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Ten 50 BBQ, Richardson, TX

11 February 2016

Ten50 BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This place is pretty good! It is based on the same concept as Black’s in Lockhart. You go through the line, select your meat(s) by the pound(s), thengo through and get other stuff.

I had a half pound each of ribs and brisket (wet). Damn fine brisket, tender and juicy, great smoky flavor. The ribs were pretty good (7.5 on a scale of 1 to JTs), they seemed to come apart in odd ways when pulling it off the bone. The flavor was decent.

I was not a huge fan of the BBQ sauce, but the ribs and brisket were so good I used the sauce sparingly. I had some OK mac (mostly) and cheese (less). The tea was pretty good, and all serve yourself. My check was $28.08. Pretty expensive given the lack of sides.

I would go back, though, with a group. I lament the closure of Soulman’s, but this is pretty good.

I.Gemelli Italian Ristorante, Richardson, TX

10 April 2014

I.Gemelli Italian Ristorante on Urbanspoon

A group of us ate lunch here today at the suggestion of my friend Gayle. It was pretty good!

We started off with slices of warm bread, not bad. It came with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and I asked for some marinara, which was very good. I got fettuccine al fredo with chicken. The noodles were al dente, and the al fredo was decent, although not very rich. The chicken was grilled and sliced; next time I will ask that it be diced and sauteed.

Service was one guy, moving very fast, and doing a great job as the place got more full. The iced tea was good, and kept refilled. My check was $12.94. This place was pretty good, I look forward to another visit.

Dylan’s Burger House, Richardson, TX

10 April 2014

Dylan's Burger House on Urbanspoon

I found this place using Google; I had just played tennis and had a committee meeting telecon, and wanted quick and easy food.

I got a double cheeseburger, it was very good. Kind of peppery, and the beef had better flavor than most. I got an order of chili cheese fries; EXCELLENT. Too much for me to finish, even! For drinks I got iced tea (excellent) and a vanilla milkshake (very good).

Overall, a better than average burger place. Next time, I might ask for a little less pepper on the burger. Service was prompt and friendly. My check was $15.72. A bit expensive, the a good part was the extra drink (the milkshake) and the huge order of chili fries.

I gather this place used to be called just “Burger House”. There are Burger House locations in the metro area, and now they must be checked out.

Zoës Kitchen, Richardson, TX

13 January 2014

Zoës Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here with some work friends back on 12 December. I looked the menu over, and decided on the classic turkey sandwich with potato salad. The turkey was OK but a bit on the dry side. The potato salad was excellent. The iced tea was decent.

This place was crowded at the noon hour; our group of seven split into two tables. My check was $10.26.

I remember being quite hungry come dinner time, and ended up getting a big Italian meal. So Zoe’s is a mixed bag. OK sandwich, but the McAlister’s turkey is more substantial for less money. I might try Zoe’s again.

Olive Burger, Richardson, TX

18 December 2013

Olive Burger on Urbanspoon

I found this place using a Google search, and had dinner there last night. It was really good, but it was just short of a great burger. I got a #4 bacon cheeseburger, with mayo and pickles. All the burgers are 1/2 lb.

The burger was right on the edge of being great. The beef was really good, well flavored. The texture was perfect. It was well done, and had a bit of charring around the edges. Next time, I am going to get the burger medium well; I think it will be a bit juicier.

The meal came with a dish of green olives, and I got some onion rings that were really good (there were more than I could finish).

My check was $11.34. The tea was Gold Coast, it was OK. The Coke was really good. This place has a lot of potential, and it is near where I work in Richardson; it’s on the lunch list now.

The Egg & I, Richardson, TX

5 June 2013

Egg and I on Urbanspoon

We drove by this restaurant and decided to try it. It was not bad. I got a bacon cheeseburger, with baked potato soup for my side. The soup was pretty good, if a bit thick. My cheeseburger, which was supposed to be medium well, was well done, and then some. It had some more-black-than-brown parts on the crust. Not a lot of flavor, either. Raegan got a cobb salad that was somewhat inundated with purple cabbage; she finished it all. Erin got a chicken wrap with ranch dressing.

The iced tea was really good, and service was spot on and friendly. The place was OK. I wouldn’t mind going back. Our check was $35.87.

Cafe Brazil, Richardson, TX

26 April 2013

Cafe Brazil on Urbanspoon

Ron and I had dinner here this evening. It was very good.

