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Thoughts On NYC Traffic

31 July 2016

To be short about it, it sucks.

We left Milford, CT last night about 1700 for the 2000 performance of Phantom Of The Opera in NYC.  It’s about 70 miles.  It took about 2 hours 15 minutes to get there.

We spent about 10 minutes getting from the Hudson expressway to the theater.  We spent about 10 minutes getting from I-95 down the Hudson expressway.  We also spent about a half hour getting from Milford to NYC.

The rest of the time was spent crawling along I-95, AKA the Cross-Bronx Expressway.

There weren’t any accidents, just too many cars for the number of lanes.

I don’t have any solutions, I just wanted to have a short rant.

I think I would have liked to figure out the combination of trains and subway stops that I could have taken instead of the car.

Regardless, Erin and I just enjoyed walking around the theater area and Times Square, watching all of the people.

31 July 2016 Update

I just did a bit of research.  If we had taken the train from New Haven to Grand Central, then the subway to 42nd street, it would have cost about $30 round trip, and taken about 2 hrs and some change.  From a driving frustration standpoint, that’s pretty legit. From a cost standpoint, the couple bucks of gas, and then no $38 parking fee, is very favorable. I’m going to plan on that the next time we do something in NYC.


Rockwell’s Restaurant, New York City, NY

28 July 2013

Rockwel's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

We just got off the boat. Literally. And we were hungry. We picked Rockwell’s since it was a block away. It was pretty good also.

Ian and I got chicken parm on hero bread, it was a special on the hot line. It was excellent. The chicken parm was tasty, tender, and hot! Erin got a chicken parm from the deli line, and Raegan got a ham, turkey, and bacon on wheat; she reported it excellent.

They had soft drinks on tap (they are a Pepsi shop), and a whole bunch of everything else. The ops concept is that you order and pay on the first floor, and then either takeaway, or go upstairs to sit and eat. I can’t find the receipt, but our check was only about $35, pretty good value.

Trying KSM in New York: Do It!

31 January 2010

So President Obama is thinking about moving the trial of KSM out of New York City. I’ve said these things before, but I will say them again.

To the Democrats: GROW A PAIR. Try the terrorists like the criminals they are. If the Republicans whine, call them to account loudly; they are not being honest or nice, so don’t be nice back. Point out that if trying terrorists is good enough for the Bush Administration, and it’s legal, then it’s good enough for the Obama Administration. Follow the Constitution. Give them a lawyer, a trial, and a sentence; execute the SOBs if called for. That’s the American Way. In fact, if the Republicans lie about you, call them out right away, and strongly. Call them liars.

To the Republicans: You guys are craven bootlickers. If it was good enough for your sainted George Bush, then grow a pair, use some of your lobbyist money to buy some integrity, and admit that if President Obama does it, it’s still good. Stop playing politics, and start supporting the Constitution like you claim to. Terrorists are criminals, and deserve to be treated as such.

In general, the military commissions are not the way to try civilians. And the thing is, every single terrorist caught so far is… a civilian. In America, there should be no indefinite lockup, no secret evidence. I say “should”, but Bush wanted to go the junta or Stalinist route. We can and should do better.

President Obama, make the right choice!