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Olivio’s Pizza, Norwood, MA

3 August 2016

Olivio's Grill and Pizzeria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We had been thinking about pizza for a couple days, and decided that tonight was the night. I found Olivio’s from Google and we headed that way.

Just so you know, go to the counter and order, then go sit down, and they will bring your food to you.

We started off with some decent buffalo wings, and Raegan had a Greek salad. They didn’t have iced tea (too bad), so I had DP, not bad.

Our dinner was a large (14″) pizza that Reagan and I shared. Her half was ham and mushrooms, mine was a Meat Lover’s, minus the salami. Erin had a small chicken parm. Both of these are hand tossed, thin crust pizzas, and both were better than average. The crust was crispy but not tough, and the toppings were very good. Kind of unusual, the sausage was largish slices cut from the sausage log-style.

Service was very friendly. The place was not crowded. Our check was $55.89. We ended up bringing about 2/3rd of Erins pizza, and about 1/3 of our pizza, back to the room with us for a snack, or breakfast :). Not bad at all, I would be happy to go back.

Homeslice Pizza, Durango, CO

20 July 2016

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After getting off the trail from three days of backpacking, our Scouts were hungry! We were at the nearby Community Center for showers, and called in our pizza order (for 20!) to give Homeslice some warning.

They treated us very well, we got there and were seated on the small patio around a cool serving area. The pizzas started coming in about 10 minutes. Our crew went through five large pizzas (pepperoni, supreme, greek, cheese, and something else) pretty quickly. Drinks were provided with glasses and pitchers of several beverages, including a welcome pitcher of Dr. Pepper!

The pizzas were thin crust, and were very good.

Our server was seemingly always there and smiling, which was especially hard when the first round of drinks were dispensed, which meant a lot of back and forth with pitchers.

I don’t know what the check was, but the pizza was excellent, and I would gladly go back again.

Marco’s Pizza, Oklahoma City, OK (SE)

4 June 2016

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I like Marco’s. When this location opened last Fall, I was happy as it is only about a mile from my office. I had lunch here back on 10 May. Except for one small glitch, it was a great experience.

I ordered at the counter. I asked for a small pepperoni pizza and some chicken wings. The pizza was just as ordered, but I got chicken dippers instead of wings. As I was afraid the dippers would be tossed, I took them anyway. The pizza was great! The dippers were so-so. I thought they were tough and had little flavor. I will certainly get the wings next time, I know they are good.

My drink was a 2L DP to go. My check was $23.29 (yes, a little expensive, but it’s essentially two entrees). Great pizza.

Pizzaria Gusto, Oklahoma City, OK

4 June 2016

This is the first in a series of (again) delayed posts. Life gets in the way of having fun on occasion… ūüôā

Pizzeria Gusto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Raegan and the kids and I had dinner at Pizzaria Gusto last night. We were in midtown, we drove by, and it didn’t look crowded, so in we went.

We ate outside in the courtyard area as the temps were pretty nice. We walked through the main dining area, and it struck me as being very loud.

This is traditional pizza from Italy, not Hideaway, so if you were expecting a Big Country you might be disappointed.

Raegan and Erin split a Margherita, adding prosciutto (ham) and extra cheese.  Ian had a Margherita, adding soppressata (salami) and some roast garlic.  I had a meatball pizza. The crusts were hand tossed and pretty doughy but had good flavor.  Toppings were sorta on the thin side (not atypical of art pizza).  No one had any negative comments, but not all that many positive either.  I though my meatballs were bland.

We had sorbet, affogato (think a hot fudge sundae except the ice cream is gelato and the hot fudge is expresso), and a chocolate tart.  All OK.

We all had water to drink as our advance party didn’t find iced tea on the menu. ¬†Service was pretty good. ¬†Our check was $74.24.

We usually spend about $50 at Hideaway for Americanized pizza, so you pay a premium for the art pizza at Gusto. ¬†It was not bad pizza, but it’s probably not something we would do often.