Ron had a ham and cheese omelet and I had a chicken quesadilla. While the quesadilla was very good, it could have used a bit more of the quesa part. It came with some very good salsa to dip the quesadilla, and I changed out the default roast potatoes for hash brown casserole (which I really liked, although it was a $1.39 upcharge).

The iced tea was very good, and service was right on the money. My check was $11.88. Nice place, I would like to add it to my Richardson lunch rotation.

Soulman’s BBQ, Richardson, TX

25 April 2013

Soulman's BBQ on Urbanspoon

This was really good! A group of 10 of us went to Soulman’s for lunch Monday. It’s a large facility and we easily found seats.

I got a two-meat lunch with smoked chicken and sliced brisket. The brisket was very good, tender and smoky and flavorful. Great stuff. That chicken was perfect! It was moist and flavorful all the way through. That might be the best smoked chicken I’ve had. The BBQ sauce was very good (and a bonus, it was hot!). I got mac and cheese and BBQ beans as my sides. The mac and cheese was a bit on the runny side, and OK. The beans were great! They had BBQ sauce, brisket, onion, and some fatty meat (pulled pork, maybe); yummy.

The iced tea was great. The crew was super friendly. This was a superior BBQ experience. My check was $16.65. I look forward to eating here again.

A note: I’ve been coming to the DFW area for years, and this was the first time I’ve heard of Soulman’s. Good recommendation from Kim!

Shady’s Burger Joint, Richardson, TX

25 April 2013

Shady's Burger Joint on Urbanspoon

We had lunch here today, a party of 10 people.

I got a double meat bacon BBQ burger. It was very thick, probably six inches. I got it with onion rings. The burger: it was OK. It didn’t have just a lot of beef flavor, but it was OK. The burger had a nice crust and decent texture. The BBQ sauce was pretty tasty. The onion rings were excellent! I asked for sides of mayo and BBQ sauce and made a very nice fry sauce.

Our service was pretty much prompt and attentive. We had one issue: one of our group didn’t get her burger for quite a while; we guess there was a mixup in the kitchen. The manager comp’d Kim’s meal, which was the right thing to do.

The iced tea was great. My check was $15.50, not bad for the huge burger (it was $3 extra for the double meat). I wouuldn’t mind eating here again.

Connected Cactus, Doubletree Hotel, Richardson, TX

18 November 2012

Connected Cactus on Urbanspoon

I had dinner at the Connected Cactus (kind of a silly name) Wednesday evening. I had been out looking at TVs we might buy, and decided to just eat at the hotel. This is my fourth visit to the DoubleTree, and I’ve eaten about 10 breakfasts here that were pretty good.

The breakfast has both a buffet line and a cooked-to-order area for omelets. I have to say, the scrambled eggs on the buffet are so good I have only had the omelet twice. Light and fluffy, and moist, the scramblers are excellent. Unfortunately, the breakfast potatoes are contaminated with bell peppers (so many that they permeate the potatoes). The meats (bacon, sausage, etc.) are all very good, and the bread items are diverse. Milk in cartons (four kinds, whole, 2%, skim, and chocolate) and juices round it out. It’s good value for that buffet.

I had a double bacon cheeseburger for dinner Wednesday evening. It was pretty much a perfect burger, cooked medium well and perfectly juicy, nice crust, great flavor. It came with decent fries. I didn’t like the iced tea; it was concentrate or something that didn’t taste fresh brewed. I asked for Coke instead, and was presented with a glass of ice and a couple cans. It was better than the tea.

Service is always pretty good. My check for the cheeseburger dinner was $15.10, not bad given it was in a hotel. The breakfasts are $10.95.

Del’s Charcoal Burgers, Richardson, TX

18 November 2012

Del's Charcoal Burgers on Urbanspoon

This was a great place for a burger! Last Tuesday evening, our meeting in Richardson had run pretty late, and Ron (having been abandoned by his wife and daughter at Grapevine Mills Mall) and I decided to grab a burger. It’s been a long time since I was downtown Richardson, and it was a pleasant surprise, with a plethora of restaurants, and a lot of traffic at 1900.

I got a double meat burger with bacon, and Ron got a single. Excellent! The beef was cooked perfectly, with a nice crust, and it had great flavor, without being greasy. I got tater tots, and they were a good complement. I made a fry sauce for them. The iced tea is self-serve, and is very good.

We left after about an hour. My check was $9.47. I’m adding Del’s to the lunch rotation, and looking forward to trying some of the other restaurants in *downtown* Richardson also.

