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Smokehouse Bob, Muskogee, OK

12 June 2016

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Ian and Erin and I were taking a lunch break from working in Muskogee and headed to Smokehouse Bob.

They were out of chicken, ribs, and pulled pork, so we all got brisket. It was excellent. Cut a bit wet, it was tender and smoky and so flavorful. The kids both got fries. They were rough cut, deep fried, and had a bit of salt on them, and they were perfect. All three of us thought those were some of the best fries we had had. I had potato salad and slaw. I finished the salad but not the slaw, I just ran out of room.

Service was very friendly. The iced tea was excellent. Our check was $32.00. This place was great! I look forward to eating there again and trying the stuff they were out of.

Hornback’s Shawnee Restaurant, Muskogee, OK

28 February 2016

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Ian and I were in Muskogee overnight, and this morning we didn’t like the look of the Hampton’s breakfast, so we hit up Hornback’s as it was very close.

Ian got sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and hash browns. He liked all of it, but his only complaint was that the biscuit was so crumbly it needed a structural integrity field to hold it together. I had two eggs over easy, ham (and it was a huge slice of ham!), grits, and biscuit and gravy. The eggs were fine, the ham excellent, I think smoked, and very tasty. I liked the gravy in particular. The biscuit was somewhat crumbly but went well with the gravy.

We both had iced tea that was good. Service was friendly and very fast (less than five minutes from order to delivery). Our check was $20.58. Very good.

Cowboy’s BBQ, Muskogee, OK

26 February 2016

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I had not been to Cowboy’s in a long time (10+ years) when I had lunch there back in October 2015. Ian and I had lunch there 19 February. It was pretty good both times.

Both times I had a two-meat with ribs and brisket. The first time, both the ribs and the brisket were excellent. The second time, the ribs were a little on the less-than-meaty side, and a little tough, but the brisket was great again. I had sides of baked beans (OK, but bland), and fries (great).

Ian had a chopped brisket sandwich, and said it was really good, not greasy but juicy. He had fries that were good.

The iced tea was good, and the service very friendly. My check the first time was $15.40, and the second time, Ian and I ran up a check of $33.25. The check the second time was a little high as we both scored cane sugar Coke and DP. My only complaint is that the bottled drinks needed to be a colder cooler. But the BBQ was really good.

El Charro, Muskogee, OK

18 October 2014

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I have been eating at this place for a long time, and I can’t believe I haven’t written about it! Long overdue.

I was in Muskogee last evening late after being out at Greenleaf Lake State Park, and needed dinner. El Charro, happily enough, is open until 2200, so I stopped in.

I have usually had fajitas here, as they are always excellent. That’s what I had last night, and they were still excellent. Mixed beef and chicken. The problem I see with fajitas too often is the meat is dry and tough. Not so here, the meat and onions were tender and juicy and flavorful. I dumped the rice and beans and salsa right on top of the hot plate and mixed it all up, and ate every scrap. Wonderful.

Service was prompt and very friendly, as it always it. The place was not too busy, but it was latish. The iced tea was excellent as well, in a big glass.

So… as I checked out the menu, I saw that El Charro had both beef colorado roja and pork and beef chili verde (as any true Mexican place should have). I got pork chili verde to go and brought it back to OKC with me. It was in an aluminum bowl, so I popped it in the oven at 300F for about 20 minutes. It was wonderful! Some of the best I have had. The flavor was the flavor I have come to expect, but the key thing was that the meal wasn’t so spicy that it destroyed my sense of taste. It had just the right amount of spice, and that didn’t mask the flavor a bit. Gosh, that stuff was good. I rank it right there with the same dish as El Vaquero in Stillwater. Outstanding meal.

My check for both meals was $22.20. Great value. Recommended.

Speedway Grille, Muskogee, OK

3 March 2013

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I have heard from people in Muskogee that the Grille is good, so Friday, when Erin and I went to Muskogee to take care of some business, we had lunch there. I ran into my high school friend John when we got there, which was very cool.

