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Emily’s Restaurant, Pinellas Park, FL

9 September 2016

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I had breakfast at Emily’s this morning. Again, I got there about 0720 and it was empty.

I thought I would have another skillet. This one was PERFECT. Again, ham and sausage and cheese (grated, this time). The potatoes were thin sliced (like I would get in a potato casserole in Omaha), and they were cooked up just right. This one had a layer of sausage gravy between the meats and the eggs, and the combination of flavors was fantastic! This thing was right on the edge of eat-it-until-I-explode territory, it was that good.

The meal came with an excellent biscuit that hosted strawberry jam. The iced tea was great, service was extraordinarily friendly, and my check was $10.60. That may have been the best skillet meal I’ve had, anywhere. Great stuff, highly recommended.


Singha Thai Cusine, Pinellas Park, FL

13 July 2012

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A group of work friends like Thai a lot, so suggested this place for dinner after work tonight. It was excellent!

I got a chicken fried rice dinner as a appetizer for five, and there was still some left. Great stuff, some of the best fried rice I have had.

I got pad thai for my second Thai experience. This meal had a LOT of carrot in it; it’s quite orange. The meal had a delicate taste that is quite distinct from any other food I have tried. There was a LOT of it, the same size dish that the fried rice came in. It probably would easily have been enough for two. I got it with no spice/peppers (maybe next time).

The iced tea was not very good. Service was excellent. My check was $22.98. Expensive, but I essentially got two meals between the fried rice and the pad thai, so about $11.00 for dinner is much more reasonable. I would gladly go here again.

Winghouse, Pinellas Park, FL

10 May 2012

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A group of seven of us went to Winghouse for lunch today. It was a decent experience. As I’ve said before, if you disapprove of Hooters or Twin Peaks, you will likely disapprove of Winghouse.

I got chili cheese fries for the table, not bad. I ordered 10 BBQ wings, and a western cheeseburger, which has bacon and BBQ sauce. The burger was really good, lots of beef flavor. The wings were OK, sort of thin and not plump, but tasty enough.

Service was pretty good in spite of the fact we had seven people and it was the middle of lunch. My check was $24.89. I’d go back.