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Miguel’s, Old Town, San Diego, CA

1 September 2011

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I had heard good things from a friend about this restaurant, and a group of us decided to try it last Monday. We liked it enough that we came back again this evening. It was good both times.

Monday I started off with Miguel’s Nachos for the table, mixed chicken and beef. My main dish was mixed fajitas with no bell peppers. The nachos were OK. The fajitas were excellent. The meat was tender, the onions fully cooked. The meal did not stick to the bottom of the cooking pan, and so was not charred. I piled the refried beans and rice on it, added some salsa, and ate the whole thing. I ended up with chocolate empanadas for desset (small shells filled with chocolate). My check was $36.37.

Tonight I got shredded chicken enchiladas. They were also very good. Smaller than most meals, though. My check was $22.90.

Tea both times, good but not spectacular. Server was good, but I did run out of tea once Monday for a while. This was much better than Coyotes, for sure. Good stuff.

Cafe Coyote, Old Town, San Diego, CA

28 April 2011

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Five of us went here for dinner this evening. It wasn’t bad at all.

We got there around 1845 and left around 2000. It was crowded, but we were seated within a couple minutes.

The iced tea was a concentrate, unfortunately. The Coke was not very good. The chips were good, and the salsa had a lot of tomato in it, along with onions. The taste was pretty good, and the heat was minimal. I ordered beef nachos for the table; they were OK.

I ordered the enchiladas, one with chicken and one with shredded beef (no ground beef). The beef enchilada was pretty good. The chicken was bland. I think they needed to cook the chicken in something with a bit more spice to it. The beans and rice included were OK; I think there should have been more of the beans.

A couple of the guys suggested I get the fried ice cream. It was OK.

Service was decent, especially given how crowded it was. My check was about $19.00. I’d go here again.