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Richardson, TX

18 November 2012

Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here last Tuesday. It was the usual excellent meal. I had one variation in my usual: instead of double chicken, I had chicken and steak. It was good! The steak was tender and had good flavor. It went well with the chicken. Great stuff.

I got there at noon and left at 1230. My check was $11.47. The tea was excellent as usual.

Mi Cocina, Richardson, TX

27 June 2012

Mi Cocina - Richardson on Urbanspoon

Had dinner here this evening with a number of friends. I got the Sunset Enchiladas, which are enchiladas with meat in them. I got ground beef. They were very good. Not as large as at lot of places, but that smaller portion size has its advantages. We also got queso, which was very good. The salsa brought to the table was thicker, and a lot hotter than most places. It was good!

The iced tea was a bit weak, but good. We had a hard time getting our servers attention a couple times. The place was very full at 1840 and was still full when we left at 1950.

Overall, a good experience. Would not mind eating here again. My check was about $13.00.

Casa Milagro, Richardson, TX

12 October 2011

Casa Milagro on Urbanspoon

This place was recommended by a friend. A group of six of us ate here for lunch today. It was pretty good. I got the El Tres, which was a pair of enchiladas, one ground beef and one sour cream chicken. They had refried beans and rice as well. The meal was a lunch special, and was only $6.50. The iced tea was good, and kept refilled. I liked the salsa, it was dark red and medium thick.

One thing that was kind of odd; the restaurant will not do separate checks. That’s not very customer friendly. I would eat here again, though. We were there from about 1150 to 1240.

Mooyah Burgers Fries and Shakes, Richardson, TX

23 September 2011

Mooyah on Urbanspoon

I was sort of aiming at a Tex-Mex place on the corner that Mooyah was on, and when I saw “Burgers” I said right on!

I got there around 1820 and left around 1930.

First of all, I missed a little workstation area where you are encouraged to fill out your order, like they do at WhichWich. Next time.

I got the Mooyah burger, with bacon and cheese and mayo, a small fries, a milkshake, and a drink. The burger was not bad at all. It could have used a bit more flavor, but I’d have another one. The fries were rough-cut and copious. The milkshake was OK, but as I got more towards the end, it developed a slight flavor I would have preferred it not have. The tea was… off a bit. I ended up switching to (weak) Coke.

My check was $14.23. Kind of high, but the milkshake and drink were $3.29 (!) and $1.99. The fries (small) were $1.89, reasonable. The basic burger was $4.59, but they get you for another $0.60 for cheese and $0.79. The place was well lit, albeit a bit loud, and I spent the meal working the USA Today puzzle page.

So… Mooyah is basically a kid-friendly clone of Five Guys. I say kid friendly because it has a writing wall, it’s got bright colors, and the logos and such as “looney”.

The clone comment. The fries are in huge quantity, they are cut the same way, they are served the same way (in a paper cup), and the place leaves boxes of potatoes out on the floor. The burgers are small-diameter buns, and have two patties on the basic burger. The burgers are wrapped in foil, and then placed into a brown paper sack, with the cup of fries placed next to them, and more fries piled on top.

So Mooyah is cloning a lot of the Five Guys concepts. The burgers are good, but not as good as Five Guys for whatever reason.

I’d go back, but I would not get the milkshake.

The website for the chainlet is

Campisi’s, Dallas, TX

22 September 2011

Campisi's Pizza To Go on Urbanspoon

I had dinner at the Campbell and Coit location yesterday evening. I picked it basically by driving by and seeing the sign, and deciding on the spot that some Italian would be nice.

I ordered fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I asked if the chicken was grilled or sauteed, they said grilled, I asked for sauteed, I got grilled. Oh well. The meal was not bad. That’s not to say it was very good. The noodles were well cooked, the meal hot, the chicken OK. There was just not a lot of flavor to the meal. The alfredo did not exhibit the rich flavor I normally associate with the sauce. The noodles didn’t have much flavor beyond flour.

The tea was brewed, but weak.

So overall, I would go back to Campisi’s, but only if I were going with others and they suggested it. I would go a mile south to Cafe Amore first. My check was $13.80.

Marcus Cafe, Richardson, TX

9 September 2011

Marcus Cafe on Urbanspoon

This restaurant is right across the parking lot from Frankie’s Mexican Cuisine.