Erin and I both had chili cheeseburger steaks; hers was five oz, mine nine. Very good! These are basically a hamburger patty, covered with cheese, and then chili. Both were prefect. We also got fries, which I really liked. These were thin cut and just the right amount of crunchy.

The iced tea was great and the service right on the money. Our check was $28.18. Good stuff.

Gino’s Italian Restaurant, Muskogee, OK

4 March 2012

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Ian and I had lunch at Gino’s last Sunday. We were in Muskogee to do some serious cleaning-out in a storage locker there, and we fueled up with carbs beforehand.

We had very nice and crusty bread as an appetizer. I asked for some marinara to dip it in, and our server brought us two soup bowls of the stuff. Excellent.

I had chicken fettuccine alfredo and Ian had chicken parmesan. Both were excellent. His chicken was tender and flavorful, and the breading and marinara were perfect. He didn’t have much of the spaghetti, but I’ve been working on him to have more. My alfredo was rich, the egg noodles perfectly al dente, and the chicken added its own flavor. All in all, and excellent meal. The iced tea was also very good.

The check for the two of us was $26.61. Service was a bit slow due to the fact that the place was crowded, pretty much full, with a Sunday afternoon post-church crowd, including several largish groups.

Now for a slight mystery. I had considered eating at Napoli’s there in Muskogee. Napoli’s was superior food, and I had eaten there several times, but was closed, another restaurant was in the building. Napoli’s, I had troubled myself to find out some time later, was a family business started in Guymon, OK, and then spread over a couple years to numerous other locations. Raegan and I ate at a Napoli’s in Duncan, and I had eaten at a location in Tahlequah, and we had all been to one in Ponca City. They are that good. One of the signature dishes of Napoli’s is Spaghetti The Works, which is a huge plate of spaghetti with meat sauce, mushroooms, sausage, and meat balls (it’s excellent). A couple years ago, we ate at an Italian restaurant called Roma’s. It had the same menu as Napoli’s, right down to Spaghetti The Works. I asked our server (who was also a manager) if the restaurant was affiliated with Napoli’s, and he said “who”? I didn’t give it much more thought. But, right there on the Gino’s menu, was Spaghetti The Works. The rest of menu was pretty much a copy of Napoli’s.

So I wonder what’s up with that? I wonder if there are family members that aren’t with the program, or if the family has licensed out the concept? I may have to shoot someone an email if I remember to.

Club Lunch, Muskogee, OK

2 February 2012

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I was in Muskogee Monday attending to some business, and lunch was nigh. As I left the office of the Muskogee Daily Phoenix and Times-Democrat, at the end of Wall Street I saw Club Lunch, so I decided to check it out.

I don’t know that Club Lunch was always named Club Lunch. I distinctly remember that my Mother used to join her co-workers at the Club Lunch location for coffee breaks.

I got there around 1300 and left around 1345. Club Lunch has both a small hot serving line and off the menu ordering. I got a blue plate special of roast beef, mashers, and green beans. This came with a drink (iced tea) and corn bread. I sweetened the meal with a slice of custard pie. The blue plate was very good. The roast beef was tender, there was plenty of it, and the mashers, gravy, and green beans were good. I did really like the custard pie; I don’t get that often enough.

Nothing special about this meal; get it, eat it, and move on. My check was $11.46. The people working there are super nice. There are some interesting momentos on the wall. I’d gladly eat here again.

Amish Country Store, Muskogee, OK

16 November 2011

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I was in Muskogee with my family back on 29 Oct visiting my mother and grandmother. We tried to eat at a local sandwich shop, but it had closed right as we got into town, and we had passed the Amish Country Store on the way in, so we went back there for a late lunch. We got there around 1330 and left around 1420.

The food here was excellent. Ian and I got chicken fried steak. It was thick, made there, tender, and flavorful. Give it a… 10! THe gravy was excellent also (not as good as Raegan’s, but close…). I had Amish Casserole (veg in a cheese sauce, tasted OK) and mashers (excellent). I can’t remember what Raegan and Erin had, but both liked it also.

The tea was good, service excellent, and the food outstanding. Our check was $58.76, but that included some baked goods, including a couple slices of pie, cookies, and some other stuff we took with us. This place is on the list for future visits.

