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Very Disappointing News From OETA

24 June 2011

I was able to watch the Oklahoma News Report (ONR) last night on OETA (Channel 13 here in OKC). I wrote a blog post on ONR back in 2009.

At the end of the program, the anchor Dick Pryor reported that due to a number of factors, including three years running of state budget reductions, that ONR was going away as a daily program soon (didn’t catch the date), and was being reconstituted as a monthly program.

ONR has been cutting back over the past year. They went from two anchors to one, and lost reporters also.

I’m frankly mystified by this. ONR is an outstanding news program, unvarnished, able to devote the time needed to covering stories in the state, with a minimum of stuff from out of state (appropriate since it’s the Oklahoma News Report).

OETA has built up quite a large endowment over the years, and I find it hard to believe that they can’t find the room in the budget the the salaries and overhead (power, etc.) to keep ONR going.

I also find it inconceivable that the Legislature couldn’t find the couple hundred $K that it would have taken to keep ONR on. I can’t help but wonder if Republican antipathy to media they can’t control is part of this.

So one less independent news outlet. Much of the coverage of the news of the Legislature and doings at the State Capitol has already been reduced, and I’m sure that will be to the detriment of the citizenry. It’s not a positive trend in a democratic society.

OETA Oklahoma News Report

28 October 2009

In the past couple years, I have really come to appreciate the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) and it’s nightly Oklahoma News Report (ONR).

I discovered ONR a couple years ago after we bought a then-new HDTV. At the time, OETA was re-broadcasting ONR a couple times a night on Channel 13.2. Eventually, the rebroadcast time was changed to 2330. I try to watch the 1830 broadcast on 13.1, but I don’t get in from work that early a lot of times.

ONR is great for a couple reasons. They rarely waste time on BS stories, like who had their house catch fire, or when a 7-11 gets robbed. They don’t cover sports (which I consider to be a total waste of airtime unless you are ESPN). They never send out reporters to stand in front of an empty courthouse to report that there had been a trial there that concluded four hours ago. Most importantly, when a story needs additional time, it gets it. There is more state capitol coverage (especially during the Legislative sessions) each night on ONR than on CBS, NBC, and ABC in an entire week.

The anchors are businesslike and direct. There is little of the obnoxious banter that characterizes most local news.

I do wish that the nightly rebroadcast was a bit earlier than 2330 (like maybe at 2230 or even 2300), but I usually catch it each night.

So, OETA, keep up the good work with ONR!