I get the impression that Marcus can’t really decide what kind of eatery it wants to be. It has Italian, steak, fried chicken, tex-mex, and hamburgers on the menu. It has a pretty nice and classy interior, but big TVs up with ESPN on. The male servers have nice shirts and long pants, and the ladies wore polos and shorts. No one was coordinated. I’m not saying that is good or bad, but the place has an air of class, but implementation, not so much.

I ordered iced tea, and the crispy chicken. I wasn’t terribly hungry, and so skipped salad and such. My server brought out a couple slices of rough bread that was very good. It was accompanied by a dip of olive oil and some kind of think balsamic vinegar. The “vinegar” was very thick, and pooled at the bottom of the dish.

When the entree arrived, I was impressed enough with the presentation that I took a picture of it:

So this is the layout: A “bowl” of mashed potatoes. This is filled up with some veggies. I didn’t think much of these, and didn’t eat most of them. The mashers were pretty good, and they got eaten. On top of this was the chicken thigh, and then on top of that was the breast piece. You can tell from the photo that the chicken was lightly breaded and well fried.

The thigh was really good, the skin was nice and crispy, not too greasy, and the meat was juicy and tasty; it was boneless. The breast piece was not as good. It was dry in places, and the chicken tended to be stringy in next to the bone. It could have been pulled from the fire a bit sooner.

I didn’t see my server often, and towards the end of the meal, he would work with other tables and not even look my way. I sat for probably 15 min before I could get my check. At that time, I asked for a to-go cup for my iced tea, and didn’t ever get it. I waited about 10 min before I said frack it and headed out.

My check was $21.38. A little expensive for two pieces of fried chicken. It was OK, but not spectacular, especially given that the chicken was not cooked perfectly. Service was disappointing. I don’t know that I would go back.

Frankie’s Mexican Cuisine, Richardson, TX

8 September 2011

Frankie's Mexican Cuisine on Urbanspoon

This place is in a small retail area in a neighborhood, and I traveled past it a couple times going to and from work. I decided to try Frankie’s for dinner tonight. It was a good choice.

I got the beef enchilada dinner, which is three ground beef enchiladas, rice, and refried beans. It was very, very good. The beans and rice had great flavor, and the enchiladas had chili con carne over them. The serving size was not huge, but was a good amount of food. The salsa and chips served with the meal were great, the chips were light and crispy, and the salsa was darker, and slightly more spicy, with great flavor. The tea was good as well.

Service was prompt, the meal came to me quickly. My check was $10.83, which I think was a good value. I’d gladly eat here again.

Black-Eyed Pea, Richardson, TX

17 August 2011

Black Eyed Pea on Urbanspoon

I first ate at a Black-Eyed Pea in the Garland area with my friends Jamie and Dave, circa 1985. I liked it, and was very happy when one of the restaurants opened in Waco around 1991, and in OKC around the same time. Since the OKC location was on our route home in the evening, we enjoyed many meals there.

Curiously, that Black-Eyed Pea closed about the same time that two other good restaurants within a two-block area also closed (Harrigan’s, and an Olive Garden), around 1996.

So I have not been in a Black-Eyed Pea in probably 10 years. However, I have been driving past one at Belt Line and Coit a couple times a week while living in Dallas, and this evening I decided to try it. I got there around 2030, left around 2110, and was at one of *three* tables occupied.

I got the pot roast; which after I looked at the menu remembered that it was one of my favorite meals. It was really good. Less large than I remember (but that’s OK, I wasn’t really looking for a huge meal), it was tender and flavorful. The meal came with two sides. I got mac and cheese (a little odd tasting, but OK) and corn (OK). The meal came with cornbread (very, very good) and wheat rolls (also very good).

The iced tea was copious and strong. Service was OK.

My check was only $12.75. Pretty good value. I need to add the Black-Eyed Pea to my restaurant rotation again.

Urban Eatz, Richardson, TX

22 July 2011

Urban Eatz on Urbanspoon

I had noticed this place across the street from another restaurant last week, or the week before. I checked it out this evening as it is very close to my work location.

I got there around 1920 and left around 1820. The iced tea was serve yourself and very good. I am sipping a refill I brought back to the hotel, and it’s still very good.

The menu is a variety of stuff, sandwiches hot and cold, salads, pizza, burgers. I got a BBQ Burger, which is a 1/3lb beef burger. The beef is EXCELLENT. Great flavor. The burger came with cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon (very crispy and tasty), some fried onion, lettuce, and tomato. It was huge. The bun was wheat, which I liked. I added some mayo and it was pretty much perfect. There were fries also, rough cut.

