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T. J. Stone’s, Alexandria, VA

3 February 2012

T J Stones on Urbanspoon

Five of us visited Stone’s today for lunch. We got there around 1215 and left around 1330. I got a “Blue Plate”, which essentially a cheeseburger and fries. The burger came with a thick slice of tomato (a bit *too* thick, I sliced it in two again), some thin onion strings, lettuce, and pickles. Curiously, no dressing. I added some mustard and that worked well. The beef was cooked medium well, and was excellent! The texture, flavor, and juiciness was perfect. That was one darn fine burger. The burger came with some really good fries also. I got iced tea, it was pretty good. Service was a bit slow, but not annoyingly so (I think there was only one server covering the bar and the bar tables).

My check was $10.90. Pretty good burger for that, so decent value. I’d go back again.