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Big Oil Propaganda, Doubling Down

2 February 2012

I posted a while back about a series of Big Oil ads being used to influence public opinion. I’ve noticed a couple new ones.

In one, the spokesperson includes a phrase about “Canadian oil sands” in the ad. They also claim that this will produce “one million” American jobs. This is highly doubtful. A study cited on Wikipedia claims up to 5,000 temporary jobs laying pipe and such. The Canadian company that is pushing the pipe claims 20,000 jobs. Congress (Republicans) claims hundreds of thousands. It should be noted that the first Keystone pipeline project used contract people from Canada to do a lot of the work.

Another ad that I noted last summer involved three college students arguing in front of a professor, who doesn’t say much. The kids end up agreeing, sort of, that natural gas is cleaner and safer and just overall wonderful. I’ve seen two more ads in the same series. One shows ordinary people having the same discussion, and yet another shows some business types having the discussion.

I wonder why they bother. Big Oil already has the DC polititians in their pockets via lobbying. I wonder if the Occupy movement has Big Oil bothered? I hope so.

Big Oil Propaganda

16 June 2011

There are more and more TV ads that are propaganda for Big Oil.

There are a large number of ads being put on by the American Petroleum Institute. One thing I noted in one of their ads was a graphical representation of a poll, where the part of the pie chart that was used showed the people representing the percentage in favor of the Big Oil position looking up and smiling, and the people that represented the percentage that didn’t support the Big Oil position looking down, and “greyed out” somewhat.

Another series of ads from a particular company show attractive Big Oil employees (at least, supposedly employees) and “regular” people asking essentially the same question, and the Big Oil employees coming to an agreement and answering the question in a positive manner.

Most of these ads use glittering generalities to show Big Oil in a positive light. There are some other techniques used also.

I have wondered what the ad campaign hopes to accomplish. Oil and gas are clearly a huge part of our economy. Does Big Oil think they need to have their reputations burnished for some reason? Or are they trying to influence the public against energy sources that are not fossil fuel based?