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Olivio’s Pizza, Norwood, MA

3 August 2016

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We had been thinking about pizza for a couple days, and decided that tonight was the night. I found Olivio’s from Google and we headed that way.

Just so you know, go to the counter and order, then go sit down, and they will bring your food to you.

We started off with some decent buffalo wings, and Raegan had a Greek salad. They didn’t have iced tea (too bad), so I had DP, not bad.

Our dinner was a large (14″) pizza that Reagan and I shared. Her half was ham and mushrooms, mine was a Meat Lover’s, minus the salami. Erin had a small chicken parm. Both of these are hand tossed, thin crust pizzas, and both were better than average. The crust was crispy but not tough, and the toppings were very good. Kind of unusual, the sausage was largish slices cut from the sausage log-style.

Service was very friendly. The place was not crowded. Our check was $55.89. We ended up bringing about 2/3rd of Erins pizza, and about 1/3 of our pizza, back to the room with us for a snack, or breakfast :). Not bad at all, I would be happy to go back.

Kennedy’s Public House, Norwood, MA (Hampton Inn)

18 February 2014

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This restaurant is in the Hampton Inn at Norwood. A week ago Monday, my co-worker Dave and I had dinner here.

I got a porterhouse, which was the special of the day. It came with a baked potato and a salad. The potato and salad were great. The steak was not the best I have had, but it was pretty darn good, cooked just like I asked (medium), and nice and juicy.

The iced tea was pretty good, and kept refilled. Service was pretty much right on the money. My check was $37.18. Pretty good.

Conrad’s Restaurant, Norwood, MA

6 August 2013

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I’m about to publish a string of restaurant reviews from our trip to the northeastern part of the country. This one was great!

We picked Conrad’s based on reviews. The reviews were understated.

We started off with clam chowder. That was the best clam choweder I have ever had. Hands down.

Raegan got seafood tuscany and found it excellent, but a huge amount of food. Erin got shrimp scampi and loved it. Ian and I got steak tips, a signature dish for Conrad’s. These were perfect. Largish chunks of beef, perfectly cooked, tender and flavorful. I particularly liked the rice pilaf mine came with.

The iced tea was pretty good. Service was perfect, and very friendly. Our check was $90.37. About $7 of that was the first martini for Raegan.

We would gladly go back.

Westbury Farms, Norwood, MA

7 February 2013

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Since it was snowing last night, didn’t want to drive too far, and this place was about a mile from my hotel. Got there at 1940 (they close at 2000).

I got a 3×3, which is three eggs, three bacons, three sausage links, and three pancakes. Maybe it should be a 4×3. I asked for the sausage to be replaced by bacon, so I really got a (2×3)+6. Regardless, it was very good. The eggs were perfectly over easy, the bacon was just the right amount of crispy, and the pancakes were very yummy.

The iced tea was good, service was outstanding. My check was $14.69. Good stuff.

Jake n Joe’s Sports Grill, Norwood, MA

21 March 2012

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We got into the Boston area late last night, and Clark and I were hungry. We stopped at Jake n Joes since it was across the street from the hotel we were staying at. We got there about 2150; the grill was closing at 2200, so we ordered quickly.

I got a BBQ burger, which is a half pound of beef that has pretty darn good flavor. It has some BBQ sauce on it, some sauteed onions (that are fairly thick, and needed to be cooked longer), and bacon. I added onion rings. The burger was pretty darn good; very messy. The rings were OK at best. The iced tea was OK, it tasted like a concentrate. Service was OK. My check was $16 and some change. It was OK. I might even go back one day.

The Colonial House Restaurant, Norwood, MA

19 March 2011

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Four of us went needed dinner Wednesday evening, and I picked this place from Google Maps. It is located in what is pretty much a residential area of Norwood.

We got there around 1730, and were immediately seated. When I asked our server if separate checks were a problem, she said “Yes”. Hmmm…

I ordered iced tea; it was not the best, I think it was a concentrate but wasn’t too bad. I got some onion rings for the table; they were excellent! I asked for some ranch dressing, and it made them even better.

I ordered a 14oz sirloin. The steak was a perfect medium, and had decent flavor, and no charring. I don’t remember what it came with. The meal overall was pretty darn good.

Our checks did come separate, so that was good. Mine was $28.58. Service was a touch on the randomly slow, but not excessively so. It was quite brusque, though.

I wouldn’t mind trying Colonial House again.

Chateau Restaurant, Norwood, MA

4 March 2010

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This restaurant is immediately north of the hotel I was staying in on a business trip. The front desk recommended it, so I headed over there for lunch with a work friend. There are a number of locations around Boston.

We got there around 1405, the place was virtually empty.

Ron got a salad and “wedding soup”, and pronounced them good.

I got a chicken marsala. It was good but unique. The marsala had little marsala flavor, and was very sweet. It imparted a good flavor to the chicken. The meal came with mostacelli and marinara. If I got this again, I would ask for fettucine as a substitute.

The tea was OK, but it had a slight coffee taste that was not pleasant.

We left at 1453, and the place was virtually empty. My check was about $14.00. I think it was good overall.