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Red Robin, California, MD

9 August 2016

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I haven’t been to a Red Robin in ages, having sworn them off for increasing cost while decreasing quality. However, in this case, when a small group needed to get lunch, but didn’t have time to drive, and the other option was Olive Garden, Red Robin was suddenly the answer.

I had a Whiskey River BBQ Burger, which wasn’t much in the way of BBQ. The burger was cooked well enough, and had decent beef flavor, but it just wasn’t that outstanding. The steak fries were OK.

Service was kind of slow, even though the place was largely empty from 1140-1245. My check was $15.35. The iced tea was pretty good. I will not be seeking out Red Robins, as I think that the cheeseburger was not worth $15, but if I was in the same situation where we needed to be near, I would still go.


Red Robin, OKC

8 August 2009

The family ate at the Red Robin in north OKC. I am not a huge fan of Red Robin. The cheeseburgers are kind of mushy, I guess is the best word. I think that a well-cooked burger has a good dark brown on the outside, and while it won’t crunch when bitten into, it will have texture to it. I don’t find that at Red Robin; the meat seems to fall apart. I also don’t find a lot of beef flavor, which makes me wonder if the meat is “stretched” with filler.

Ian likes the cheeseburgers. Raegan got a club sandwich, and liked it. Erin got the mac and cheese, and ate all of it – it was very cheesy.

I got a Caesar Salad with grilled chicken. It didn’t have much chicken. It also came dry – I had asked for extra dressing on the side, and ALL the dressing came on the side (it’s very difficult to toss a salad that’s on a plate). Once I got it tossed, it was decent tasting.

The tea was good, although not as strong as it could be. Service was a bit slow but not too bad.

One thing we really liked was the onion rings. We got a small order. We really like the dual-dips there, ranch and a mix of BBQ and mayo (really good). The rings didn’t have too much breading, and the onion was well cooked and sweet, really good.

We think that the prices at Red Robin have gone up significantly. The check for the four of us was $50. Given that two of us got sandwiches, one got a bowl of M&C, one got a dinner salad, and a small appetizer, that really seems pretty high.