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So I Got A Ticket Yesterday

5 April 2015

When we were driving to and from the hike to Bell Cow yesterday, I used one of the vans that is shared by the Troop and the First Presbyterian Church, our chartering organization.  I took the hikers to Braum’s and bought them ice cream for doing so well on the hike.

We were coming down I-35 and an Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) state trooper came up in the fast line behind me.  She (I found out later) matched speeds with me and then scooted over two lanes to get behind me.  I knew something was up.  She pulled me over by Frontier City.

Turns out the tag on the van was out of date.  Way out of date, 2013.

Nothing bad happened here.  I think the state trooper was very professional about the whole thing.  She had authority to have the van towed and impounded, but she didn’t.  I had a van load of tired Scouts, and it would have been very inconvenient, but she realized that an expired tag isn’t then greatest threat to public safety.  I told her I would let the church know immediately, which I did.  She also said that when the tags were updated, let her know and she would cancel the ticket, which I certainly appreciate.

I got a huge ration of crap from the Scouts, of course.  🙂

I’ve driven that van all over the state (and out of state) over the past couple years, and I have never once thought to check the tag, even when I was back there hooking up the trailer.  I checked the other vans FPC uses and three of them were also out of date, so I let our COR know.  You can bet that checking the tag is on my list of things to look at in the future.

This was the first interaction I’ve had with OHP since probably 2002, when my brother and I were driving back to Newcastle around 0200 after being in Muskogee all day.  The trooper basically pulled us over at I-240 and Penn, checked our IDs, and sent us on our way.  I don’t know exactly why we got pulled over, I wasn’t speeding, and I don’t think I simulated a drunk, but that’s probably why.  So that turned out OK as well.

That Oklahoma State Trooper

16 June 2009

That guy is an embarrassment to the State. I am in Orlando, FL, and the video of the trooper throwing his weight around and cursing were played on both CNN, and the local NBC affiliate (WESH).

OK, so the ambulance driver missed the trooper going by. The trooper called it in, and the ambulance driver had already been called about it.

For the trooper to then complete his call, then go back and chase down the ambulance, and start yelling and cursing, is too much. The guy shows no class, no restraint, and no good judgment. The trooper acted like a two-year old who didn’t want to share his toys. I don’t know that I want him “protecting” us.

Even though I heard in a news report that someone in authority (the head of the OHP or the head of the Department of Public Safety) said the trooper was not in the wrong, the fact that the trooper grabbed the ambulance driver by the throat is ASSAULT, and the guy ought to be out and/or up on charges for it.

And he ought to have the integrity to apologize publicly, like the incident is public.