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Trump and Republicans and Politics

7 June 2016

There were quite a few reports of various Republicans condemning remarks by Donald Trump pertaining to a judge overseeing one of the lawsuits Trump is involved in.

Trump claims that the judge should be disqualified due to a conflict of interest.  The judges parents are Mexican, Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, and so somehow that makes the judge unqualified to sit on the case.  Uh-huh.

It’s a stupid, knee-jerk reaction typical of Trump, who has no apparent ability to see long-term consequences from running his mouth in reactive mode.

But what I find interesting is the reaction of major political leaders like Paul Ryan.  He will vote for (endorse, apparently) Trump, as having a Republican, even a vile, racist, misogynist Republican, in office is more important than the possibility of having a Democrat in the White House.  Note that I say nothing about policy here, since there really hasn’t been any policy from Trump yet.

I saw that Conan The Destroyer was on TV this past weekend.  As I surfed past it, I wondered if the guardians of the crypt of the god Dagoth are like Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republicans, in that they believe that once the angry Trump is enthroned in the Presidency, then “they can control him” as opposed to his unleashing death to the world, and that is their endgame instead of trying to replace him at the Republican convention.

As I’ve said in the past, the Republican establishment are quite responsible for creating the interest in Trump.  Bringing in Sarah Palin was the start of the creation of the monster that is Donald Trump, and in focusing on imagery, stoking fear of Obama, practicing serial obstruction, and not putting forth any policy of substance, the Republicans managed to enrage part of their base to inflate inherent racism and inherent fear and enable those low-bandwidth voters a far greater influence than was probably intended.

It is incumbent on the Democrats to get their voters out in 2016, to both ensure that Trump and his “ideas” do not get inflicted on this country, and to balance policy going forward.  If the Republicans get fatally damaged in the meantime, that would be unfortunate.  But after the couple of decades turn of the Republican Party first to the extremism of the supposedly religious right, then to the policy-lite Bush 41, on to the war-mongering Bush 43, and finally to the rage of the Tea Party, Republicans will finally reap what they have sown.

Republicans Whining About Scare Tactics

29 May 2011

There was a lot of whining last week that the Democrats took the House seat in New York state due to scaring seniors. One example, from Paul Ryan, the architect of the plan to gut Medicare:

“If you can scare seniors into thinking that their current benefits are being affected, that’s going to have an effect, and that is exactly what took place here.”

I would agree with the statement partially. It’s true that Ryan’s plan does not change Medicare for those 55 and older. YET. I would warn those 55 and older that if the Ryan Republican plan becomes, law, I suspect that the rest of Medicare is on the target list immediately.

I think that the Democrats didn’t win just by “scaring” those older than 55. They won by stating fact to those under 55. The Republicans were blowing a lot of smoke about how there were no changes for those older people, and then by saying that Medicare would be turned around and changed and altered and improved for those under. The Democrats merely pointed out that the real Ryan plan eliminates Medicare for those under 55, replacing it with under-funded vouchers that are basically welfare checks for insurance companies.

And that is what scared a lot of people. The Republicans like to cut programs that work, then put money in the pockets of the insurance industry (for health care), Wall Street (for Social Security), and other monied business interests. Pointing that out time and again is perfectly fair.

And like the Republicans should be complaining. The entire 2004 Presidential campaign was an exercise in scaring huge parts of the population about the terrorist threat (remember Bush, “the attack coming in the form of a mushroom cloud” or something like that). And Republicans have been trying to scare the bejeezus out of white people by saying President Obama is Muslim and isn’t WHITE (OMG OMG OMG!!!!!) since before he was elected.

I’ve said before – the Dems need to get on board with this same sort of stuff, but need to remember to keep it factual, not like the Republicans.