My check was $11.43. Just a touch more than McDonalds, but far tastier than your typical McD. I saw a pizza there that looked pretty good, I will go back and try one of those later.

Freebirds World Burrito, Richardson, TX

21 July 2011

Freebirds World Burrito on Urbanspoon

Well, this place was different, and good.

First of all, this will inevitably draw comparisons to Chipolte and similar restaurants. That’s OK.

I ate at this location for two reasons: I (yes, even Bill Hensley can have this feeling) could not stomach the thought of a cheeseburger. I didn’t want a sit-down restaurant. This place is a block away from my work location here, and so I went there.

It was pretty good! I got a Burrito Bowl with Carnitas, which is (supposedly) spicy pulled pork. The pork was not spicy that I could tell. It was pretty flavorful, though. I liked it. The bowl has more options than Chipolte. I got rice, beans, and a bunch of other stuff. It was pretty tasty, and it was a lot of food (almost more than I really wanted). I ate all of it. Some of their stuff is priced ala cart extra. I also got a “Rev’d up”, which is essentially a drink and a cookie. They brew their own iced tea, and it was good. The cookie (I got a chocolate chip) was so-so.

I got there around 1945, and left around 2030. The place was completely uncrowded. My check was $10.75, which is very reasonable. I would go back here.

Golden Chick, Richardson, TX

15 July 2011

Golden Chick on Urbanspoon

I like fried chicken. Fewer and fewer restaurants offer it, instead offering baked, roasted, or chicken-fried chicken (not that any of those are a bad thing), but I occasionally like breaded and artery-clogging fried.

I have passed a number of Golden Chicks in the Metroplex, and Wednesday decided to try one, especially since it was near work. I got there around 1935 and left about 2000.

I got the #4, which is three pieces fried. The pieces were a wing, a leg, and a thigh. They were not the largest pieces of chicken I have had. They were thinly breaded, which made the skin very crunchy, and didn’t leave large chunks of fried breading. The chickens were not terribly meaty. The flavor was pretty good, though.

The meal came with a small container of average mashers and some gravy; the gravy was fairly peppery.

They serve both sweetened and unsweetened iced tea, that was pretty good.

My order was $7.73. Not a bad price for the meal. Overall, an everage meal. You get what you pay for. I would not mind going back to a Golden Chick again, and maybe next time getting a breast piece, or two.

Twisted Root Burger Company, Richardson, TX

14 July 2011

Twisted Root Burger Company on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here today with a couple friends. The place was crowded and noisy at 1230; we had about a 10-min wait to give our order.

I got a burger with cheese and bacon, a vanilla milkshake, and an iced tea. The burger was excellent, great flavor, cooked a perfect medium well. The shake was very good, cold and just the right consistency. The iced tea was OK.

We left around 1330. Good cheeseburger! Great recommendation from Clark.

Cafe Amore, Richardson, TX

12 July 2011

Café Amore on Urbanspoon

This place had good reviews online, and was on a list of inexpensive places. I was hungry, and those fit the bill for dinner.

I got there about 1845 (the restaurant was half full), and left an hour later (pretty much full).

I started out with iced tea – really, the only slight downer of the visit. The tea was kind of ever-so-slightly odd tasting. Not so bad that I didn’t have two full glasses.

You get a biggish chunk of very yeasty bread, and a dish with Balsalmic vinegar and oil. Very, very good.

I ordered chicken fettucini alfredo. In a word – excellent! One of the best I have had, on a par with the CFA at Papa Dios in OKC. I ate every bit of it; it was rich and had huge flavor.

Service was good, even though the place filled up with a couple large parties, and I overheard one of the servers say they were a couple people short. I had no problems. My check was $11.84. My entree was one of the more expensive on the menu, so I think this place was good value.


Southern Recipes, Richardson, TX

8 July 2011

Southern Recipe Cafe on Urbanspoon

I have driven by this restaurant numerous times, and decided to check it out this evening. I got there around 1900, and left around 1945. The place was uncrowded.

I ordered a Texas Chicken Fried Steak. They have two on the menu. The “standard” CFS is cube steak, and the “Texas” version is claimed to be ribeye. I think that it’s a blend of ribeye and cube steak, and it’s pretty good, and about $1 more. It’s worth it.

The meal comes with soup or salad. I got chicken noodle soup and liked it. The noodles were thick and firm, and there was a good balance of noodles and chicken. The broth was really good also. The iced tea was good.