Sicily’s Pizza, McKinney, TX

9 March 2016

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For our second stop in the north Dallas area, we hit Sicily’s on the way back home. It was GREAT! We were headed back home and picked Sicily’s as it was on the way home.

We started off with some bread we ordered, along with both marinara and al fredo to dip it in. And salads. All great.

Raegan got chicken parm, and I got fettuccine al fredo. Both oh, so, very good. We even liked the smells of the food being served around us. This place was good!

If I am in McKinney around a meal, this place will be very high on my list.  Yum.  Our check was $40.21.  Service was excellent and friendly.  The iced tea was excellent.  Recommended.

Upper Crust Pizza, Edmond, OK

25 February 2016

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We had dinner at this Upper Crust location back on 21 June 2015.

I ordered some meatballs that were in some very good marinara. The meatballs were a little on the untextured (is that a word?) side. I think they needed a bit of crust on them from the baking process. Regardless, they were pretty good, and mostly meat with a little filler instead of the other way around. We also had a Caesar salad that was pretty good.

Ian and I split a pepperoni and sausage pizza that was excellent. We left nothing. Raegan and Erin both had small pizzas, one al Fredo and one Mediterranean, and ate all of each.

The pizza was followed by a large cookie, which was extremely chocolately and very good. Raegan also had a creme soda.

Service was a bit on the slow side, which is to say our server was gone for long periods, then would zoom in and bomb the table quickly then blazing off.

Our check was $73.97, sorta expensive, but we did get a lot of stuff we don’t usually get. The meatballs were $10, and the cookie $8.00. Good pizza, though.

Upper Crust Pizza, Oklahoma City, OK

21 February 2016

Upper Crust Wood Fired Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

We’ve been to Upper Crust twice in the past six months. The most recent visit was 21 January. As Ian pointed out, Upper Crust is more than just a place to get a good pizza (and the pizza is pretty good). It’s more of a place to have a social experience along with your dinner. It’s a little loud. That being said, there is a good selection of pie here.

On both visits, we started out with decent garlic bread, and really good Caesar salads.

We had a mixture of pies. A pepperoni, a half chicken, and a half ham, pepperoni, and mushroom. The only thing to say is that it was some darn good pizza. Part of it went home with us for Raegan to have for lunch the next day. As I look at the check right now, it sorta looks like we were charged for three pizzas when I know we ordered two (split among the four of us). Regardless, it was good. My gold standard used to be any of the Hideaway outlets, but all of those but the original Stillwater location have suffered a reduction in quality over the past several years, and the Upper Crust pie was better, almost far better.

Service was decent given how busy the place was. The check for the four of us was $69.09, on the expensive side. So Upper Crust lives up to it’s name ( ūüôā ), and is in the “occasional” category.

Sauced on Paseo, Oklahoma City, OK

29 May 2014

Sauced on Paseo on Urbanspoon

We wanted pizza for dinner, and decided to hit this place for some new pizza.

First of all, you walk through the patio to get in and out of the building (if it’s crowded you might get too much smoker smoke); you order at the counter. The place we sat had only about five tables.

Raegan and I split a largish pizza, her half was backbacon and mushrooms, mine was bacon, burger, pepperoni, and sausage. Most of the toppings were evenly scattered, but the sausage was seriously clumped. The crust was thin and very crispy. There was an odd (not unpleasant) herbal flavor to my part of the pizza; I told Raegan the same flavor I remember clearly from cheap frozen pizzas I used to eat back when I was single (think Totina). As I said, the flavor wasn’t unpleasant, but just odd. Erin had two slices of chicken pizza.

The pizza was OK. I thought it was bland. It was far from the worst pizza I’ve had, but it was also far from the the best. Raegan and I both ate half of our pizza, and took the other half home for lunch tomorrow.

Service was very friendly. The iced tea was very good. Our check was $34.75. I might go back.

