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Rubino’s, Herndon, VA

10 October 2012

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A coworker and I were looking for lunch during the meeting break today, and we chose Rubino’s pretty much because we drove past it. We got there around 1144 and left at 1230. The menu is diverse, with pizza, pasta, cheesesteaks, salads, burgers, hot and cold sandwiches, and other stuff. I could smell the cheesesteaks, so that’s what I got.

I ordered a supreme, which is a cheesesteak with mushrooms, onions, and green peppers (which I had removed). I got it jumbo, which is double meat. It was pretty darn good, just the right amount of juicy, and almost falling apart towards the end. They used mozzarella instead of Cheese Whiz, but it was still an excellent sandwich. They have brewed iced tea, excellent.

My check was $11.52. I liked the place, recommended for an inexpensive and quick lunch.