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Chili’s, Moore, OK

31 May 2014

Chili's Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon

Had dinner here with the family, including Raegan’s Mom.

Ian and I had ribeyes that were not too bad at all. Erin had bacon ranch quesadillas, Raegan a chicken sandwich, and her Mom southwest eggrolls. For a Chili’s, it was a pretty decent meal.

One thing that was pretty cool, the restaurant had a wifi-enabled device that would let you order dessert, drink refills, or play games. The games cost a couple bucks. It would also let you pay the check at pretty much anytime, which could be useful when a restaurant is busy.

Service was pretty good, as was the iced tea; our check was $71.75. I’ve no real incentive to go to Chili’s (except the location at DFW airport is pretty much the only place that brews real iced tea 🙂 ), but this one wasn’t bad.

Fontana Italian Restaurant, Moore, OK

19 April 2014

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I ran over here for lunch Wednesday; it was very good.

The meal started with warm, very textured bread, and a side of EVOO with garlic, great stuff. The meal came with a very basic salad with very good ranch dressing. I ordered fettuccine al fredo with chicken, and it was simply great. The al fredo had that light cream and butter flavor, and wasn’t terribly heavy. The noodles were perfect. The chicken was sauteed into the meal.

Service was spot on and friendly. My check was $9.19. This is close enough to Tinker to be a real threat!

Furr’s, Moore, OK

3 March 2014

Furr's Fresh Buffet on Urbanspoon

This is a slightly delayed post; I found the receipt buried in a drawer while I was looking for something else.

We have occasionally eaten at Furr’s Cafeterias, as Raegans parents were fond of them. This is a Furr’s Fresh Buffet in Moore, and it was pretty crappy. We ate here back on 29 Nov 2013.

The concept here is that you order your drink and get charged, then hit the buffet.

I will just say that off all the things I tried, the only think that was really worth anything was the hamburger steak. And it wasn’t all that impressive. I didn’t actively like anything, and remember that several items tasted bad, the mashed potatoes in particular.

Service was not good. I ran out of iced tea repeatedly (in fact, the entire table had dry drinks at one point).

Our check was $50.59 for six of us. It was wholly unsatisfying. Not recommended.

Pickles, Moore, OK

26 February 2014

Pickles on Urbanspoon

I’ve driven by Pickles a couple hundred times, but never tried it until today. I drove by headed back to work this afternoon.

I had the deluxe double, which is a two-thirds pound burger with bacon and cheese; double everything. It was on an unusual bread, I think an egg bun? There was a lot of cheese, and there were five slices of bacon (cooked to a perfect crispness). The burger was pretty darn good. It was cooked with a nice crust on it, and it had decent flavor. But… the flavor had an odd (but not unpleasant) taste. I wonder if it had some unusual seasoning salt or something similar.

I had fries with the burger, and they were very good. The iced tea was excellent. Service was perfect. My check was $10.24. I wouldn’t mind going back.

BTW, the restaurant is in a former BK or something similar. I don’t usually comment on interiors (unless it’s nasty), but the restaurant was nicely appointed in wood and (I think) brass. The booth I sat in had plenty of room.

Mama Lou’s, Moore, OK

25 June 2013

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We stopped here for lunch Sunday as we were headed down to visit Raegans parents. It was OK.

First, the atrium stinks of smoke. We walked into the main body of the restaurant and saw the glassed-in smoking section. I couldn’t smell smoke until one of the patrons came out and happened to walk by our table. It wasn’t very crowded, so it is probably worse when the place is busy.

I got the fried chicken. While the pieces were kind of small, the chicken was good. It came with a couple veg; I got mashers and kernal corn. The meal came with a decent salad, and the ranch dressing was pretty good. Erin got a breakfast, french toast with bacon, all of which she ate. Raegan got a BLT and pecan pie, she reported them as so-so.

The iced tea was good, and the service was pretty good as well. Our check was $35.05, not bad for three. I wouldn’t mind going back.

Bent River Cattle Co, Moore, OK

30 April 2013

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Last evening, Raegan and the kids and I were at her parents house doing some yardwork. We were hungry afterward, and I had seen Bent River coming back from Dallas Friday, so we decided to try it.

I started off with some beef and mushroom soup. EXCELLENT! That was a rich, thick soup, and the chunks of steak and mushroom were perfectly balanced. Raegan ended up getting a bowl of that soup for dinner. Ian got a caesar salad that was pretty good. Erin got a plate of fettuccine al fredo; she didn’t eat much of it, but I tried it and it was good. I got a ribeye and baked potato. First, the potato. It was undercooked; it needed another 20 or more minutes. I had asked for just butter, but it came with butter and sour cream (that’s easily fixed, of course, but it shows a lack of attention to detail). The steak was very good. It was cooked medium just as ordered. It had a bit more black pepper than I usually like on a steak, but not excessive.