The CFS was not the best I have had, but it was far from the worst. It was about 90% fork tender. The breading was nuetral taste, but the beef had really good taste, and it was pretty tender. The gravy was plain. It came with two veg (I got mashers and gravy, good, and Blue Lake green beans, very good).

My check was $11.56, and service was good. I would not mind eating here again.

22 September 2011 Update:

I ate lunch here today with a group of seven others. We got there around 1215 and left 1315. Service was very good given the group of eight.

I had the chopped steak, with mashers and green beans. The chopped steak was cooked well, had great flavor and consistency, and was covered with onions and mushrooms. The onions could have been cooked just a touch longer, but they were sweet and not noxious. The green beans were OK.

Our server brought me an entire pitcher of tea, which was very nice of her (and I put the entire pitcher down during the meal, also!).

My check was $10.48, good value for the quantity and quality of the food. This place is very good.

Spring Creek Barbeque, Richardson, TX

30 June 2011

Spring Creek Barbeque on Urbanspoon

This was a very good BBQ experiece. I ate here for lunch today; I got there around 1310 and left at 1350.

I ate at a Spring Creen somewhere in the Dallas area about 15 years ago. I want to say it was in Plano, and I don’t think I was terribly impressed, and I haven’t been to another one since. Too bad, I’ve missed out.

I started with iced tea, which was self serve and excellent.

I ordered a combination plate with two meats, smoked chicken and briset. The chicken was pretty darn good, a quarter of a bird, smallish. The smoky flavor was just right, and the chicken was just moist enough. The brisket was outstanding! Tender, smoky, great flavor, it was some darn fine beef.

The meal came with two sides, which are serve yourself. I got green beans and mac and cheese, and both were really, really good. The BBQ sauce was good, a little thin. They ladle it on the meat at the counter, and there isn’t any on the tables, which is surprising. Maybe it was somewhere on a serve yourself table somewhere in there.

One thing of note: they serve a little loaflet of bread with the meal, and I had two visits from a server with a whole basket of the loaflets. The bread was really, really good! I would have eaten three of them with butter, honey, jam, or most anything else you can put on bread, just delicious. And I’m not a big bread eater!

They have a cobbler and ice cream area towards the front of the restaurant, which I will check out next time I’m there.

My check was $14.77. The restaurant was mostly empty the entire time I was there. Recommended.

I just can’t end without a comparison. In the Dallas area, I’ve been a big fan of Dickie’s. I have to say, Spring Creek is just as good. I would not pass up an opportunity to eat at either. And with regards to the other Dallas institution, Sonny Bryan’s, I’d have to put it second behind the tie of Dickie’s and Spring Creek.

Clearly, more research is needed. Yum.

Which Wich, Richardson, TX

29 June 2011

Which Wich on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here today with my friend Gayle. It is near her company and was pretty fast. We got there around 1255 and left around 1340. The location is on Campbell Road, near US-75.

This is a sandwich shop. To order, you pick up a bag and mark your order yourself. You pick what kind of bread (wheat, etc.), and the type of sandwich, then select things like veg (lettuce, etc.). I got a Turkey Bacon and Ranch (TBR), Sun Chips, and a drink. Gayle got a Chicken Salad and a drink.

The sandwich was actually pretty good. It’s in kind of a roll. The bread is really good. The bacon is chopped up; I like it better that way. The ranch dressing was good without dripping out all over the darn place.

The iced tea was Gold Coast, which is highly variable in flavor. Here, it was pretty good. Not great, but good enough that I got two big plastic cups of the stuff.

Our check was $17.92, which I think is pretty reasonable. We were in and out fairly quickly and got some work done as well. I forgot to check to see if the place had wifi until we left. I think you could do far worse than eat at a Which Wich.

The House Cafe, Richardson, TX

17 February 2011

The House Cafe on Urbanspoon

This morning, the hotel breakfast area was denuded, as if a pack of wolves had grazed through. I was still hungry, and needed breakfast, so I did a quick Google Maps search (having 3G is so fast!), and this cafe showed up. It was only about a mile or so from the hotel, I headed over there.

I ordered the (I think) #11 breakfast. Take a biscuit, cut it in half. Put a sausage patty on each. Add scrambled egg to each (although I made my over-easy). Dump gravy over all. Add hash browns. It was really good. The gravy was not terribly rich, but it was pretty good. The sausage patties were perfect, the eggs cooked as I asked. The hash browns were perfect.

I got iced tea to drink, and it was pretty good, except that it was made with Richardson city water, which tastes not so good to my taste.