Mazzio’s, Midwest City, OK

23 August 2013

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I had lunch here Tuesday with a number of co-workers to mark the departure of one of our team. We got there just after 1100 and left right after 1200.

I was not impressed. The buffet was very, very small. It was also limited in the number of pizzas out, and they were mediums. The thick crust pepperoni wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t last long. I got some thin crust sausage, that was badly dried out.

I didn’t get any salad. I noticed after the meal that the pizza buffet was $3.05 and the salad bar was charged seperately at $3.20. I wish I at noticed that earlier.

The iced tea wasn’t bad. The check was $8.83. The check also said that for some reason, I “saved” $5.00. Beats the heck out of me how I did. I would not be inclined to go back.

Rubino’s, Herndon, VA

10 October 2012

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A coworker and I were looking for lunch during the meeting break today, and we chose Rubino’s pretty much because we drove past it. We got there around 1144 and left at 1230. The menu is diverse, with pizza, pasta, cheesesteaks, salads, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, and other stuff. I could smell the cheesesteaks, so that’s what I got.

I ordered a supreme, which is a cheesesteak with mushrooms, onions, and green peppers (which I had removed). I got it jumbo, which is double meat. It was pretty darn good, just the right amount of juicy, and almost falling apart towards the end. They used mozzarella instead of Cheese Whiz, but it was still an excellent sandwich. They have brewed iced tea, excellent.

My check was $11.52. I liked the place, recommended for an inexpensive and quick lunch.

Humble Pie Pizzeria, Edmond, OK

12 July 2012

Humble Pie Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

I noticed this pizza place on Urbanspoon, and that it was more popular then Hideaway. We checked it out last night.

When you come in, you notice that the ceiling is covered in bills.

The bills (some of which are artworks) are collected and donated to charity. A good thing.

We started with

We ordered two pizzas. Raegan got the small (essentially one or two person) pizza, the “Greek Goddess”. Ian and I spit a larger New York style pizza. My half had pepperoni, sliced sausage, and canadian bacon. Ian had sliced sausage and light marinara. The pizza came with almost no marinara. I asked for a side of the stuff, and used it. The marinara was excellent. The pizza was very, very good. If it had had proper marinara, it would have been an outstanding pizza. The crust has a yeasty flavor that is very good; it’s kind of chewy.

The place was pretty busy when we got there. The menu says it takes something like 40 min to make a pie; that’s about what it took for us. We got there around 1800 and left around 2000. Our check was $34.15, a good value. The tea was good (they only do sweet tea on the weekends). Service was good.

I would gladly go back. I want to try the Chicago style pizza, and also get a New York prepared with marinara. Great stuff.

Urban Eatz, Richardson, TX

22 July 2011

Urban Eatz on Urbanspoon

I had noticed this place across the street from another restaurant last week, or the week before. I checked it out this evening as it is very close to my work location.

I got there around 1920 and left around 1820. The iced tea was serve yourself and very good. I am sipping a refill I brought back to the hotel, and it’s still very good.

The menu is a variety of stuff, sandwiches hot and cold, salads, pizza, burgers. I got a BBQ Burger, which is a 1/3lb beef burger. The beef is EXCELLENT. Great flavor. The burger came with cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon (very crispy and tasty), some fried onion, lettuce, and tomato. It was huge. The bun was wheat, which I liked. I added some mayo and it was pretty much perfect. There were fries also, rough cut.

My check was $11.43. Just a touch more than McDonalds, but far tastier than your typical McD. I saw a pizza there that looked pretty good, I will go back and try one of those later.

Sam and Ella’s Chicken Palace, Talequah, OK

18 October 2010

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This is a real time post. Erin and I stopped here after a weekend backpacking trip in the Ozarks. S&E’s has been highly recommended by friends.

We started with tea. Much needed tea, after being on the trail all weekend. It’s good stuff, strong and not bitter.

We also got cheese garlic bread. The bread was hot, but the marinara was outstanding! We also got ranch dressing to dip it in, and the ranch was also outstanding!

