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Rick Perry Exemplifies What’s Wrong With Republicans

15 June 2013

I saw two separate references to Texas Governor Rick Perry today. The two are highly indicative of what is wrong with the Republican Party today.

First, there was a segment on The Rachel Maddow Show. Perry signed a piece of legislation that confers legal protection for people in schools, including teachers and children, to verbalize “Merry Christmas” and similar religious-based phrases.

Second, the AP reported that Perry vetoed a bill that would have provided women in Texas with equal pay protection.

So this is the dichotomy: He vetoed a provision that would have provided real enhancement for the lives of working women. He supported a bill that solves a problem that does not exist.

The fact that women are paid less for doing the same work nationally is anti-American. The supposed capitalist captains of industry claim to support the concept that if you work hard and take risks, you will be rewarded. But the reality is that overall, women who work just as hard and take the same risks do not have the guarantee of equal reward. While there is a federal law that addresses this for federal jobs, including companies that contract with the government, it’s not universal. I don’t know why Perry vetoed this law, and don’t really care, but it’s likely that he just doesn’t give a damn about equality.

The “Merry Christmas” bill is vacant, vacuous, pandering. It’s not illegal to say that, or most any other religious phrase. This legislation is a sop to the base of the Republican Party, people who are apparently so insecure in their faith that they want their particular phrases protected.

That’s the main problem with the Republican Party: constant posturing, and no real governing. Since they won’t govern, they should be voted out.

Rick Perry Claims an Obama War On Religion

8 December 2011

Proclaming he is a Christian, Mr. Perry runs a commercial with claims that President Obama is warring on religion.

The claim is bogus. I wonder if the Christian-claiming Mr. Perry recalls the Commandment pertaining to bearing false witness, or LYING. Or if it even matters to him. Is lying about an opponent OK if you are trying to get elected to the Presidency?