I got there about 0745, the place was about half full. I left about 0815. My check was $7.25. The service was fast and excellent. This place is on the list for a good, fast breakfast.

Fox and Hound, Richardson, TX

16 February 2011

Fox and Hound on Urbanspoon

First, a warning: This restaurant is a 100% smoking restaurant.

It stinks.

The Fox and Hound was suggested by a work friend, and six of us went there for lunch today. We got there about 1215, and found a table immediately. Service was pretty good. I got iced tea; it was not very good. I ordered a quick lunch special of chicken tenders (five, I think), that have no sides (like fries). The chicken tenders were beer battered and were pretty good.

One thing that was neat: the restaurant had about six pool tables that were free to use. One of my work friends and I played a pretty lousy set of eight-ball games :).

We left around 1335. My check was $9.18, kind of expensive for what I got. I guess the free billiards makes up for it.

But the smoke smell is pretty nasty. I would guess that if it were dinner, or the place crowded, then the smoke would be intolerable.

Pappasito’s Cantina, Richardson, TX

14 October 2010

Pappasito's Cantina on Urbanspoon

I have eaten at this restaurant numerous times, but not in five or so years. We decided to go here for lunch today, in a group of nine.

We were seated in about five minutes (they needed to push a couple tables together) when we arrived around 1135.

We had our drink orders taken quickly and the drinks arrived quickly (and were kept refilled). I ordered two chili con queso with some beef added. They were a bit small, but were good. The chips were also good, very thin and hot.

I ordered a three-enchilada combo, two with beef and one with chicken. These were pretty darn good; the chicken was best, it had a great flavor. It was a lot of food, and I should have had the two-enchilada combo.

We left at 1300. My check was $31.55 (yes, expensive, but the two quesos I bought for the group was $13.80 of that). Service was excellent.

Austin’s Grill, Holiday Inn, Richardson, TX

13 October 2010

This restaurant is in the Holiday Inn in Richardson, TX. I have eaten in Austin’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner many times over the past 20 years, but not for the last 10 or so. This evening a couple co-workers and I decided to have dinner here.

I got a New York strip. The steak had pretty darn good flavor, but it was a touch overcooked. I had asked for it medium, but it came to the table right on the edge of medium well – there was little pink or light color in the steak. It came with two sides, and I got a double order of roasted potatoes. These were OK, if bland. The potatoes needed some onion or herbs of some sort. They were also a touch overcooked. I got iced tea, and it was good.

Service was… OK. One thing that I remember over the years is that service has not been a priority here, and it wasn’t again this evening. We had a longish wait for drinks, and then another for the order to be taken. I ran out of tea twice. In this entire restaurant, there were four tables occupied at the peak time. The food arrived in a timely manner.

We arrived at 1800, and left at 1900. My check was $21.11. We will see how they do for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Richardson, TX

24 September 2010

Fuzzy's Taco Shop on Urbanspoon

I had lunch here yesterday with two friends, as it is near their company. We got there around 1150, and it was almost full.

I got a Combo Plate, which is one taco (soft or hard shell) and an enchilada. I got ground beef for both of mine, and soft for the taco. The plate came with two sides, I got refried beans and “Latin Fried Potatoes”, which seemed a lot like my Gringo Fried Potatoes. I liked the enchilada, which was kind of small. The beans and potatoes were good also. I was not a big fan of the soft taco – there was something missing there, it seemed dry or something, even when I added queso and salsa to it.

Speaking of which – I ordered queso and chips and salsa for appetizers. Clark also got chips and salsa. The amounts were HUGE, it was far more than the three of us could eat. The chips were dusted with a red powder (I think paprika), and the queso had pico de gallo spooned in. The queso was more white cheese than yellow. Both were good, but I think one order of both/each for a group of four would be fine. The salsa was a bit spicier than most places, and so was very good.

We left around 1240, and it was packed! Fuzzy’s is loud inside when there are lots of people there. My check was $10.14.

We were at the Richardson, TX location. I did not know, but realized when I looked at their website just now, that Fuzzy’s is a chainlet around the MetroPlex, and that they are opening stores in north Texas, Norman, and… Madison, WI (kind of a leap, I think). I would not mind going back again.

A New Traffic Control, About Time!

12 August 2010

I am currently in Richardson, TX on a business trip. I have seen two traffic signals that implement something new.

The left turn lanes are “left on green arrow only”, but they have been modified such that if the arrow is flashing yellow, a left turn is OK if there is no oncoming traffic.