The pizza is here. Erin got a small with hamburger, bacon, garlic, and extra cheese. She says it is very good. Mine is hamburger, sausage, pepperoni, and extra cheese. It is GREAT! The crust is doughy and has a yeast flavor to it, it is soft on the inside with a nice crust on it. Really good. The meat is excellent, and that marinara is outstanding.

This is better than Hideaway. And that’s saying something.

We got here around 1830, and leaving around 1900. There were three other tables occupied. Our check was $38.26. This place is recommended! Yum!

The Hideaway, Pizzaria

13 June 2009

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I love The Hideaway’s pizza. It was not always so, but I’ve been making up for lost time since then.

The first time I got to eat Hideaway Pizza, it was in Stillwater in 1979. It was a very poor experience. One of my friends had a girlfriend that was being stalked by an ex-roommate. My friend and I were going to hide his girlfriend out in a house that another friend was living in, but was unknown to the stalker. Got that? So that evening, we were watching pirated cable HBO (for which the statute of limitations has run out, I’m sure), and we got hungry. We ordered Hideaway pizza (which was less than a half mile away). The pizza did not arrive for more than two hours, it was stone cold, and had a puddle of grease that had eaten away part of the bottom of the cardboard box. The pizza was NOT good. It tasted actively bad. This stuff, thought I, sux, big time.

Time passed, and many adventures were had. I lost my girlfriend (although she did not break up with me until last Fall, apparently; that’s another weird story). I got married. My friend’s girlfriend’s stalker disappeared. My friend and his girlfriend got married (I don’t think those two events were directly connected). Other things happened. It’s now 1983. In the meantime, I had resisted many invitations and suggestions to eat at The Hideaway. The memory of that terrible pizza when I was a freshman stuck with me. However, during the summer semester, my friend and fellow COMSC student Paul talked me into eating at Hideaway after a Pepsi-fueled all-day coding session. So a group of us went. We ordered breaded and fried mushrooms and (I think) pepperoni pizza. Oh my, oh my, what a difference! It was GREAT! I went back a couple days later with my friend Tammy, and it was just as good! Maybe the initial delivery was the problem. I never figured it out, but since then I have eaten several truckloads of Hideaway pizza.

After I moved to OKC, I still ate a lot of Hideaway during my frequent return visits to Stillwater. But a couple years ago, Hideaway was franchised and opened up several locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. I got back into the habit of eating mass quantities of the stuff. It’s still really, really good.

Tonight, my cute but very demanding roommate and our daughter (we had dropped our son with his Scout troop to go off on a weekend adventure) went to The Hideaway on North Western in OKC. We had not been there for about a week. We got a couple orders of cheese garlic bread, and the main event, a large pizza, half Canadian Bacon, and half Canadian Bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and hamburger. Both sides with extra cheese. Yum! The Hideaway has good iced tea. Occasionally, the tea has a coffee taste, but when it is mentioned to the server or management, it gets cleared up real fast. We like the 50/50, an appetizer of fried breaded mushrooms and fried cheese (which is somewhat misnamed, as it is about 90% mushroom by volume). One thing about The Hideaway, several times they have messed up our order (for example, by forgetting an ingredient). The default cure is to bring you the pizza anyway, and immediately cook one to order, which is delivered in a to-go box at no charge. This does not happen often, needless to say.

We’ve been back to the original The Hideaway in Stillwater several times over the years, and it’s just as good. We’ve also been to several of the Hideaways in the OKC area, including the Bricktown Ballpark, and to two locations in Tulsa. They are all really good.

26 June 2009 Update:

We ate at the Hideaway in Oklahoma City, on Western, this evening. For the first time in a long time, we had an order screwed up. My daughter ordered a small Alfredo pizza, but a “standard” red sauce pizza was served. We pointed it out, and a bit later another pizza arrived, this one Alfredo. No charge. And the “wrong” pizza was still very good.