Sweet and Sassy Cafe & Bakery, Muskogee, OK

16 November 2011

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Raegan and I were in Muskogee a two weeks ago Tuesday to deal with some family matters. We decided to have lunch at Sweet and Sassy, which we had missed the previous Saturday. Disclaimer: Sweet and Sassy is owned by the sister of one of my friends.

That being said, it was good. Raegan had a bowl of soup and half a club sandwich, and liked them both. I had baked spaghetti that came with a roll and small salad, and liked all of it. We both had iced tea, and it was good.

To finish the meal, we had cupcakes. I do not eat a lot of sweets, but those cupcakes were really good, light and fluffy, and icing that I really liked (it wasn’t so sweet that it made your teeth hurt, if you know what I mean).

Our check was $19.37, and we would gladly eat there again.

Paul’s Diner, Muskogee, OK

16 November 2011

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This place had several recommendations from friends in Muskogee. We tried it a couple Saturday evenings ago on a visit to Muskogee.

Pauls is south of the Peak Bypass on Country Club Road. When I lived in Muskogee, it would have been ‘way out of town. The place is nothing to look at from the outside – classic diner. We got there around 1900 and left around 2000. It was about 80% full the entire time.

I got a big cheeseburger, Ian got a smaller one, Raegan got the fried catfish, and Erin got a chili cheeseburger. It was all good. Raegan was full, but looked longingly at the pecan pie (next time, she said).

Service was OK, the food was decent. If you are looking for fancy, don’t come here, but do come here for the food if you want it fast and good. Our check was $33.70.

Dust Bowl Diner, Muskogee, OK

25 October 2011

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This place had been recommended by a friend, and it turned out to be very good. I got here about 1200, and left at 1245.

I got a patty melt. The burger was 10 oz, juicy, and lots of flavor. The onions and mushrooms were cooked perfectly. The meal came with a huge amount of decent fries. The tea was good, and kept refilled.

The Diner has wifi, which turned out to be very useful.

My check was $12.39. I would eat here again. Thanks for the recommendation, Chris.

My Place Bar-B-Q, West, Muskogee, OK

4 September 2011

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I had dinner here with Ian during our trip to Muskogee.

Ian got ribs. He ate every scrap (except the decent sized piece I pulled off one of them 🙂 ). The ribs were tender. Not so much smoke flavor, but enough.

I got a couple things. First, chopped brisket. Some places, My Place included, take the chopped brisket and try to turn it into sloppy joe by adding BBQ sauce. It was even so here. I would have preferred it “dry” so I could add sauce to my liking. The sauce was decent, not too spicy. I got fries and baked beans as my sides (I don’t know that we had any other choice). The fries were pretty standard, but the baked beans were excellent. I also got half a smoked chicken and ate the leg and thigh (the breast came back home for lunch tomorrow, or breakfast). That chicken, while small, was excellent. Not dry at all, good flavor, no charring. Great stuff.

The tea was good. Service was decent. Our check was $29.54, not bad considering how much food we got. Yum.

Charlies Chicken, Muskogee, OK

14 December 2009

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I first ate at a Charlies in what I have been told was the first one, which was York Street in Muskogee. Now I have seen them in numerous other towns, including McAlester and Shawnee, OK (although the Shawnee location may be closed now).

Since I had the famiily with me in Muskogee last Saturday, we decided to eat at the location on East Okmulgee.

My very cute and fried-chicken loving roommate, daughter Erin, and I got fried chicken in both white and dark meat. Son Ian got chicken chunks. It was all very good. I got a double helping of mac and cheese, and we also got mashed potatoes, potato wedges, and other sides, all of which were good.

The iced tea ran out while we were eating, but the staff refilled the big container immediately. The tea was good. When I left, I got a refill of Dr. Pepper, but it was just a little off. They are a Pepsi place, maybe that’s why.

There were two tables occupied when we got there at 1300, and we was only one table occupied when we left right at 1400. Our check was $35.34. A little expensive, but it was very good.