We finished with two desserts, a chocolate mudslide, and a peach cobbler, both with ice cream. The cobbler could have been a bit more evenly heated up, but it was good. The mudslide was HUGE; we couldn’t finish it.

The iced tea was great, and kept refilled. Service was attentive. Our check was $67.66, not unreasonable.

The hostess told me on the way out that the restaurant has only been open for a couple weeks. I hope it hangs around.

Harry Bears, Moore, OK

23 August 2012

Harry Bear's All-American Grill on Urbanspoon

We used to eat at Harry Bears quite a lot. There was a location just off NW Expressway near May, the food was very good, and it was near school. The location closed, then opened, closed, was something else, was Harry Bears, moved/another opened out near Macarthur, etc. The same with the location in Moore. I noticed this location in Moore when we drove to Norman a couple weeks ago, and last Friday, it was about halfway between me at work, and my friend Gayle, who had brought her daughter to visit OU, so I thought I’d give it a try again. So: the company, excellent. The food, meh.

I got a CFS and Gayle got a salad. The CFS was OK, about a six out of ten; just boring. The gravy was probably manufactured in 60 gallon drums somewhere. The mashers had no texture or flavor. The tea was really good.

Our check was about $20. If I were going to meet Gayle halfway between Norman and Tinker again, I’d pick someplace else. It’s not that the food was bad, it just wasn’t very tasty.

Sunny Side Up, Moore, OK

7 August 2012

Sunny Side Up on Urbanspoon

This is a catch-up post; I found the receipt in my backpack. Raegan and the kids and I ate here 13 July when we were in Moore.

I got a pretty darn good chicken friend steak. Ian got biscuits and gravy with sausage patties and loved them. Raegan got french toast and enjoyed it. I can’t remember what Erin got, but she ate all of it. The place wasn’t very full, but service was very good. I had iced tea that I liked a lot, and drank a lot.

Our check was $41.57. I would gladly eat here again.

Nannies and Natural Disasters

4 April 2012

I’m in the Dallas area today, after the tornado outbreak yesterday. I was watching coverage of the damage on one of local TV stations.

I was concerned by one of the reports. The reporter said that no residents were being allowed in the area, as it was too dangerous, and no one would be allowed in until city officials toured the area and said it was safe enough for residents to come back.

To me, this is bogus nannyism. There were dozens of reporters standing around on the lawns of destroyed and damaged houses. If reporters can be hanging around, then there is NO reason that residents can’t be allowed back to start working on their property.

The “officials”, who were not going to be in the area for a number of hours, are just exercising authority, getting in the way of people who need to get to their property.

This same thing happened in Moore, OK after the big 1999 tornado. The perimeter was six blocks from the nearest damage, and people with guns were keeping residents from their property, in the name of “safety”. The gas in the area was off, the power was off. It was just an exercise of nannyism. I was trying to bring Raegan’s parents some breakfast, and the only reason I got through the line was telling the officer that her Dad was diabetic and needed the food to keep from getting really sick. In that case, the decision to let people in wasn’t made until more than 24 hours after the storm. The storm was around 1800 on 03 May. NOTHING changed from about 0400 the next day until people were allowed in after 1900, on 04 May. I don’t know why it took so long (I note that I emailed the Moore emergency manager twice asking why, and never received an answer).

People are responsible for their own safety on their own property. OK, so I understand that you want to keep looters and gawkers out. So have the police authenticate people, and let those people leave the names of authorized helpers with the cops. But don’t keep people from working on their property.

Some More Cool Things From The Air

31 January 2010

I went up to Omaha in early January, and I saw some cool things on the trip up and back.

Flying OKC-DFW, we went a bit west. This is Girl Scout Camp E-Ko-Wah, east of Marlow, OK. Erin and Raegan have been to camp here.

Flying into Eppley, we came in over the train yards in Council Bluffs, IA. There was a train turntable.

I do not know what the tall structure is in the right lower center of the picture. It looks like a train could come in under it. A coal loading building?

Coming back from Omaha, we came right down I-35. This is my neighborhood.

The longish lake in the lower left quadrant of the photo is along Air Depot; the right side of the lake is Hefner Road. My neighborhood Apple Valley is the upper right quadrant of the intersection. There is still a lot of snow from the 24 Dec 2009 blizzard.

This is Tinker Air Force Base and Lake Draper. You can see the Northrop Grumman and Boeing buildings on the right side of the picture.

This is downtown Oklahoma City from just northwest. You can see the Ford Center, the Myriad Convention Center, and the National Memorial.

This is Moore, OK.

I almost missed this, since I was focused on looking out the left side of the airplane. Lake Overholser in western Oklahoma City was on the right side of the airplane, and it had ice on it! I barely got a decent shot.

That’s the western part of the Kilpatrick Turnpike in the picture.

After we overflew OKC, I got a better shot of E-Ko-Wah camp.

That’s it!