’s Roadhouse, but the manager bought it or something and turned it into a SFCC.

This week, we had a retirement lunch for one of our co-workers, and had it at the SFCC in Midwest City.

I’ve had chicken fried steak, cheeseburgers, and steak here during previous visits.

This day I had a ribeye. It was a decent steak, cooked a perfect medium rare. It had an OK flavor to it, and it was just a touch on the tough side. I ate it all, though. For the two sides, I got a cup of chili and a sauteed mushrooms. The chili was OK. It had a lot of beans (pintos), and had no heat to it at all. The mushrooms were sauteed in butter and just a bit of garlic, and were good. The iced tea was good, and more or less kept filled.

Service was a bit uneven since we were in a mid-sized group, but OK overall. My check was $22.83, and there was an extorted 18% forced (extorted) gratuity on top of that.

Mackie McNear’s Steakhouse, Midwest City, OK

6 November 2009

Mackie McNear's Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

I know I am going to catch a ration of it from my very cute and fiscally conservative roommate, but…

Yesterday I left InnoTech and headed towards work. I was getting quite hungry. I located the Midwest City location of Chuck House CFS restaurant, drove to it, but it is drive-in only. I decided to hit Taco Bueno, but on the way there, I saw Mackie’s, and said the heck with it, I wanted STEAK.

The family and I ate at a Mackie’s a couple years ago, in Edmond. We all got the buffet. It was… OK. I thought it was kind of limited. But when the Mackie’s were Western Sizzlin, they had pretty good steaks, so I hoped that they remembered that the same way I did.

I ordered the (#6, I think) Ribeye. I ordered it medium rare since I knew the steaks were kind of thin. It got there very quickly, and it was medium rare, just like I asked. I like my steaks medium rare to medium, I like the hot pink center. This steak was a little less cooked than straight medium, but it was really good. The steak was swimming in juice (not a bad thing). It was a little bit salty. But the bottom line was that it was tasty, had great beef flavor, and was tender. There was not too much fat on it, either. It was good-sized, and filled me up nicely.

The fries that came with it were OK. My server brought me a wheat roll (really nice, to have wheat rolls and not just white rolls); I usually don’t get those, but I was so hungry it was nice to have. The iced tea was excellent. The service (Brandon, I think his name was), was excellent – prompt without being obnoxious.

So the steak was well worth it. I didn’t look at the buffet to see if it was any better.

Checkerboard Cafe and Bakery, Midwest City, OK

9 October 2009

This place has the potential to be one of my favorite restaurants. I found it via an indirect route – a guy who was at a meeting I was at heard me make a comment about Chicken Fried Steak, and he said that the CFS at Checkerboard was the best in OKC.

Such claims must be verified!

A couple work friends (let’s call them Dlorah and Kram). Checkerboards is in a shopping center on the NE corner of Reno and Air Depot, next to an Office Depot (I think). The place looks like crap from the outside, but when you walk in, you get a pleasant surprise. The restaurant is really well decorated on the inside, really nice. It’s quiet and open. It smells good!

The menu had one thing on it I’ve not seen before. It talks about how Checkerboards has free wifi, except from 1130 – 1300 (that time range might not be 100% accurate – I just know that it implies that wifi is turned off during lunch.

I had every intention of having a CFS here. But up on the chalkboard was the daily special – roast beef, and it smelled really good!

Two of us got CFS. I got the dinner size. It was really, really good. It was not fork tender, but the meat was easy to chew and had a lot of flavor. The breading was light and not terribly sweet like some places – it was good! I got whipped red potatoes and gravy (both very good) and some green beans – tasty but a bit mushy. I also got a cup of decent potato soup. It had a bit too much cheese (I’m sure Erin would disagree), but that was about the only thing I could find wrong.

The other guy (Kram) got Chicken Marsala. It looked really good also. It was on a bed of pasta (angel hair, I think).

I got iced tea, it was good and strong.

The dessert menu had a lot of potential, but all of us were pretty much stuffed and so did not partake. I’m thinking that Checkerboard might be a good place to take a work break…

That was a really good CFS. The Marsala looked excellent, and the other meals I saw looked good also.

This place has real potential, and that potential must be explored! We got there about 1145, and there were a total of four occupied tables, and a small group. When we left about 1245, it was about the same. I hope that it is a bit busier at other times. My check, for the dinner-sized CFS, soup, and iced tea, was $18.62.

