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Phone Is Back Up!

3 June 2020

A couple weeks ago, my Galaxy S6 started having issues. Basically, there were long delays when opening some apps, and then the phone had a big problem in that it would constantly reboot.

I figured out that if I was really quick, I could catch the phone in the early stage of reboot and have the phone power off.  The rebooting problem was persistent.

Off I went to the hive mind, and it was really no help.  Safe Mode didn’t work.  One clue was that the phone didn’t see the AT&T network at all.  I turned off the cell (airplane mode), no diff, then Bluetooth, no diff, then WiFi, DIFF!  The phone stayed up.  I turned Bluetooth on, OK, then cell, OK.  The cell signal was one bar out of five, while my wife’s S7 showed five out of five.  I did a number of these sequences, and it became clear that having WiFi on was the problem.  More research, no real help, and wasted time with AT&T. I came to the conclusion that a factory reset was the solution.

I spent several days getting the non-WiFi phone backed up. Google did some degree of backing up.  Samsung had a tool for backing up devices (Smart Switch), but it was Windows only (DAMMIT, seriously Samsung?).  I dug up an older W10 laptop, it still powered up, and after about 20 rounds of Windoze Update, I was able to download and run SmartSwitch.

SmartSwitch seemed to work OK, it claimed 10K+ messages saved, etc.  After backing up the phone, I used it to back up my wife’s phone and our tablets as well.

Tonight, I did the factory reset.  It took about 10 minutes. But when the phone came back up, and started going through the setup process, it connected to WiFi, and the cell network bars matched her S7.  I let it sit for a while, carried it out to a restaurant, and a couple hours passed.  Then I fired up Smart Switch again, did a restore, and amazingly enough, everything was back, except one thing:  the tabs I had open in Chrome didn’t get restored.  To fix that, I went to Settings, History, tabs, and I tapped and restored the eight tabs thanks to Google remembering them.

So far, so good.  I will watch closely over the next several days to see if the phone stays up, but it’s been on two WiFi nets so far, and bandwidth seems fast as always.

One thing, for Samsung.  The Smart Switch client is written for Android.  Since Android is Linux, maybe you could rehost the Smart Switch server to run on Linux also.  That way I could use my Ubuntu desktop to keep our Samsung devices backed up, instead of a creaky W10 laptop with a broken screen.

Changing Phones From an S3 to an S4

19 May 2014

I started carrying a Samsung S3 in January 2013 after a long time with Blackberrys. I was very impressed by the S3.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that I was having some issues with the phone charging. Some troubleshooting led to me determining that the phone (1) was having physical connection issues with the micro USB connection, and (2) the charging circuit in the phone was degrading. I found that a repair to the USB connection was a minimum of $65, and was no guarantee that the problem wouldn’t recur.

Over a couple days, the situation took a bad turn. The phone just couldn’t stay connected to the charger, and worse, the phone would put no more than 70%, then 50%, then 40%, then somewhere between 1-20% charge into the battery, even being turned off and left on the charger overnight.

So today I went to AT&T and got a new phone. I had looked at the differences between the S4 and S5, and the two sensors and better camera wasn’t worth the extra cost. It seems most of the stuff on the phone transferred over (pictures and the like) just fine. Some things, like messages and apps, didn’t, so I made a list of those for downloading later.

I also got a new Otter belt holster for the phone, and for the sum of $1 got a neat device that shares my data via WiFi, so I can run my tablet or laptop without using the phone as a hot spot (which works well, but sucks battery down). AT&T took my old phone in trade (wiping it first), and the whole transaction was no money down.

So after all this was done (by a VERY competent and professional young man in the AT&T store on west Maple in Omaha), I headed out and to a Target a mile or so east to look for some stuff for Raegan. My phone fell right out of the belt holster as I was waling in, and it got RUN OVER by an SUV. Many, many, many bad words went through my head watching. I got the phone, and there was not a bit of significant damage! There were a couple minor dings on the back side of the case, which was on the ground. There were TIRE TRACK MARKS on the display side. That display was protected by a clear plastic shield which protected the display. Simply amazing.

One related item. Since my phone was in such a world of hurt, I downloaded an AT&T messaging app onto my tablet, which promised to send and receive text messages. It loaded up my contacts (from Google, I would imaging), and I was able to send text messages back and forth to Raegan (I had already set the tablet up to Skype with her in lieu of using the very fragile phone. The ability to text isn’t the thing, though. When I fired up the app on the tablet, the tablet downloaded not only my contacts list, but HUNDREDs of text messages which I had sent or received, all the way back to at least Feb 2013.

This just is more evidence that things like text messages don’t get deleted from that great cloud of the Internet.