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Point Break Cafe, San Diego, CA

4 September 2011

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This place was recommended to me as a “locals” place. It’s down by the harbor area below Point Loma. A couple work friends and I ate here last Thursday evening after a long work day. It was almost empty at 1830 when we got there, and still pretty much empty an hour later when we left.

I got a set of onion rings for the table, and something else (I’ll remember what later). The appetizers were all really good, and were eaten long before dinner got there.

My dinner was a ribeye. It was cooked a little short of the medium I asked for, but I let it rest a bit and it got up to nearly medium. It was decent sized and had pretty good flavor, and was tender throughout. There were a couple charred places on the edge, but not too bad. It came with some fried mushrooms that were pretty good.

The iced tea was very good and kept filled. Service was casual but kept up. My check was $40.51, but the appetizers were $10 of that, so not a bad price for a decent steak. I’d go back again.