I like this. I think it’s stupid to sit at an intersection trying to make a left, and there is no oncoming traffic, so there is no danger, and you are sitting there wasting time. I have thought a long time that there should be no left turn arrows that go directly to red stop, but that they should go to green yield and go.

So this is a good thing.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, Richardson, TX

14 January 2010

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse on Urbanspoon

I first ate at a Sonny Bryans a couple years ago when I was at a conference near downtown Dallas. I went to the “original” SBs about a mile away, and found it closed (out of meat) at about 1400. I went back earlier the next day, and had a good meal. This location is tiny, and you literally sit at school desks – it’s quite uncomfortable.

Today a couple work friends and I went to the Sonny Bryans location on Campbell in Richardson, TX. It was a pretty good meal. I got a combo plate – one difference is that it was by weight (mine was 3/4 pound), and up to 3 meats. I got sliced brisket, pork ribs, and pulled chicken. The brisket was good, tender and without a lot of fat. The chicken was excellent. The ribs were… OK, about a 7 on a scale of 1 to JTs.

The combo came with a couple sides. I got cole slaw (creamy) and BBQ beans, which are pintos. Both were OK.

There was enough room to sit. One thing I liked – they had a series of bottles of BBQ sauce sitting on a warmer. It was good sauce, and warmed made it better. I had an iced tea, it was good, not strong, and there was lots of it.

The place was about 3/4 full when we got there at 1210, and about 90% full when we left at 1300. My check was $15.67. I would not mind going here again if somebody wanted to. I think that Dickey’s is better BBQ and certainly better sides, but Sonny’s isn’t bad.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Richardson, TX

3 December 2009

Raising Cane's on Urbanspoon

After work today, I was not very hungry since I had eaten a late lunch. I drove past this place on the way back to my hotel, and thought it might fill the bill.

It did! I got “The Box”, which was really on a plate since I didn’t get it to go. The Box had five chicken fingers in it. They were plump and tender and juicy white meat, really tasty! They came with fries (OK) and cole slaw (creamy, and OK). The chicken fingers were served with a mysterious sauce that was pinkish and tasted OK (I think it is a mix of mayo and BBQ or something similar).

The iced tea was a bit strong even for me! I ended up doing my 80% unsweet followed by 10% sweet topped off by more unsweet, and that was a really good mix.

My check was $7.35, I think it was a good value.

[Fred’s] Downtown Philly, Richardson, TX

20 October 2009

Fred's Downtown Philly on Urbanspoon

Today I was visiting CSI, and a couple of us decided to head to Dickey’s on Plano Road near Collins for some BBQ for lunch. We got there around 1205, and the line was out the door about 20 ft, the longest line I’ve seen at that Dickey’s. I drove through the parking lot, and there in the strip shopping part was Fred’s.

I like cheesesteaks, so we decided to give it a try. At first glance, it’s a dump. There’s a lot of Philly sports team stuff on the walls, and the tables and chairs are a mixed lot.

The cheesesteak was wonderful. I have flown to Philidelphia several times, and each time have had cheesesteaks for lunch. Geno’s and Pat’s, both rate 10 of 10. Jim’s, maybe a 7 of 10. On that scale, Fred’s is a 9 of 10.

I got a 10″ extra steak and cheese (you would order this as “wit wiz big” if you were at Geno’s, maybe). The meat had a tremendous flavor, and was super tender without being mushy. There were just enough onions, and they were cooked perfectly. There could have been a bit more Cheez Whiz, and it should have been drizzled over the top (I think it was put on the bread). The bread was warm and had a perfect texture.

The fries were OK, not very crispy. The place had a soda fountain, but no iced tea (boo!).

The steak and drink were right at $10. When we got there we had about a 10-min wait; the place was about 3/4 full. There is a second section that got opened up as we were ordering, and by the time we left, the whole two-section restaurant was about 3/4 full. We got out right at 1305.

I did a little research just now, and there is apparently a second location in Plano. I will try that location the next time I am in that area.

The Great Outdoors, Richardson, TX

12 August 2009

The Great Outdoors Sub Shop on Urbanspoon

A group of work friends and I ate here for lunch today. I got a BBQ chicken sandwich and a large iced tea. The iced tea was great. The sandwich was so-so. The chicken had little flavor to it, and the BBQ was bland at best. If I eat here again, I would try something else. The sandwiches and soup and stuff that the other guys got looked good.