Cheddar’s, Midwest City, OK

7 October 2009

Cheddar's Casual Cafe on Urbanspoon

I was first introduced to Cheddar’s a number of years ago in Plano, TX. Since then I have eaten at several Cheddar’s: Richardson and Dallas, TX; Joplin, Missouri; and Clearwater, FL. I don’t know that I’ve ever had any bad food at a Cheddar’s. I’ve always liked their Chicken Fried Steaks, cheeseburgers, salad, steak, soup, etc.

I’ve referenced Cheddar’s as one of the restaurants that open in smaller markets before they open in Oklahoma in general, and Oklahoma City in particular. Cheddar’s opened a restaurant in Tulsa last year, and I just noticed that they opened one in Norman. Just in the past month, Cheddar’s opened in Midwest City.

Today a couple work friends and I checked it out. We got there around 1150, and had about a five minute wait to be seated. The restaurant is really nicely appointed on the inside. It reminded me of an Elephant Bar.

I got a Chicken Fried Steak. It was tender, and had good taste. There were a couple pockets in the breading that were meat-free. The gravy was good, and not too peppery. I got mashed potatoes (tasty) and green beans (very good). The server brought more gravy quickly. The iced tea was good and strong.

As an appetizer, I ordered chips and salsa and queso. This was not a good value. The chips were good, but the salsa was about eight tablespoons total. I didn’t try to ask for more. It was chunky and not spicy at all. The queso was not good. It was OK for the taste, but it was really thick, like concrete that was setting up. I would not get it again.

So overall, it was a good meal, except for the queso.

My check was $14.52, of which $3.99 was the chips and queso and salsa. We got out around 1300.

Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant, Midwest City, OK

5 October 2009

Lupe's Mexican on Urbanspoon

I’ve eaten at Lupe’s a couple times over the years. It’s on Douglas, between Reno and 15th.

I went there for lunch last Thursday with a couple work fiends.

I had a pair of enchiladas, one chicken and one ground beef, with rice and beans. They were pretty good enchiladas, along with the sides. The iced tea was good.

The service was attentive and the iced tea was kept full. The food got there fairly quickly also. The meal was served with queso (very good) and a medium-hot salsa (decent).

My check was $8.50. Not a bad lunch.

Qboda Mexican Grill

1 October 2009

I walked into the Qboda in Midwest City yesterday for lunch, thinking that it was a Chipotle location. For once, I was just not terribly focused. I walked in and ordered a Burrito Bol, getting a funny look from the guy behind the counter, and a snicker from the two flight suits behind me.

They did not have a Burrito Bol, but they did have a Taco Salad that was pretty close. I got it with grilled chicken and the hot variety of salsa. It was OK, not spectacular. The “hot” sauce was, to my taste, just barely spicy (and I do not like really spicy hot stuff); the salsa did not even raise a bead of sweat on my forehead. The iced tea was good.

Next time I go back (hopefully on purpose), I will get it with the steak instead of the chicken.

Super Subs, Midwest City, OK

8 August 2009

Super Sub is a little restaurant on Douglas, just south of 15th in MWC. They specialize in cheesesteaks (or as they say in Philly, “steaks”). They make a damn fine steak, except they they don’t have Cheese Whiz for the full Philadelphia experience.

I usually get beef with onions and mushrooms, and Provolone; it’s always good.

Yesterday I ate lunch there with work friends. I got a full-size chicken with extra meat, onions and mushrooms, and Provolone cheese. It was a huge amount of meat. The cook offered to deliver it with a to-go box, but that was not necessary! Aside from being hotter than heck (from the grill), it was wonderful. The bread was great and had nice texture, and wasn’t tough. I got an iced tea to go with it, and you just can’t beat it for lunch. My check was $11.50.

The place is small, and has about 10 tables. I’ve never failed to find a seat, although sometimes you sit with other people.

La Greek, Midwest City, OK

8 July 2009

La Greek on Urbanspoon

A group of work friends and I ate at this restaurant for lunch today. I do not eat at Greek restaurants often, which is too bad.

The traditional meal in a Greek restaurant involves gyros. They are good. At La Greek, I got what is essentially an open-faced gyros. The meat was laid out on a sliced up piece of pita bread. It had some yogurt dressing on the side, and a very good salad tossed in a vinaigrette. I asked for rice instead of pomme frites, since I think rice goes better with the meal. The gyros beef was very good, tender and tasty, and the yogurt dressing was also. The meal came with a drink; I got my usual iced tea, but it was not very good: there was a kind of strong aftertaste to it. I ended up dumping it out, rinsing the cup, and getting DP instead. My check was about $10 for lunch.

This place is just north of 29th street on Douglas, on the west side of the road. Being so close to Tinker, I should have been eating here more. That will be corrected in the future.